Pomegranate Green Iced Tea

Pomegranate Green Iced Tea

The finest organic China green tea is masterfully brewed and blended with tart-sweet pomegranate and packaged in a 16.9 oz (500mL) bottle. This garnet-hued beverage is superbly balanced. Each flavorful sip offers bright, fruity notes with a crisp, refreshing finish. The flavor of the tea shines in this unsweetened brew. Savor Sip by Sip...Rather than Gulp by Gulp.

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More About This Product

This premium, ready-to-drink iced tea, meticulously brewed from real tea leaves, is best enjoyed chilled or served over ice.

It pairs perfectly with food, is all-natural, has no preservatives, is certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization and certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.


Finest green tea leaves brewed in pure water, citric acid and natural flavors



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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Great taste


Liked the fact that I could taste the Pomegranate flavor on the first sip!!! full bodyied--will order again!!!

5 Stars

Pure, refreshing goodness!

Fairfax, VA

As a self-proclaimed tea-snob, I go into tasting any commercially produced bottled tea with a skeptical grain of salt. When it comes to Republic-of-tea, however, I have never been disappointed. The first time I had the Pomegranate green tea was at a Brazilian steak house here in the area. That was my first clue that it would be wonderful...and it was. It's the kind of tea that you want to let your first swig encompass your taste buds. So as to get that wonderful real pomegranate flavor all around. There is zero artificiality. Not in the scent of the tea, the taste of the tea, or after you’ve finished enjoying. I am sensitive to any artificial tastes, and by “sensitive” I mean I really don’t like it. But Republic of Tea does its Pomegranate Green Tea right. I order it by the case and have it delivered because there aren’t any stores around me that I can find who carry it. It’s worth it, though. When I find good quality and a worthy product, I’ll get it any way I can. Thank you Republic of Tea! Oh

5 Stars

We love your tea!!!!

Clarksville, MD

My daughter and I enjoy the clean taste of this tea! We drink it as a healthy alternative to sodas! I would highly recommend it.

5 Stars

Iced cold is great!

Park Forest, IL

I was looking for a refreshing cold drink without added sweeteners, and I found it! This is refreshing when it is iced cold. However, due to its cost, I do not share it with anyone. I bought a case just for me.

5 Stars

Expensive but worth it


Yes, the tea is expensive price per bottle. However I've tried brewing it myself w/ Republic of Tea teabags, and it still doesn't taste as perfect and great as the bottled pomegranate green tea tastes. I love the tea w/out sweetener or with 1/2 packet of splenda. I'll chill it and pour the tea in a wine glass. Cheaper and healthier than wine.

5 Stars

Great taste


Tried this at a restaurant the other night, thought it tasted great and was shocked at the cost. Thought I will go online and order some of these. Wrong same price on-line as in the restaurant. Oh well good luck with your sales

5 Stars

Perfect Pomegranate

Fayetteville, AR

This tea is wonderful ice cold, I drink it year round at work and home. I would also recommend the Mango Ceylon and PassionFruit Green tea in a bottle. Also, thank you for not adding sweetners to everything!

5 Stars

Suffolk, VA

Had this at a restaurant. It is very good and unsweetened. However; it is very expensive. Are there any promotionals or coups. V/r Jim

2 Stars

pomegranate green tea

Brooklyn, NY

Needs a sweetner. Tastes like nothing.

5 Stars


New Orleans, LA

This is my absolute favorite. I used to be able to find it at Whole Foods and other markets and can't find it anywhere lately. Is it no longer available in stores?

5 Stars


Pensacola , FL

I bought a bottle of this tea just out of the blue from a food shop in the French Market in New Orleans. I was hot and all I craved was tea. This was all they had and I was not sure if I would even like it never have trying it before. WOW! It was delicious and I want more but, I cant believe that one single bottle is so much (plus s&h) on the website. I had really hoped that this was available to find easier.

5 Stars


Regina, SA

I found it very nice tasting not too strong of a taste and not bitter as many unsweeted ice teas can be. I will be ordering again.

5 Stars


Sedalia, CO

love it. I find it is a little too expensive with shipping. May only be able to buy once and awhile. Can I buy it locally, or can I get it without shipping charges?

4 Stars

Great, but EXPENSIVE!

Hampton Roads Area, VA

I enjoy this tea very much, I've had it at the Hilton (via teabag), and I've had it at Nordstrom (bottled), which lead me to your site to see if I can locate a grocer that sells it. I find it very hard to believe that I can get it cheaper at a high end dept store cafe vs your online website. Do you ever offer any coupons? Do you sell the bottled tea at any grocery stores? Thx, Karen!

5 Stars

Love, love, love it!!

Austin, TX

OMG! The search for something wonderful to drink that isn't water, has no calories, no fat, no artificial sweeteners,no horrid plastic bottle...is over!! I tried this at Nordstroms today and I'm online ordering more. Love the glass bottle!! Better for me, better for the environment!! Awesome!!

5 Stars

Denver, CO

Wife loves it

3 Stars

glass bottle too big to carry

Houston, TX

The tea tastes great! It is my favorite iced tea. BUT... the glass bottle is too heavy and large to carry around on the go. I TOO MISS THE PLASTIC BOTTLES.

3 Stars

Miss the smaller plastic bottle size

Fredericksburg, VA

My favorite tea but the large glass bottle is not easy to carry on the go. Will have to look for a subsitute.

5 Stars

The best taste EVER!

Las Vegas, NV

I discovered this at Nordstrom Cafe and now order it online so I always have it available at home. It is perfectly un describable!

5 Stars


Florence, KY

I tried this tea at a gourmet Mexican place in Nashville. It was just perfect! No sugar needed. It's very refreshing.

5 Stars

Perfectly Refreshing

Tiburon, CA

The Pomegranate Green Iced tea is perfectly balanced; tart and crisp while still being light and refreshing. It is perfect for a hot summer afternoon. I always buy the case as it offers a great value.
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