Açaí Green Tea Bags

Açaí Green Tea Bags

One of the most nutritious fruits in the world, the Açaí (ah-sigh-ee) berry, has the rich flavors of concord grape and ripe blueberries. Combined with the crisp flavors of green tea this delicious duo offers a one-two punch of antioxidants. Sip your way to good health with this green tea blend.

Açaí Green Tea was featured on "What's in" on NBC's Today show.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


Green tea contains less than a quarter the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping green tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water just short of boiling. Then pour water over tea and steep for 1-3 minutes (if using a tea bag) or 2-4 minutes (if using full-leaf tea.)


Fine China green tea, hibiscus, natural flavors and acai berry bits



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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Make My Day!

Bossier Parish, LA

This tea has become my staple,hot or cold, agave nectar or not..it's just GOOD...when I need a pick me up,this is my go to drink. I haven't had an Acai NOT day in several years. i contribute my weight loss,energy up, healthy colon to this Acai tea

5 Stars

Yummy and Naturally-Sweet Tea!

Las Vegas, NV

I am honestly not a fan of tea. I usually put a couple of sugar packets in normal tea to make it bearable but this tea is AMAZING. I have a soft spot for sweets so i usually put a little honey or a dash of raw sugar but this tea does not need it. One of my favorites for sure

5 Stars

acai berry and green tea

Portland, OR

nice flavor good smell whoever buys this tea will enjoy.

5 Stars

This tea is fabulous!

houston , TN

I was not sure about this tea when I first tried it but by my 3rd cup I was in love. I drink this with a little sweetener almost every morning.

5 Stars

Wonderful Tea

Houston, TX

I tried this a a coffee shop and had to find it. I did and love it. Best tea I have had. Very nice blend of flavors that is naturally sweet. The bag is the best buy. Tea for almost a year!

5 Stars

Love this Tea

Stoneham, MA

I'm starting to consider this my go to tea since its great hot or cold. I recently bought some loose leaf from a different Tea company and it was no where near in the class of the Republic's version.

5 Stars

I'm in Love!

Long Beach, CA

This is always my first choice when I drink my daily tea. I love the flavor of the Acai Berry.

5 Stars

Acai Green Tea or Black Current !!!

Delta BC Canada, BC

This great tea is very close to the Higgins & Burke - Black Current Tea in Canada.. Two bags in a full pot is fantastic..just leave the bags in the pot...

5 Stars

a sweet treat

bossier parish rural, LA

this superfruit tea needs no honey, sugar or sweetener added to enhance it's flavor.it stands alone. refreshing at any time of day when an energy boost is needed,upon the first drink it makes me feel better , tingling all down.and even a cup before bed will not interupt sleep, as a diabetic i feel i've had a dessert with the fruity flavor. and it IS HEALTHY so i'm told!!! all I know is that it works wonders for me,i haven't had a cold,sinus, head sinus anything in the 3 yrs i started drinking this daily. i even give it as gifts in everything, and all good feedback so far.

5 Stars

daily energy

elm grove, LA

i have been 'addicted' to this particular flavor for years, driving an hour into the city in hopes they won't be out of stock in this flavor. i'm diabetic so it's naturally sweet, good for my health as well as a delicious treat. NOW i order directly ( for substantially LESS ) and no more running out! i can't rave about this tea enough. my skin even acts up when i'm out of this! never again, it comes in convenient large quantities from Republic of Tea. thanks people.

5 Stars

Sooo good

Chicago, IL

This tea is sooo good, nice Acia taste, flavor is not overwhelming, one of my favorite teas

5 Stars

Best Acai tea I have found

Ashland , KY

It is wonderful.

5 Stars


Berkeley, IL

Tasted this tea at a Panera and loved it - went straight to your site and order lots - really a great taste!

5 Stars

Great Taste

Medford, NJ

Wonderful, flavorful tea. Good at any time of day. Sweet and smells great.

5 Stars

Smooth and Flavorful

Rio Rancho, NM

Very tasty! Great soothing tea.

5 Stars


Somerset, KY

Excellent tea for people who don't like sweet tea but like a nice, bright flavor. Made ours as an iced tea. Very refreshing

5 Stars


Succasunna, NJ

Love this hot or iced. Filled with flavor!

5 Stars

Refreshing Cup of Tea

Warner Robins, GA

The Acai Green Tea provides a refreshing cup of tea whether it is drunk hot or cold. It is also filling which keeps me from wanting to snack between meals. I first purchased the tin to see if I would like the flavor but now have purchased the bag containing 250 tea bags. This tea has become my favorite go to tea.

5 Stars


Colleyville, TX

I have Acai Tea whenever I eat at Panera Bread and they told me that they buy it from R of Tea. So I was excited that I could buy it for home so I can have it whenever I want and it's so easy to make.

5 Stars

Most delicious ice tea I've ever tried

Mankato, MN

I wanted to try this ice tea after hearing about the health benefits of acai berries. I continue to buy and drink this tea as it is so delicious, and has a natural sweetness -- I never add a sweetener. Over ice, I prefer this to any soda, juice, or other beverage.

5 Stars

My Favorite

Weeki Wachee, FL

This is my all time favorite tea. I use it to make iced tea but not everyday as I like to keep it "special". It reminds me of the tea offered at Panera's restaurant but so nice to be able to brew it at home.

5 Stars

Delicious in the mornign


This tea tastes delicious in the morning instead of coffee. I am very pleased with my purchase

5 Stars

This is my all-time favorite!

Lincoln, IL

I love this tea! It is my all-time favorite! I go back to this tea all the time! It is good hot or cold, and very refreshing!

5 Stars

The Best

Eldersburg, MD

I usually drink green tea but Acai Green Tea is the best. It is good hot and also as an ice tea. Add some lemon for a really wonderful flavor.

5 Stars

Fragrant and Delicious

Elizabeth, NJ

Fragrant, fruity and delicious, one of the best green tea mixes I have ever tasted. Perfect without sugar.

5 Stars


Orlando, FL

Better than I thought it was going to be! Not overly sweet, just right!

5 Stars

Sweet and flavorable!!

Midland, TX

Sweet and flavorable!! It is surprisingly refreshing while soothing the soul!!

5 Stars

The Best Duo

Dublin, OH

What a delight, anti oxident and my green tea, smooth and light,

5 Stars

My favorite

Kanagawa Japan, OR

?Because I could not transmit when I did not select one something, I chose you properly. I got this AçaíGreen Tea from an American friend last year and drank it very deliciously. When I found the website of your company recently, I was very glad. I ordered it immediately. I drink this after dinner every day. It is really healed by a good fragrance and color of AçaíGreen Tea. I intend to give it to my friend.

5 Stars

Acai - Hot or Cold It's Great!

Dayton, OH

This is my second favorite tea (Ginger Peach Green is my absolute daily favorite) and I usually have at least 1 to 3 cups a day. It makes a great ice tea for summer and family and friends love it!

5 Stars

Purple Reign

Springfield, MA

Whenever I place an order I always try one different flavor tea. This was an awesome selection. As soon as the hot water saturated the tea bag a bright bouquet of blueberries filled the air. I just smiled and knew this was one for me.

5 Stars

This tea is great!

North Branch, MN

Why compare this to anything else? Reviews are based on a product and not to be compared to something else in a restaurant. This is great tea....and if you want a good cup of tea with acai berry in it this is the tea for you! I have been drinking this tea since 2012 and I keep ordering the largest quantity available. Everyone who comes to the house enjoys it too and asks where to get some! Enjoy!

5 Stars

Acai nutritious and delicious

Northford, CT

I brew and ice my tea. This makes a delicious iced tea with a touch of honey or agave. Very satisfying!

5 Stars

Great Tea

Pinellas Park, FL

This tea tastes great.

2 Stars

Not what I heard

Orlando, FL

I have to agree w/ Sara - I bought this thinking it was like or the same as what Panera Bread uses but it is not!! I really don't care for it and I have experimented different ways to try to become accustomed to the taste but it doesn't help. What happened? Most of the people w/ reviews say it is just like Panera's but I don't see it!! Very disappointed!! Wish I could return it!!

5 Stars

"Black Current" in Canada

Delta, B.C., BC

Congrats on flavour. We have a black current with the same GREAT flavour in Canada. What a wonderful way to shop. Keep up the great site. Got to go, its TEA Time...

2 Stars

Sadly not the same

Valparaiso, IN

I ordered this thinking it was the same as Panera Bread's Acai Berry Iced Tea, but I am sadly disappointed. I know they carry the Republic of Tea hot teas and other reviews said it was the same, however, I found the color and flavor to be way off. This is red and has a very strong Hibiscus flavor (I know its the 2nd ingredient but Panera's doesn't have that overwhelming flavor). My husband and sons like it, but as for me, it was a waste of $.

5 Stars

Oh la la!!!

antioch, IL

I made this with lemon and fresh mint and refrigerated. Oh la la! felt like I was in paradise island somewhere. It was soooooooooooo good. Thank you Republic of Tea. will never be without it.

5 Stars

So good

Orange County, CA

This tea is just awesome. It tastes amazing hot or iced... However I prefer it iced. Its so refreshing. Add a little lemon and mint, YUM! I buy this in bulk, and will never be without it.

5 Stars

excellent just like panera's

richmond, VA

I was looking for Panera's Acai berry tea online when I read a review for this tea. Let me tell you what it just like Panera's. I am happy to have a tea at home that is great tasting.

5 Stars

Nice change!

Cabins, WV

Reminds me of warm grape juice! It's great!

5 Stars

best green tea i've had

nyc, NY

i love flavored green teas but find some flavors (like blueberry) can be overpowering. The Acai berry green tea is a perfect balance. Bursting with sweet flavor but not too pungent, it's my favorite of all the green teas I've tried. Pomegranate is good too.

5 Stars


Fruit forward and excellent flavor.

4 Stars

Great Flavor

Hyde Park, NY

This tea has a wonderful flavor, not overwhelming just smooth.I would recommend this for tea lovers who love fruity flavors.

Acai Green is Wonderful

Kemah, TX

My husband loves this tea by the pitcher-full. I place 6 bags in 2 cups of hot water to release the beautiful tea, add a cup of our favorite local honey, fill 'er up to the brim and refrigerate. It's refreshing all of the time~!~

5 Stars

Battle Creek, MI

Thanks for this wonderful tea. I love the flavor & aroma. I've recommended this tea & others to friends along with The Repulic of Tea. Thank you.

5 Stars

Slurrrrrpppp! All gone? Already!? SO GOOD.


I don't know how to exactly critique a tea. I just know that I'm not normally much of a fan of tea, and this has such a great taste that I find myself drinking a few cups of tea per day now! I've had green tea in the past and it tastes like I'm drinking grass... but this is nothing like that! It's bursting with flavor, but it's not too sour or sweet- and I have no need to use a sweetener because it's nearly perfect as is! I honestly think it takes like an awesome exotic blueberry tea, and don't taste much added grape flavor, like is described here. So if you're looking for a grape tasting tea, sorry, this one's more-so overpowered by the delicious blueberry flavor. Love this tea! I'm actually guilty of drinking a cup right now. :P Enjoy!

5 Stars

I finally found you!

Miami Beach, FL

I am a HUGE fan of Panera Bread's Acai Berry tea. I searched a few times for anything similar and just couldn't find it. I finally decided to read the ingredients on their site, copy them, and google them...and I found the EXACT match on this site. WHY didn't I just ask someone at Panera? LOL. It's so good cold brewed for an hour or so. No need to boil water if you ask me. Mmmmm!

5 Stars

Super fruit, super taste

Northford, CT

Love Republic of Tea more than any brand I have tasted. I also brew and ice my tea, with a touch of honey. Great!

5 Stars

One of my all-time favorites!

Lincoln, IL

This tea has such good flavor! It is one of my all-time favorites. I enjoy this iced as a general rule.

5 Stars

Good and mild

Indio, CA

This is a very good and very mild tea. Easy to drink.

5 Stars

Crown Point, IN

AMAZING TEA! Wonderful taste! LOVE this Tea! EXCEPTIONAL Service from this company~shipped FAST!

5 Stars


trevose, PA

The perfert tea to relax with and share with friends, I start and end my day with a cup.

4 Stars

My Go To Tea

La Push, WA

I love this tea iced. I double the bags and pour over a tall glass filled with ice. It is deliciously fruity. When I don't know what tea I want, I grab this one.

5 Stars


Dayton, OH

This stuff is fantastic. I absolutely love it iced. I prefer this blend to to the Acai iced tea bags, but they are both good. I would like to buy this in a larger bag for making iced tea:)

5 Stars

The only tea I drink

Petaluma, CA

Being a cancer survivor, staying a survivor is really important. Anecdotal evidence says green tea and açai berry both are thought to reduce the chance of cancers and this tea has both. I tried a lot of teas because I really wanted a tea that does the job AND tastes great enough for me to look forward to having 1 or 2 cups daily. This tea is awesome! Thank you Republic of Tea.

4 Stars

Great Green Tea!

Jupiter, FL

I totally enjoy having this tea! Very nice!!

5 Stars

My fave summer tea!

St. Louis, MO

I was so happy that I was able to find the tea that my favorite restaurant, St. Louis Bread Co. sells. I like my tea unsweetened and this one is perfect for that. I double my bags when brewing because I like my tea on the strong side. I would highly recommend this flavor. Yummy.

5 Stars

Best Tea Ever

Portland, OR

I had this tea at my daughter's yesterday and fell in love with it. She gave me some to bring home and I just made a pitcher of iced tea. Not only does it taste great, it also smells great.

4 Stars

Otis, MA

I love this tea. but I use a goood size mug and wish the bags were a little bit bigger so the tea would be a little stronger.

5 Stars

No Sugar Needed!

Cincinnati, OH

Light, fragrant and refreshing! Delightful iced. The only tea I will drink without adding any sweetener. I love that I can get my antioxidants so deliciously!

5 Stars

Absolutely the Best

Kemah, TX

I love everything about this wonderful tea. It's light (unlike the heavy taste of soda pop), and very tasty. I also love the smell of a hot-brewed cup, and I even love the rich color. It's absolutely my favorite anytime and all day long~!~

5 Stars

Fabulous Smell and color

Phoenix, AZ

It smelled wonderful and tastes just as good. We infused it with fruit and it was a specially good iced in the heat of Arizona!

5 Stars

Refreshingly different

Lugoff, SC

Wonderful as an ice tea.Love it alot

4 Stars


saint joseph, MO

a great alternative to the everyday. terrific aroma. smooth on the palate

3 Stars

, IN

I liked this tea although I'm not a huge fan of berry teas. I bought the travel pack to try it because I love green tea and wanted the benefits of the Acai. I will definitely have it again. It seems to me a more summer drink.

My daytime favorite

Orland Park, IL

I've enjoyed this tea since its introduction a few years ago. It's my go-to daytime favorite most afternoons. How could you go wrong with the combination of Acai with green tea--you can't!

5 Stars


St. Louis, MO

A surprising fruity flavor that is refreshing, especially iced! I first enjoyed this tea at Panera Bread and had to track down the manager to find out the brand. It is going to be my summer favorite. It is also tasty hot.

5 Stars

My Favorite Tea!

Smyrna, GA

I love the Acai Green Tea..i never miss my noon day cup...The flavor is wonderful! .Your teas are the best i have found anywhere!...

5 Stars

Love it!


I love it but I would like a better idea of how to make a pitcher of cold tea. I am currently using 8 tea bags for 1 gallon.

5 Stars

Absolutely Love ThisTea

Williamstown, NJ

I am a devout coffee drinker. I would only drink tea when sick. However, through one sample Republic tea bag from a friend, I have come to love tea at any time. Acai is one of my favorites. It is so flavorful.

5 Stars


Oro Valley, AZ

My new favorite tea! I enjoy hot green, white, floral and fruit tea. This one is top notch! Not too overpowering of a fruit flavor, which is what I usually get nervous about before trying/buying fruit flavored tea. It's great!! I have a couple cups of this tea/day! LOVE IT!

5 Stars


Pierce, CO

I love this tea! I tried it at Panera and then had to find it! I drink it all the time. Its not sweet and has a mild berry flavor...highly recommend it!

4 Stars

Acai Green Tea round tea bags is truly exceptional!

Methuen, MA

This tea brews a lovely reddish color and the tea's aroma is all berries and then some. Smells of sweet hibiscus which makes for a liven depiction of a floral bouquet. This was the second time that I have purchased teas from the Republic of Tea and I hope to do so again and again. I like the round sachet teabags and how they fit nicely in the tin can that contains the teas. These teabags are similar to the Cuppa London Teas that has round teabags with no strings. Making this tea like the host received when at church during communion; and this tea taste like wine as well. So it is good all around. Thank you for making such a wonderful tea and for sharing it with the world of tea drinkers like myself. Happy teas!

5 Stars


Lynn, MA

Very soothing.

4 Stars

Bitter, but good!

Boston, MA

This tea is an amazing energy booster. I always drink it in the early morning and it keeps me going all day long. My only complaint is that its a bit bitter, but OK.i hope it really helps me lose weight, that's why I bought it:) At night, I drink a nice decaf tea(relaxing)and I'm good to go...sleep all night!

5 Stars

The best green tea!

Rutland, MA

We have been drinking this tea for a couple of years now. When I tell you that as soon as you get a sore throat, or if you feel a cold is coming on...drink this tea! It really does help beat colds! We love the flavor; and we always have it on hand.

5 Stars

The Best!

Kingsport, TN

I tried this at Panera iced and immediately ordered it. I had to have it. I love it iced and I have at least one tall glass per day. It tastes delicious and I feel like I'm doing something healthy for myself. I've been drinking Republc of Tea for more years than I can remember...I'm 57...I have quite a collection!

5 Stars


I have a cup of this tea every night. I've tried many different types but this is favorite with a tsp of honey added......

5 Stars

Great tea!

Montrose, CO

I found this tea at a local natural foods store. I love açaí; it reminds me of blueberries, plus it's rich in antioxidants! This tea tastes great either hot or cold, and the aroma is wonderful too. I liked it so much that I went back to buy another tin for work!

5 Stars

The Perfect Combination

Tacoma, WA

Who doesn't love blueberries, forgetting that they are good for you, they are round, fat luscious blue bites of pure sweet yumminess. I don't know what everyone else thinks about Concord grapes, but to me, there is nothing more satisfying than sitting out on the deck on a warm summer afternoon with Concords freshly plucked from the arbor,sucking the sweet juicy innards out from their tart gloves and swallowing them down like shucking oysters. Combining the two amazingly wonderful but different flavors was a stroke of genius. The odor alone is enough to make one swoon, and the flavor is at once sweet, slightly tart, and intensively flavorful. A delight not to be missed. My third and final choice to be shared with friends who will fall at my feet in their gratitude at my largesse in sharing this treasure that I once again purchased in the 250 pack and made into gift bundles ;)

5 Stars

Acai Tea

Felton, DE

Makes excellent ice tea. Real refreshing

5 Stars


Muncie, IN

This tea tastes so great! I've drank it every day for two months now. It really woke up my metabolism and has helped me lose 10 pounds and counting.

Green Tea - plus.

Sophia, NC

The taste of this tea was a surprise. The berry teas are something I have enjoyed for some time. When combined with the Green Tea,for me, the green tea taste was almost lost. I love the taste of green teas.My future orders will just be for one of your many Green Teas. Thank you.


Pittsburgh, PA

I enjoyed this tea.

5 Stars

Love it

Garnett, KS

My girlfriend's sister bought this for her and she gave it to me. After having several cups, I encouraged her to drink it. Now its all she wants. Two BIG thumbs up for this tea. We love it!

5 Stars



The best Acai tea you'll ever lay your taste buds on! I've tried many others and they don't compare!

5 Stars


Muncie, IN

I started drinking this tea just because I saw it in a store and had heard Acai was good for me. I've drank it every day for almost seven weeks now and have lost about a pound every week. I actually felt my metabolism come back to life! And it tastes great!

5 Stars

Great tea

Felton, DE

Delicious tea. First time I have tried this tea. Great taste, very refreshing. Acai is good for you.

5 Stars

Delicious Green Tea

Lees Summit, MO

Refreshing flavor for green tea. I really enjoy it.

5 Stars


Mira Loma, CA

I love this tea BUNCHES! I found it at Cost World Market and based on these reviews and had to try it...and WOW...SUPER YUMMY! THANK YOU! I love it iced so flavorful and refreshing.Best tea I have tried... since I found Ginger Peach. I love this tea! All time favorite!

5 Stars

very good tea


very good tea though i don't really taste the blueberries or grape.

4 Stars

Very Fruity

Montgomery, NY

DELISH - very fruity. Do not put milk in it . Needs very little sugar. LOVE IT

5 Stars

Mt. Pleasant, UT

This is one of my favorite teas!

5 Stars

A delightful variation`

Meadville, PA

I tried a variety of super-fruit green teas to see which ones, if any, pleased me more than just basic green tea (which I enjoy). Acai Green Tea was the clear winner. It not only has a pleasant and refreshing flavor, but has a natural sweetness that is especially satisfying to one who must be careful of sugar intake. I'm already on my second tin.

5 Stars


White House, TN

Love this tea! I came across it at World Market as I was looking for my usual green tea. I too thought it to be a little costly but after trying it, it is worth it! Love the color & flavor!!

5 Stars


, AZ

This tea is fantastic! It is VERY fruity and great hot, I have been drinking it without sweetener and in general I sweeten my tea.

5 Stars

My favorite.

Sarasota, FL

This is my all time favorite tea from The Republic. Very hearty, fruity and refreshing. Great hot or cold.

5 Stars

Acai Green Tea


Flavorful cup that tastes too good to be good for you

5 Stars

Delicious Tea

Macomb, IL

I have bought the Acai Berry Tea and it is the best tasting tea I have tasted in a long time...I love green tea and found this accidently in one of the local stores in Macomb, thought it to be a little costly, but after drinking one cup of the tea I think the price was worth it....
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