Pumpkin Spice Black Tea Bags

Pumpkin Spice Black Tea Bags
Pumpkin Spice Black Tea Bags

Keep Warm and Carry On - Cozy up and sip this warm blend of fine black tea and autumnal spices –cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. Energizing black tea wards off the chill of the crisp, fall season, and a splash of warm milk transforms this tea to pumpkin pie in a cup.

Pumpkin Spice Black Tea was featured in The Gourmet Retailer's fall gift guide.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, natural ginger and pumpkin flavors, sweet blackberry leaves, nutmeg, cloves, allspice



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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

A new cold weather go-to February 06, 2015


Maplewood, NJ

I have been enjoying this fabulous tea in the morning instead of coffee. I use 2 tea bags (bc I have a large mug) and a splash of milk. It gets me up without any jitters. I love its rich and satisfying taste. I will definately purchase again

5 Stars

Love it! January 22, 2015


Victoria, MS

Last December a co-worker put a sample of this tea in the break room for anyone to try. The anyone was me and I have been hooked on this ever since. I am on my second tin of 50 bags and this is tea at it's finest!!

5 Stars

pumpkin pie in a cup! January 11, 2015


Farmington, MO

Smells so wonderful! I added a good tablespoon of Italian cream coffee creamer and a teaspoon of honey. Perfect! Subtle spices are strong enough to give a good pumpkin flavor without being overbearing. If you love pumpkin flavor anything, you'll love this!

5 Stars

Wish it was available longer December 10, 2014


Arlington, VA

Just enough spice - not over powering like some spiced teas

5 Stars

hearty spicy black tea December 08, 2014


sutton, AK

hearty spicy black tea, much like "chai" and perfect with cream and honey. one of my new favourites!!

5 Stars

The taste of autumn December 05, 2014


Schenectady, NY

I wish this was out all year round. One of my top 5 teas from Republic Of Tea. I look forward to this every year. It adds a little warmth to your autumn!

5 Stars

Excellent flavor December 04, 2014


Glenville, NY

It makes for a wonderful after dinner tea, with a very pleasant and sweet flavor. I greatly prefer it to Tazo's Pumpkin Chai.

5 Stars

wow December 03, 2014

Angel Smith

Seattle, WA

I so love this tea. I drink it with a little pumpkin spice coffee creamer and its heavenly. I love the spiced teas but this one has become my fav. I just ordered 2 more cans but didn't relies you were going to stop selling them so soon. I live on SS so can only order once a month. Are you going to be still selling this on Jan. 3rd ? If so I will get the 44.00 bags so I don't run out.. But for anyone who loves spiced teas this one is tops in my book.

5 Stars

Perfect! December 03, 2014


Henderson, KY

This is the best tea that I have ever tasted!

5 Stars

Wonderful! November 26, 2014


Jacksonville, IL

This is a seasonal favorite! I first tried it as a sample received with the catalog and I fell in love. Everyone goes crazy over pumpkin spice lattes each autumn - they're missing out on pumpkin spice tea! It is perfect anytime of the day and makes a great gift. This will remain a staple in my home for years to come (so please keep making it Republic)!

4 Stars

Good but a Bit Weak November 24, 2014


Ontario, NY

I really like this tea and have returned for it two seasons in a row. This season though I feel like the tea is quite weak, I find myself using 4 teabags to get the results that I am looking for in terms of strength. However the taste is still good, so I'll live with going through the tea more quickly for the good flavor.

5 Stars

Love this tea! November 13, 2014


Alexandria, AL

Awesome! Love the smell and it tastes so good! The minute I took a taste my energy level perked up! So glad I was given this sample. Autumn is my favorite time of the year!

5 Stars

Awesome New Flavor October 16, 2014

Rhonda Key

Fairview, TN

Very mild taste, very smooth. It has an awesome flavor that really says Fall!

5 Stars

pumpkin spice tea October 05, 2014

amy s

savannah, GA

Got a free bag of this tea. Little leary if trying it fue to the caffenine. ( no caffenine for me) but had to try it. Unbelievable taste! So wonderful and the aroma is truely magical. Need to buy some

4 Stars

Tasty fall treat September 25, 2014


Carthage, IL

I tried this as I really like the pumpkin taste of the fall. I found it not quite as strong as I expected, so I may lower my water with each cup, but it was still good. I will be taking it to work to share and use often.

5 Stars

Autumn Has Arrived! September 23, 2014

Marcia Morris

Avon, MA

A great cup of tea! Autumn in it's splendor. Just the right amount of seasoning. Splendid drink!

5 Stars

what a joy September 20, 2014

Marie Abess

Antelope, CA

This tea is so good. Really a joy to sit and sip.

5 Stars

Delicious Tead September 20, 2014


Jacksonville, IL

Delicious and aromatic tea. Perfect for the season.

5 Stars

Great Fall Tea September 19, 2014



Favorite pumpkin tea so far. Smooth & flavorful.

4 Stars

Awesome spice flavor September 15, 2014


Dayton, OH

Amazing spice scent and spice flavor but not much pumpkin flavor. Perfect for fall. I love it!

5 Stars

Excellent Tea September 15, 2014

Christian Wade

Kansas City, MO

I love pumpkin pie and I love a good tea. This tea gives the best of both worlds. This reminds me of chai and with honey and a splash of milk, it's wonderful!

5 Stars

Autumn Comfort September 05, 2014


Bayside, NY

My most delicious way of celebrating Autumn is with a cup of pumpkin spice tea and my favorite cookies. I love holding this cup of autumn comfort and savoring its soothing aroma. This delicious tea sells out very quickly so I placed my bulk order early!

5 Stars

Amazing August 27, 2014


Sioux Falls, SD

Absolutely delicious! I made the mistake of not trying it last year and and am sorry I didn't. It's wonderful and a new "must have" in my collection. I will be ordering in bulk, knowing it's a seasonal tea. Add a splash of milk/creamer for a boost that takes it to the next level. I love Fall and this is a wonderful compliment to the season.

4 Stars

Good, but a bit weak January 01, 2014


Lafayette, IN

I love all things fall, so I was very excited about this tea. I also enjoy a strong cup of tea - tend to leave the bag in while I drink - so I was a bit disappointed with this one. I have been using two bags per cup just to get the strength I want out of it. One spoonful of sugar, and the flavor comes out more. It's a lovely tea, but I'll stick to the apple cider, which is my favorite.

5 Stars

Amazing...I wish I had bought more... December 05, 2013


Rollinsford, NH

I bought this tea as a travelers tin, because I wasn't sure how I would feel about it. I think it is my new wintertime favorite! The spice gives it a toasty warm flavor that is perfect for the colder months. I will have to order more!

5 Stars

Addicted! December 02, 2013


Seattle, WA

Fell in love with this last year. Even wrote an email begging for it to come back and that I wished it was available year round. Went through 200 tea bags last year, and bought 600 to try and last me throughout the year, until they issue next years. I have even gotten multiple people at work hooked on it. Good thing I know how to share!

3 Stars

Not that exciting December 02, 2013


Sioux Falls, SD

I didn't find this one to have much flavor. I could taste both pumpkin and spice, but they were barely there. I might just be used to loose leaf, but I expected more flavor.

5 Stars

Best Pumpkin Tea Ever November 15, 2013


, IA

This is one of the best teas I have ever tasted. The pumpkin really comes through and the flavor is out of this world. Love this tea both hot and iced. It is one of my new favorites.

5 Stars

Pumpkin Bliss! November 14, 2013


, NE

Enjoyed my sample so much that I immediately ordered some! Love that this is so flavorful, without any calories (unlike many of those coffee drinks). Such a great tea for the fall season, but I plan to drink any leftovers throughout the year, too. Please bring this tea back every year!!!!

Awesome tea!! November 07, 2013


Seymour, CT

This tea is so awesome for two years I have been stocking up every year for the whole year it is the only tea I drink now, Wish they kept it all the time instead of just seasonal, But pleased that they keep getting it as long as I am able to buy enough for the year I am good,

5 Stars

October 30, 2013


union, OR

I took a chance and ordered the bulk so glad I did my cowboy (which he is) coffee husband likes it too

5 Stars

Spice up your life October 26, 2013


Albion, MI

I couldn't wait to try this one. T'is the season. I live for my seasonal pumpkin lattes and now I have options. I can switch to an occasional pumpkin spice tea to stay off the naughty list by reducing my sugar intake. What a great alternative!

5 Stars

Wow! October 23, 2013


Irving, TX

I received a bag of this tea as a sample last month, and finally drank it yesterday! WOW - I expected it to be tasty, but it is wonderful!!! Will be buying some soon!

5 Stars

My favorite fall tea October 13, 2013

Brad S.

MInneapolis, MN

I discovered this tea last year at a local store and really fell in love with it. It is the perfect welcome to the fall season and my favorite morning drink. I drink mine with a little sugar and frothed milk. Yum!

5 Stars

Perfect October 09, 2013


, MA

The blend of spices and tea in this one are perfect. It comes across like a mild chai, and is by far one of my favorite teas.

5 Stars

October 07, 2013

janet wilson

greenville, PA

it does taste like pumpkin pie only better. no calories and guilt, just taste. got it as a sample. and now i want to order it and drink it all fall.

5 Stars

A Seasonal Favorite September 25, 2013


Reno, NV

Excellent tea! I bought one can at my local Whole Foods last year and when I went back they were already sold out. This tea makes me feel all warm and cozy. Perfect blend of spices and tea.

5 Stars

love it September 21, 2013

christine donnelly

mary esther, FL

i got a sample one in the mail and i love it its like drinking pumpkin spice coffee but its tea. im getting more in october

5 Stars

Deliicious! September 16, 2013


Colorado Springs, CO

I got this as a free sample and was slightly wary since the last pumpkin tea I tried (Celestial Seasonings' Sweet Pumpkin Harvest) was awful. But I tried it anyway and was pleasantly surprised! Perfectly spiced and delicious, nothing overpowering and all of the flavors worked together. Can't wait to get a full size <3

5 Stars

Pumpkin pie in a cup! September 14, 2013


White Oak, PA

This arrived this morning and I immediately tried it. Its very smooth, not overly spicy and as the can states, with a splash of milk, it truly is like pumpkin pie in a cup.....cannot wait to share it with my friends.

5 Stars

delicatly spiced September 12, 2013


Glen Mills, PA

I tried this tea bag because it came as a free sample. I was pleasantly surprised how delicately spiced it was. The spices do not overpower. I decided I wanted to purchase them after one cup.

4 Stars

Lovely Aroma September 11, 2013


Peterborough, NH

I tried the sample that came with the fall catalogue and loved the warm vanilla-spice smell that filled the air. I understeeped, so the taste was a little bland at first, but I found that even without extra steeping time the flavor intensified as the tea cooled. Can't wait for my tin to arrive!

5 Stars

Loved the sample ordering this one... September 11, 2013


Dennard, AR

I got a sample with my new cataloge and it was just so delious like a spiced punkin pie only much less sweet but warming and so yummy. I am odering a big bag of this.

5 Stars

Pumpkin Spice tea bags September 10, 2013


Cleveland, OH

This tea tastes just like Thanksgiving! It's so warm and comforting that I hate to get to the bottom of the cup!

5 Stars

Simply Amazing September 10, 2013


Ramsey, MN

This is by far one of my all time favorite tea blends. I usually put 2 bags in 7 oz hot boiling water with 3 sugar cubes, add milk, and you have the perfect fall flavor. I'd recommend it to anyone who is into that autumn-like spice taste. I just wish it was out year round!

5 Stars

stock up September 05, 2013


La Center, WA

We are stocking up on this one! In 2012 it was only sold fall & winter and we really liked it's spicy flavors. Hope it's available year round now, it would make a wonderful ice tea in summer too.

5 Stars

Love this tea !!! September 05, 2013


Dayton , OH

I could hardly wait for the season to start when I could get Pumpkin Spice tea again. It is my all-time favorite.

5 Stars

Cool Crisp Sunny Fall Days September 04, 2013

Mary T.

Morrisville, NC

Takes you on a hay ride, picking fall apples, carving halloween pumpkins, and other fall memories! It has a lovely (not too) spicy taste and really a great fall bouquet. It's a little sweet and warms you on a cool day. If you want a good substitute to Starbucks' high calorie, sugar ladened Pumpkin Spice Latte, this is it! I wish they had a caffeine free version for the evenings.

5 Stars

AW#ESOME for Fall, or anytime! August 21, 2013


Baltimore, MD

I LOVE anything pumpkin flavored but have been very disappointed in some of the things I have bought in the past. So I picked this tin up reluctantly but was pleasantly surprised when I could drink this tea without adding anything, though a pack of splenda makes it that much better! AWESOME tea! I even shared with a co-worker and I'm sure she will be making a purchase too!

Warming, cuddly tea August 18, 2013

Linda Sears

Cincinnati, OH

I got the small can last year, and immediately regretted it, since it is only offered in the fall. This year I'm stocking up!

5 Stars

Tea is good August 09, 2013


Frankfort, KY

I like this tea.

5 Stars

Perfection! December 27, 2012


Naples, FL

I loved this tea! It's the perfect compliment to all of the holiday foods my family and I enjoy each year. I only regret that we don't have more of it and can't wait to hopefully see it next year!!

5 Stars

Great flavor! December 26, 2012


Baltimore, MD

This was an absolutely wonderful tea!! I received a sample with my catalog and loved it. The flavors were not too spice heavy or fake, which was what I had feared. Absolutely fell in love with this tea. If it were available year round or at least for longer than two months (AHEM! HINT) I'd buy it.

5 Stars

Ahhhhh December 12, 2012


, CA

Best Tea Ever! I got the sample when my catalog arrived in the mail and immediately tried it. I thought that the cinnamon and ginger would be too overpowering but it was not at all. This tea is perfectly balanced! Unfortunately it is completely sold out. This tea should definitely be available year round!

4 Stars

Like drinking a gingerbread cookie December 05, 2012


, SD

This tea is full of flavor. I immediately thought of gingerbread cookies when I drank this. I recommend it for the afternoon/evening when that cookie craving hits.

5 Stars

Amazing November 29, 2012


Sydney, Australia,

Here in Australia we don't get many pumpkin spice flavoured things, so whenever I do it's a treat. This tea reminds me of a pumpkin spice Krispy Kreme I ate many years ago...So yummy. Its a little spicy, and sweet without even adding sugar.

5 Stars

Wonderful November 09, 2012


Wilmingtom, DE

This is the best tea I've ever tasted. It is delicious in this cold weather. I wish you had it all year.

5 Stars

Yummy November 05, 2012


Murray, KY

When I received my catalog in the mail there was a sample of the Pumpkin Spice. I loved it! A wonderful blend of spices, pumpkin and black tea. It tastes like fall. I was disappointed when I went to order and found they no longer offered this tea in bulk. I could drink this everyday but since I couldn't buy in bulk I am rationing it. I don't want to run out! I hope that this will be available next fall so I can buy enough for the entire winter.

5 Stars

YUM November 05, 2012

Tammy Hullin

Moscow, ID

I could drink this year around. Wish they offered it on a continuous basis. I bought 3 tins since you out of the bulk size. I will have to ration it until next fall.

5 Stars

MMMM MMMMM GOOOD!!! October 30, 2012


Stockton, CA

Well, I dont like black tea, and I got this in the mail and one day broke down and tried it! OMG! I had to get online and order some! I love this tea. It smells sooooo goood and tastes excellent. My boyfriend even likes it.

Great tea! October 30, 2012


San Franciso, CA

I received a free sample of this tea and will definitely buy it. Very good tea, nice smooth flavor.

4 Stars

Good but could have more pumpkin flavor October 26, 2012

Justin R.

Aurora, CO

This tea really is good but I would have liked a bit stronger of a pumpkin flavor. That being said, a little milk and sugar and it's great warming drink on a cold fall day!

5 Stars

YUM October 26, 2012


, MN

This is not my favorite tea but it is certainly a contender! Other pumpkin teas I have tried have a sort of fake, artificial flavor, but not this one. Republic of Tea's pumpkin cup is perfect.

5 Stars

Wonderful October 25, 2012


Sagamore Hills, OH

This tea is one of my favorites lately. Defintely check it out!

5 Stars

October 21, 2012

Diane Geisler

Naples, FL

Just tried the Pumpkin Spice and its so good. Just like all of your different teas!!!

5 Stars

My favorite time of year & my favorite seasonal tea! October 15, 2012

, MI

I usually prefer green tea, but I was curious to try this new seasonal tea. The combination of the spices is excellent, and I enjoy this tea with ginger snap cookies. I will definitely be offering a cup to my friends and family members. I hope this tea will be back again next season, so I can order in bulk. Thank you for this great tea!

5 Stars

Mulling spices in tea! October 11, 2012


I just drank the sample that came with the catalog last night and what a great fall tea! My only let down is it''s apparently not available until the end of October. If you like drinks with mulling spices (which I have used in the past in tea) then you'll love this. Just a splash of milk and sweetener-it's super tasty.

5 Stars

Soothing ginger, wonderful flavor October 11, 2012


South Plainfield, NJ

I too received the sample with my catalog and bought it to work to enjoy as my afternoon beverage. As it turns out something I ate didn't agree with me and the ginger in this tea made my tummy all better! I take my tea plain and the flavor of the pumpkin & spices were wonderful. Waiting as patiently as possible for the Oct 31 shipping date!

5 Stars

October 11, 2012

Judith C Angel

Ft Worth , TX

Exceptionally Delicious! A fantastic blend of flavors and spices. This is now our favorite flavored tea. My regular tea is Imperial Republic Jasmine Pearls, I prefer a subtle tea. My daughter's favorite is Double Green Matcha Tea, she prefers a strong tea. But we both greatly enjoy the Pumpkin Spice Tea and appreciate the fact it is blended with a quality black tea instead of Rooibos. This is a fall delight!

5 Stars

YUmmy, yummy, yummy October 09, 2012


Mobile, AL

Perfection. I added milk & a little sugar to the sampler I received in the mail. The flavors are so well balanced. You get this creamy pumpkin flavor and then the ginger ... and... you just have to try it. It was what a crisp fall afternoon should taste like.

5 Stars

Yummmmm! October 07, 2012


Antioch, IL

I'm not typically a black tea lover (rooibos is my "cup of tea") but tried the sample that just arrived and am instantly a fan of this! Just ordering a tin which will be wonderful in this autumn season.

5 Stars

I'd give this tea 10 stars out of 5! October 07, 2012


Mesa, AZ

I don't normally take the time to rate any purchase. But this tea is special! The catalog suggested a small amount of milk would provide not only the aroma but taste of pumpkin pie. Spectacular! If you are a fan of spiced, full bodied teas... you won't be disappointed.

5 Stars

Great Fall Tea! October 07, 2012


Naperville, IL

I just received a new catalog Friday that came with a sample tea bag of Pumpkin Spice tea. I thought it would be interusting. I was wrong this tea is awesome! I ordered two cans immediately! This is one of the best teas. I will not disappoint nice warm spice flavoring with pumpkin. Love, love, love. Please make add to your product line all year!!!!

5 Stars

Delicious October 06, 2012


Tacoma, WA

It's like drinking a warm cup of fall. Great tea. I wish it came in decaf, so I could enjoy it in the evening.

5 Stars

Smooth & delicious, even if you don't ike Pumpkin! October 05, 2012


Sleepy Hollow, IL

I tried my sample tea yesterday & it was incredibly delicious! SO smooth & flavorful without being overpowering at all. I'm not a big pumpkin lover, but this was so perfect I'm going to order a tin. Other flavors I love are Ginger Peach, Apricot, Vanilla Almond.

1 Star

Not My Cup of Tea October 05, 2012

Susan Smith

Hooks, TX

I love getting a sample tea with the catalogs from The Republic of Tea. It gives me a chance to try something new. I really did not like this Pumpkin Spice one at all. It might have been too much ginger - but something was unappealing to my taste. Please keep the sample program going - that's how I got hooked on Comfort and Joy, which I may not have tried otherwise. Now I stock up each season you offer it.

5 Stars

Wonderful Afternoon Tea October 04, 2012


Canton, CT

Loved this tea! A nice soul warming tea for an autumn afternoon.

5 Stars

Amazing, but would like it in Full Leaf! October 04, 2012


Washington, DC, DC

I love pumpkin flavored everything, so I had to try this one. I like my tea strong and spicy, so I usually stick to full leaf teas. I was a little disappointed to get tea bags. I loved the tea, but I felt that one bag made a weak cup. Otherwise, if I let it steep longer or used 2 bags, it was rich, spicy, and had enough pumpkin. Just make it in full leaf form!

5 Stars

Just right! October 03, 2012


, ME

This Pumpkin Tea was smooth and all of the flavors blended just right. A perfect tea for this time of year! Thank you Republic of Tea!

5 Stars

Wonderful fall tea October 03, 2012

Sharon Kenney

Bristol, CT

I just received my sample in my catalog and couldn't wait to try it. Delicious! Can't wait to put in my order!

5 Stars

LOVE THIS!!! October 03, 2012


Rockwall, TX

I just received my free sample in the latest catalog, and am now sipping on it, and LOVE IT! I am buying the tin so I can experience this great flavor many more times!!!

5 Stars

Great starter tea! October 01, 2012


Rome, NY

I'm a cautious tea drinker. I haven't found many teas I really enjoy, but I haven't given up trying. This one is fabulous! I just got my sample bag with the latest catalog and now I'm ordering a tin! Great flavor! Love it!

5 Stars

Fall is in the air! September 27, 2012

Brian Miville

Goffstown, NH

Taking advantage of the free shipping offer I needed to fill out my order to $50, so on an impulse I bought this tea to try. I mostly drink black tea, and I enjoy pumpkin, and I love fall. It was a natural choice. I am glad I did make the decision to get it! It brews up a nice dark color, and has a pleasant aroma. None of the spices are overpowering, nor does the black tea flavor cover anything up. I would say a well balanced cup. One reviewer commented it tastes like liquid pumpkin pie. I would not say that myself, but that I would offer as a good thing. There are plenty of "seasonal" items this time of year that do taste exactly like pumpkin pie without actually coming in a pie tin. Instead this tea offering stands out as it's own unique flavor that still clearly presents a "fall" feeling. If I have but one nitpick is I wish it came in full leaf (but since most seasonal offerings come in tea bags it is not that surprising.) A+ for the effort as well as the follow through Republic Of Tea!

3 Stars

Too much ginger September 20, 2012


Brooklyn Park, MN

I was a little disappointed with the pumpkin tea. It has an overwhelming ginger flavor...the ginger overpowers the pumpkin flavor. It would be much better with more pumpkin and less ginger.

5 Stars

Fabulous! Better than a pumpkin spice latte. September 19, 2012


Farmington, UT

I love this! It is so delicious! If you love pumpkin spice you will love this with a dash of agave and a dash of cream. I'm buying extra just to make sure I don't run out.:)

5 Stars

not just Hot September 16, 2012


Lancaster, CA

This tea is AMAZING as an iced tea...I was hesitant at first, but after one sip, you WILL be hooked!

5 Stars

Yum! September 12, 2012


Houston, TX

I was disappointed when I could no longer find the Ginger Chocolate Black Tea, a morning cuppa favorite for several months. This does well as a substitute. Even if I have to have the airconditioning low to mimic a chill in the air!

5 Stars

Pumpkin Spice August 14, 2012


, NY

If you love pumpkin spice coffee or cappuccino, you will love this tea ten times more! So far I just tried it with The Republic Of Tea's Vanilla Bean honey, and it's sooo good! You can really taste the pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and all the other goodness in this tea! It literally beats the pumpkin spice coffee/cappuccino I have had in the past. This tea is a much healthier option for us pumpkin lovers. :) PS: If you love pumpkin pie, buy this tea! It is like the liquid form of it! I can only imagine what it will be like with milk in it. I want to buy this in bulk before it's sold out. (It's limited edition) I'm already in the mood for the fall season because of this tea. :)
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