Apricot Honey Red Tea Full-Leaf

Apricot Honey Red Tea Full-Leaf
Apricot Honey Red Tea Full-Leaf
Apricot Honey Red Tea Full-Leaf

Branch Out to the World Red Tea - The juicy nectar of ripe apricots is combined with sweet honey in a base of organic, Fair Trade Certified Rooibos. The result is a sublime, healthy, caffeine-free brew with fruity top notes and caramel undertones. Full-leaf tea offers a most smooth and complex taste. This tea is a limited edition exclusive offering from our collection of partnership teas with Whole Foods Markets.

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Rooibos (Red Tea) is naturally caffeine-free. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping red tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 5-7 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Organic, Fair Trade Certified TM rooibos, natural flavors and marigold flowers



Country of Origin

South Africa

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Apricot Honey Red tea

Coatesville, PA

Not exactly a fruit flavored tea drinker, I thought the apricot flavoring was not overwhelming with enough of honey sweetness for a cup at evening. Smooth taste.

2 Stars

A little too...much

Norman, OK

I love honey and I love apricot so I thought for sure this would be a winner. However, it is too...something. Too sweet, too acerbic, so much that it almost comes across as medicinal. I drank the whole batch but will not be ordering again.

4 Stars

Just Plain Yummy

Athens, GA, GA

The headline is a cliche', I know, but this tea IS just plain yummy. True honey taste with a perfect bite of apricot. Highly recommended.

5 Stars

Love it

St. Louis, MO

Great afternoon and evening tea. The flavors all blend together perfectly. I just bought this the other day, and it's going very quickly! I'll be buying it again very soon!

5 Stars

Evening tea

White Bear Lake, MN

This is my new "go to" tea for evenings. No caffeine plus the slightly sweet-tart flavor of the apricot balancing the vanilly rooibus make this a lovely herbal.

5 Stars

Apricot Honey Red Tea!

Mountain View, CA

Such a pleasant, cheerful flavor added to rooibos red tea! Rooibos, reds are my favorite, followed by green rooibos. I have many, blends and flavors of rooibos teas, but thought I should try a new flavor as a treat. I'm so happy I made this purchase!

5 Stars

Use this tea to sweeten strong herbal teas

Los Angeles, CA

I use this tea to sweeten the strong taste of some of my health boosting/medicinal herbal tea blends containing ingredients such as eucalyptus (great for sore throat & coughs)/echinacea/elderberry flower/passionfruit/etc. which I buy in bulk and mix myself depending on the need. The Apricot Honey makes any bitter herbal tea taste and smell sweet and delicious.

5 Stars

Wonderful taste!

Colorado Springs, CO

I am quite impressed with this tea, I have been back to order several times now. I really enjoy the smell and slight flavor of the apricot. I don't get any overly sweet taste. In fact, I never use honey or milk, but this tea really benefits from a touch of both...it makes it a nice sweet touch for an afternoon pick me up! I switch off between this tea, Good Hope Vanilla and Pomegranate Vanilla....so I get a new flavor each day, and they never get old! I think I used the Apricot more often though!

5 Stars

Luscious and Sweet

San Leandro, CA

This tea reminds me of sun-warmed summer apricots doused with fresh honey and cream (I always drink it light and sweet). It makes a wonderful dessert tea with its luscious fruit and sweet honey notes, and for once the rooibos isn't too overwhelming.

3 Stars

I've had better.

Denver, CO

The apricot honey does have a good flavor, but it's not my favorite tea. Truthfully, I bought this tea along with the orange mint just so I could get the spiced plum free...and I love the spiced plum! Happy Steeping!

3 Stars

TOOO Sweet

Los Angeles, CA

Was hoping for more of the apricot taste. Honey flavor was too overwhelming. Passed it along to a friend who really enjoys sweet tea.

3 Stars

Irving, TX

The first few sips weren't that bad, but after a while, the sweet taste does get a little naseauting...

1 Star

TOO Sweet!

Raleigh, NC

Way, way too sweet! Has an overhwhelming honey flavor. I taste no other flavors. I have enjoyed other rooibos teas from you, but would not order this again & may not finish the rest of the sample tin.

3 Stars

A Little Too Honey-ish

Redmond, WA

My family loves tea and we always have at least 6 flavors to chose from. The flavors in this tea do not quite work for us. Possibly it is the honey. Maybe the combination of honey and rooibos. Reminds me a lot of the honey ginseng tea which makes me think it is the honey that is overpowering this tea. Fun to try but will pass on this in the future.

5 Stars

Our Favorite Tea!

Overland Park, KS

This is the favorite tea at our house. Love, love, love the flavors!

3 Stars

Oh honey

Providence, RI

Honey is definitely the predominant flavor. A little to sweet for my liking. Good, just a tad too much honey. But, I shared some with a friend and she enjoyed the sweeter honey flavor. Overall, a good tea

5 Stars

Best Tea You Will Ever Have

North Fork, ID

You will never get tired of this one. Every person I have ever served this to falls in love with it. Yum... Enjoy!
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