African Rooibos Tea Assortment

African Rooibos Tea Assortment

Rooibos, is a naturally caffeine-free, wonder herb from South Africa.

Each African Rooibos Assortment includes 24 individually wrapped tea bags:

4 - Natural Green Rooibos
4 - Good Hope Vanilla
4 - Strawberry Cuppa Chocolate
4 -Peppermint Cuppa Chocolate
4 - Pomegranate Vanilla
4 - Strawberry Vanilla

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Most pleasing! July 06, 2014


Palm Desert, CA

I really enjoyed all the flavors in this package of tea! I truly had no idea what to expect. It's somewhat earthy and ever so slightly musty - in a good way like frankensence is musty. It is not at all muddy which I was worried about since it's so fine, not crisp either but mellow and subtle and deep. I bought this for a friend too and she loves it as well!

5 Stars

Perfect Blend March 20, 2014


Tucson, AZ

A great variety - Even the dessert ones are not too sweet. I'm really enjoying these flavors.

5 Stars

I found more teas/herbs I like! March 18, 2014


Coloma, CA

I like this stuff, Rooibos, the sample pack is fun and, to me, these teas are milder/smoother, so I like them. But they still have lots of flavor. I discovered I liked the peppermint/chocolate one and I don't even like mint! I like it enough to buy the bulk product.

4 Stars

Surprisingly good variety March 05, 2014


Holly Springs, NC

I find rooibos tea to have a unique sweet fragrance that can be overpowering to my nose. With that fact I was skeptical of the flavor combinations in this assortment. To my surprise I have enjoyed the flavors alot. The strawberry chocolate tastes like a quality chocolate strawberry truffle. The peppermint is not overpowering. If you like sweet tea then pomegranate vanilla will not disappoint. My least favorite was the Good Hope Vanilla Red...the vanilla seemed to be lost among the other floral herb flavors.

5 Stars

Great Assortment March 04, 2014


Norwalk, CT

This is a great way to try a few varieties without breaking the bank. More so since some of them I wouldn't normally purchase a full tin. I love the strawberry chocolate and peppermint chocolate. Nice flavor and not over whelming.

5 Stars

October 31, 2013


Great way to sample all that flavor to find out what you like! I especially enjoyed strawberry vanilla and chocolate mint. Yum!

5 Stars

YUMMY December 17, 2012


Palm desert, AK

So far i've only tried the chocolate strawberry as i just got this but it was delightful!!

5 Stars

Great sampler of Rooibos tea December 12, 2012


Marysville, OH

The strawberry vanilla is so full of a fresh strawberry flavor. This sampler is a great way to try out Rooibos tea. I am hooked!

5 Stars

Great variety November 03, 2012


London, UK,

Great variety of delicious teas. I couldn't settle on one and this gives me the opportunity to try several!

5 Stars

October 27, 2012

Kathleen Kline

Kingwood, WV

haven't tried all yet as I drink more when it gets colder, love the ones I have so far.

5 Stars

wonders African style October 13, 2012


Hollywood, FL

Have ordered the product twice - enjoy the "favorite flavor of the day" as a special treat. Vanilla is my favorite flavor

5 Stars

October 02, 2012

Cable, WI

AS this is a gift, I have not tried it. I just know it will be greatly enjoyed.
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