Moroccan Mint Green Full-Leaf

Moroccan Mint Green Full-Leaf
Moroccan Mint Green Full-Leaf
Moroccan Mint Green Full-Leaf

Tea of Good Health - Cool and refreshing, this brew is traditionally sipped from glass teacups with an overindulgence of sugar. Fragrant gunpowder and refreshing mint brews a soothing cup.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


Green tea contains less than a quarter the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping green tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water just short of boiling. Then pour water over tea and steep for 1-3 minutes (if using a tea bag) or 2-4 minutes (if using full-leaf tea.)


Finest Formosan gunpowder green tea leaves and peppermint



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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

1 Star


Springfield, MA

I've come to enjoy Moroccan mint tea ever since I had a pot at a Moroccan restaurant. From all the positive comments I read here I ordered some. You cannot imagine my disappointment when upon opening the tin all I could smell was PEPPERMINT... Any time I've ever had mint tea, the "mint" has always been spearmint!! In fact, "Google-ing" "Moroccan mint tea", it specifically states it is made with spearmint. I DESPISE peppermint and hate that I wasted my money.

5 Stars


Kennewick, WA

Tea is an important part in our Middle Eastern culture. This is the only mint tea I buy!

4 Stars

Very good

Tallahassee, FL

This tea is mostly delicious, but I will say this: a little goes a long way! The mint is slightly overwhelming for me, so I like to mix a little of this tea with my favorite plain gunpowder green tea, and it is the perfect blend.

5 Stars

smooth mint

San Antonio, TX

I love having mint tea especially when I have a stomach ache or after a heavy meal! No sugar is needed.

5 Stars

My Absolute Favorite!

Long Beach, CA

I have tried nearly every brand and form of mint tea out there, and have found none to be as delicious as this. I buy this tea in bulk and enjoy a cup several days each week. I love it!

5 Stars

Refreshing tea

Ashford, CT

This is by far the best Moroccan mint tea that I've tried. It's incredibly refreshing, especially in the middle of winter when I need a little pick-me-up.

5 Stars

Refreshing!! A Great Pick Me Up!

Crystal Lake, IL

This tea is SO refreshing. It is a great Pick-me-up for a flagging day. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next thing after a cup or two.

5 Stars


Boise, ID

Strong but really good....even makes the trash can smell good when you dump the leaves!

5 Stars


Small Town, AK

I had a tin of this many years ago and really enjoyed it. Regret waiting so long to reorder--it's an exceptionally nice tea with an intoxicating aroma.

5 Stars


Brooklyn, NY

A pleasant, mild mint taste.

5 Stars

Addicted over 10 Years

Baton Rouge, LA

This is me and my husband's addicted tea for over 10 years. Best tea ever!

4 Stars

A great mint tea


A great tea, not as intense of a drinking tea as other brands I havd tried, but, a very mellow smooth tea

5 Stars


Grand Rapids, MI

I absolutely love this tea! Fantastic flavor, I love it for the morning. Amazing smell and taste!

5 Stars

Morning addiction

Flagstaff, AZ

Love my Moroccan Mint morning tea with frothed coconut milk & lots of dark coco sprinkled on top. Has been my addiction for several years now! Only the very best! Connie Birkland

5 Stars

Moroccan Mint

Lewisburg, WV

Best tea I've had EVER!!!!

5 Stars

Best Green Tea with Peppermint


I have been drinking this tea for over 10 years, and it is by far, the best green tea with peppermint on the market. I place it in a special tea pitcher for full leaf tea and allow it to steep for 12 hours in the frig. Add ice and Stevia, and it becomes my "go to" drink everyday. Love it.

5 Stars

Warming and Refreshing

, MI

This is my go-to green tea. It's incredibly soothing and the mint makes it refreshing at the same time. Wonderful without any sweetner. Highly recommended!!

5 Stars

Smooth and versatile daily green

Kenmore, WA

The mint is strong and smooth, but not overpowering. I also love the versatility of this green tea. It can be sipped on it's own, or mixed with various milks, soy milks, etc for decorating the original flavor. This tea never gets old, which is why it's one of my daily pots.

5 Stars

My favorite every morning tea for 12 years

Baton Rouge, LA

The bad part is that it is so expensive and all the tea I have purchased from you, I have never gotten a free bag or a nice discount. All I get is free shipping! It'd be nice if you can thank your customers who have faithfully purchased a lot from you to receive a bag free. I love your tea and wish I receive a thank you gift from you.

4 Stars

Irving, TX

I just bought this and am taking my third cup - love it! The mint seemed a little too strong at first, but upon the second steeping, it was just right... A great, subtle balance. Very refreshing. I have a feeling this would be great as an iced tea too.

5 Stars

Perfect Any Time

Brooklyn, NY

Out of all gunpowder mint teas I've tasted, Republic's is the smoothest with a perfect balance of tea to mint. Perfect any time.

5 Stars

My favorite

Springdale, AR

I've been a fan of hot tea for a while now but just started my interest in loose leaf. This is my favorite because less particles fall through with the gunpowder and the taste is wonderful.

5 Stars

Love This!

Springdale, AR

This is my first time trying this tea. It's now my favorite

5 Stars

My favorite iced tea

Latham, NY

Delicious and refreshing both in the summer and winter. I make it iced in my Mr. Coffee Ice tea machine and bring it to work in a thermos.

5 Stars

Moroccan Mint Maine-iac

Castine, ME

Smooth but bold gunpowder tea with that hint of mint. I sweeten it with about 2 teaspoons of honey, yum. I won't start my morning without it. This tea is great though any time of the day. I first enjoyed a moroccan mint tea in a Mediterranean restaurant in Northampton Mass. Since then I have had only one tea that matched the taste and it is yours. Excellent tea and it is practically the only tea I drink now. It is good cold too. Enjoy.

5 Stars

On a chilly winter night

Portland, OR

Moroccan mint has been one of my favorite teas for many, many years. It's refreshing mint combined with the relaxing flavor of green tea always makes me feel so good. And on a chilly winter night, sitting by the fire with a good book and sipping tea--what could be better.

5 Stars


Miami, FL

I drink green tea very often and never had this brew before, but now that I know how refreshing and good tasting it is, this is the only green tea that I want. Love it.

5 Stars

Pleasant and Refreshing

Millville, NJ

This is a pleasant and refreshing tea. It makes a very good iced tea

5 Stars

my favorite kind

Baton Rouge, LA

This is the best tasting tea that I drink everyday. I enjoy drinking this every morning!

5 Stars


Northville, MI

I just tried my first cup of this tea and I am in love with it! It is the perfect mint tea! The mint flavor is subtle, not overpowering. But at the same time it is a flavorful cup of tea. Some mint tea's are so strong, and other you can hardly taste the flavor. This is the best mint tea I've ever had. A little sprinkle of Stevia or sugar and it is the perfect after dinner or late evening tea. I highly recommend this if you are a fan of mint tea!

5 Stars

My favorite, hands-down!!

Cleveland, OH

I've tasted many teas. This is without a doubt my absolute favorite tea. The peppermint flavor is so pure - not that I don't like peppermint mixed with spearmint or lemon herbs, but here, you can taste the pureness of it. And the gunpowder green is something I'd like to try on its own as well. Combined, they are perfect - hot or iced, with or without sweetener. My preference is to fix it hot with raw sugar. SO good, I am never without it.

5 Stars

Tea so very refreshing

Savannah, GA

This tea is so very refreshing and relaxing, especially after a wonderful dinner. Just sit back and savor the tea.
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