7-inch Bamboo Tea Tongs

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Our pleasingly simple, eminently useful tongs are made from bamboo, a plentiful, renewable resource. Ideal for removing our stringless tea bags from the cup or pot, they are also handy for a host of cooking tasks.

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Width: 1/4"
Length: 7"



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Citizen Reviews

  • 4 Star

Handy Dandy Item That Does Double Duty

5 Stars Handy Dandy Item That Does Double Duty

from NY on wrote:

I saw the Bamboo Tea Tongs when I was looking to round up my order and was reminded that I have been meaning to get some Toast Tongs for a long time, so, why not? Who knew I needed Tea Tongs too? But I use them all the time for one and the other. A great little purchase!


4 Stars Helpful

from PA on wrote:

Tongs are very handy not only for getting tea bags out of cups but for getting toast out of the slots, getting pickle slices out of the jar,etc. I do wish they were a little longer as I usually use a large travel cup even at home and the tongs are a little short to retrieve the bag at the bottom of the cup

Love Them!!

4 Stars Love Them!!

from MO on wrote:

These are great and keep my fingers out of the boiling water!! Also gave them as gifts along with tea cup and your great holiday tea!

Different Opinion

Different Opinion

from DE on wrote:

When I first received the tea tongs I didn't appereciate them until I had used them for a while. They are very sturdy despite their appearance. Now I love them and use them not only for tea, but for taking toast out of the toaster. I've ordered 3 more for friends.

Declining quality

2 Stars Declining quality

from FL on wrote:

These have always been handy to have and I've loved to pass them out to tea-drinking friends, but the last two times I've ordered them (as gifts and extras to keep on hand), they've not come in the wraps they previously came in. They also seem to be cheaper and more flimsy than before, too. All in all, I'm rather disappointed in the CURRENT product, but the tongs that were offered several years ago were outstanding.