Asian Jasmine 100% White Tea Bags

Asian Jasmine 100% White Tea Bags
Asian Jasmine 100% White Tea Bags

Forming a perfect union, fragrant jasmine is married with tender White Tea buds, imparting a heavenly aroma for an exalting cup.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


100% White Tea is low in caffeine. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping white tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water just short of boiling. Then pour water over tea and steep for 30-60 seconds (if using tea bags) or 2-3 minutes (if using full-leaf.)


100% White Tea and natural jasmine flavoring



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  • 5 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

its like drinking flowers

Big Spring, TX

this is so smooth it makes you feel relaxed just thinking of drinking it. One of my standbys, i love it

5 Stars


Rockville, MD

I am deeply in the throes of a love affair with this tea! I even make iced tea out of it. It's divine!

5 Stars

My all-time favorite

NorCal, CA

My favorite tea. Nice, clean, pleasant taste with enough of a jasmine note that you KNOW you're having jasmine tea, but not bitter or overwhelming. Please never ever under any circumstances discontinue this tea!

5 Stars

Always a good choice.

Fort Worth, TX

A very nice soothing flavor. You can adjust the flavor by the length of brewing time. Will definitely buy more.

5 Stars

best tea ever!

lyman, NH

It is such a light refreshing taste that I crave it. I also like that I don't need milk or cream in it so I feel I'm helping to keep my calorie count down.

5 Stars


Hiigginsville, MO

A light, delicate tea. Very relaxing, eloquent tea. I drink a cup every morning to start my day off with a smooth start and a cup every evening to unwind from my stressful day. I drink green jasmine tea, as well. But this is my favorite tea ever and I am a tea expert..( in my opinion). It's my reward to myself everyday!

5 Stars

Best White Jasmine Tea

Chicago Ridge, IL

It's very hard to find White Jasmine Tea. Most Jasmine Teas are made with green tea. The taste is truly different between White and Green Teas. I enjoy both but White is my favorite. I actually found this one at Whole Foods Market. The aroma is wonderful and the taste exquisite. I truly recommend this tea for all tea connoisseurs.

3 Stars

Subtle and delicious

, CA

More like 3.5 teapots. It's a wonderful jasmine tea, I just happen to like mine to have a stronger jasmine taste and smell. I would try steeping it longer - but steeping anything too long leads to a bitter flavor. I'll likely try the RoT's jasmine pearls to compare, but this one was very good.

5 Stars

The Best!!

, CO

This is hands down - the best- white jasmine tea anywhere. Subtle, flavorful and delicious.

5 Stars

Delicate Jasmine

Detroit, MI

I love jasmine tea, and by far this is the best I have ever had. It's delicate flavor and scent is a light sweet jasmine. It is a light tea, so if you like it heavier you may not like, or steeping longer might help. LOVE it

5 Stars

A special tea for relaxing moments

Crown Point, IN

I have tried other Jasmine teas - none even approached the subtle elegance of this tea. I save this tea for quiet moments when I can relax and savor not only the taste, but the aroma. This is one that I will always have on my shelf.

5 Stars


Joplin, MO

All of your teas are delicious, but I keep coming back to the White Asian Jasmine! It's been years now that I have been drinking this and when I serve it to others they often comment on how "elegant" it tastes! And it does!! marcia

5 Stars

The Best

Boulder, CO

Simply the best tea I have ever tasted!!

5 Stars

Subtle and Delicious

Bradford, MA

This tea is subtle and delicious in an understated way. I enjoy it any time of the day at home and at work. Delicious!

5 Stars

My Absolute Favorite

Lockport, IL

Absolutely the best jasmine flavor! I can't get my day started without a cup or two of this tea.

5 Stars

Wonderful cup of white tea!!

, AR

For the last few years I have enjoyed sipping this wonderful tea on a daily basis at home and at work. It has a subtle jasmine flavor that really compliments the white tea. Absolutely love it!!

5 Stars

We deserve only the best!

Youngsville, LA

The evening of a hard day becomes tranquil and fragrant with a steaming cup of white tea with jasmine. It offers the best of both worlds-- the best tea with the perfect floral complement pampers you and prepares you for sweet dreams.

4 Stars

This tea is REALLY powerfully jasmine

Hunstville, TX

This tea is REALLY powerfully jasmine - it took me by surprise. I accidentally steeped my first cup way too long and it wasn't very good. With the next cup, I steeped only about 1 minute and the tea was DELICIOUS! I give 4/5 just because I think there are better jasmine teas out there.

5 Stars

A Beautiful Cup

, CA

This is absolutely the most exquisite Jasmine Tea I have ever tasted. The Republic's use of White rather than Green Tea as the base for this blend allows for less distraction from the Jasmine notes and creates a subtler, yet surprisingly more aromatic blend. This is truly the Jasmine Lover's tea of teas. Best steeped for around 45-50 seconds. Another wonderful tea from The Republic.

5 Stars

My new favorite!

Dallas, TX

The jasmine flavors are so subtle and so good! I love to make it iced mixed with green tea or into a hot tea latte.
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