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Grown with a conscious approach to agriculture that emphasizes self-sustainability.

Harvested from self-sustaining, ecological farms in Sri Lanka.

A Sip on the Bright Side - Premium, 100% Biodynamic® turmeric and cinnamon are grown by a collective of four certified Biodynamic® farms in central Sri Lanka that are committed to biodiversity and sustainability. Reputed to balance and support a healthy response to inflammation, these earthy, full-bodied spices have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine.


This herbal blend is naturally caffeine-free. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping herbal tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 5-7 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


100% Biodynamic®, organic Cinnamon and 100% Biodynamic®, organic Turmeric

Country of Origin

Sri Lanka

Citizen Reviews

  • 4.5 Star

Not what I expected

1 Star Not what I expected

from MS on wrote:

From the description, I thought I would really like this tea; but, I really don't like the taste. I don't know how I'll use it up. Hopefully, I'll find a way.

was not my favorite flavor.

2 Stars was not my favorite flavor.

from NC on wrote:

the flavor was just off. the name intrigued me ,but the flavor was a flop.

Inflammation Eradication!

5 Stars Inflammation Eradication!

from CA on wrote:

This is my go-to tea blend when I am experiencing a general systemic inflammation that I occasionally get hit with due to allergies. I drink a two-bag strong cup of this tea just before bed, sleep better, and wake up with little or no signs of inflammation. The tea works much better than adding the powered turmeric spice to my diet. Thank you Republic of Tea!!

Great Afternoon Tea!

5 Stars Great Afternoon Tea!

from PA on wrote:

Purchased for fantastic Tumeric benefits, but found this to be a super tea for those busy afternoons with just the right amount of flavor but not the sweetness that slows you down into peaceful thought mode.

Great Tea!

5 Stars Great Tea!

from MI on wrote:

I really like the Biodynamic Turmeric Cinnamon tea for it''s flavor and soothing taste. Great tea and will continue to use it. No overpowering flavor!