Blueberry Green Tea Bags

Blueberry Green Tea Bags
Blueberry Green Tea Bags

Man Kind Tea® -This good for you brew offers the experience of freshly plucked green tea and juicy, succulent blueberries. The USDA Human Nutrition Center has ranked blueberries number one in antioxidant activity.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of these products directly benefits the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Learn more about the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


Green tea contains less than a quarter the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping green tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water just short of boiling. Then pour water over tea and steep for 1-3 minutes (if using a tea bag) or 2-4 minutes (if using full-leaf tea.)


Fine China green tea, blueberry bits and natural blueberry flavor



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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Smells SO GOOD! January 23, 2015

Trish O

Grand Rapids, MI

THis tea smells great and tastes delicious. I love to drink this in the afternoons at work! Your teas are the best!

5 Stars

Delish January 22, 2015


Orlando, FL

I have tried about 25 teas at this point from Republic of Tea and this blueberry is by far my favorite tea! It has a lot of flavor and tastes sweet. Although I always add sweetener to my teas, I know it would do well without it if you prefer not to add any. I will not be without this one and have already told family and friends!!

1 Star

Not for me December 29, 2014


Tempe, AZ

My least favorite by far out of a sample pack - grassy, China green tea flavor with overtones of sweet blueberry - not a combination or ratio that blended well for me.

5 Stars

Blueberry Green Tea December 10, 2014


San Diego, CA

A highly palatable hot or iced green tea with a natural blueberry pop of flavor and antioxidants. As with most green teas, avoid brewing over 2 minutes or so to avoid a somewhat bitter brew.

5 Stars

Delicioso :) !!!! August 23, 2014


Chicago, IL

this Tea taste great nice berry flavor is smooth.i highly recommend..i bought some and also for my GF.she luv it...

5 Stars

Great! July 14, 2014


Tyler, TX

This was the first flavored green tea I every tried a few years ago and I'm still drinking it. It has a nice fruity blueberry taste and is really enjoyable to drink!

5 Stars

Good for those who don't usually do flavored teas! July 05, 2014


Scottsdale, AZ

I love green tea - plain and strong - kind of like rocket fuel coffee. That said, I really like the Blueberry Green Tea! I bought it on a summer whim and was pleasantly surprised. It has a great blueberry nose, but isn't too sweet. My co-workers liked it, too!

5 Stars

Delicious June 05, 2014


Vestal, NY

Bought this for my husband to help control his blood pressure and ended up drinking it up on him so I had to buy another canister. LOVE IT!!

5 Stars

A great hot or iced green tea choice May 28, 2014


Conway, AR

This tea is fabulous...very good green tea choice, no soy lecithin, flavorful blueberry note blended with green tea....omg wonderful! Tried it hot first, very good, even more flavorful iced. I will be ordering regularly, and I don't say that often with my tea choices.

5 Stars

Delicious May 16, 2014


West Jordan, UT

very fruity but not heavy.

5 Stars

Yum! May 16, 2014


Ft Sam Houston, TX

These are awesome. I tried one at einstien brothers and the next day went online and ordered a can! I love them. They are fruity not overwhelmingly green tea tasting and I only use one sugar with it. They smell like summer and Im sure I'll be ordering more soon! Love them!

5 Stars

Great any time of day April 04, 2014


El paso, TX

This is a wonderful tea to have at any time of day, its great hot or cold so i never worry if I take a long time drinking it. It smells strongly of blueberries and has a sweet taste to it. I like it strong so i let the bag sit the whole time I'm drinking it. A very tasty and delicious tea.

5 Stars

Soccer Grams March 17, 2014

Dee Dover

Greensburg, IN

Blueberry Green Tea is my all-time favorite tea to drink. We also add a Blueberry Green tea bag to 3 family size decaf black tea bags, in each pot of water to brew iced tea, and it adds an extra zing!

5 Stars

Yummy March 01, 2014

Pat McCollum

Kannapolis, NC

I love to drink this while relaxing after a hard day.

5 Stars

Blueberry and Healthy!!! January 24, 2014

Timothy Farner

Alexandria, AL

Blueberry and Healthy! I love all of the blueberry teas I have tried so far. This one is the best. Ample blueberry aroma with a pronounced blueberry flavor. Good anytime of the day or night. Refreshing as an afternoon pick-me-up or dessert.

5 Stars

Blueberry Green Tea January 02, 2014


Yuma, AZ

this is the 3rd time I've purchased this flavor, it's on my favorite list

5 Stars

Great tea December 25, 2013


Holiday, FL

I love this tea, it was one of the first ones I tried from Republic tea and I keep coming back for more. Very nice flavor.

5 Stars

Very Blueberry September 25, 2013


Reno, NV

Some green teas can have a bitter, dry after taste; NOT THE CASE HERE! This is a berry fruity tea that is both soothing and pleasing to the palette.

DELISH!!! September 16, 2013


Greeley, CO

Absolutely love this tea! Love the smells of the blueberries and the light hint of them in the taste background. Delicious tea, not harsh like some other green teas are. Very enjoyable to sip, will continue to purchase this tea.

5 Stars

Delish!!!! May 15, 2013


Jacksonville, FL

My FAVORITE tea!!!!!

5 Stars

Coy March 29, 2013


Torrington, WY

I have been drinking this blend for about four years. When brewed mild it has a hint of sweet and hints of tart that tease the palette. On the rare occasions when I brewed too long the astringent flavors of the green tea overpower the blueberry. I have sampled two other brands' blueberry green tea and keep coming back to the Republic blend.

Simply Good For You! February 14, 2013


Wellston, OH

Blueberry Green Tea is not complicated. One does not have to give this tea a lot of thought. It is Simply Good at any time and it is Simply Good for you!

5 Stars

February 11, 2013

, OH

I really like the smoothness of the tea and the subtle blueberry taste.

3 Stars

Slightly artificial... February 04, 2013


, MA

I'm a huge fan of blueberries and green tea, so when I saw this tea, I was very happy. I love Republic of Tea's Acai Green Tea, it's got great flavour and aroma, so I thought this tea would be just as good. To be frank, while it's not dreadful, it's not fantastic. There's barely any blueberry scent, and the flavour doesn't remind me of blueberries. It just taste of artificial something. While I don't intend to throw this tea away and plan to just finish it off so I don't waste my money, I wouldn't buy it again. If you're looking for a tea with a big blueberry flavour, this isn't the tea for it. Others seem to enjoy this tea, though, so perhaps I have a different concept of what blueberry flavour is.

5 Stars

January 24, 2013

Elizabeth Flynt

Dodge City, KS

Very tasty. Better with lemon Chamomile.

5 Stars

December 26, 2012


I enjoy drinking this tea

5 Stars

December 14, 2012


, WV

This is my second purchase! This is a very easy tea to drink, and what is most important is the health benefits of green tea and blueberries. When I drink tea, I do not use sugar/honey or milk/cream. I love the pure nourishment! This one tastes great and is one of my favorites. Another one to try is the caffeine-free Orange Ginger Mint. mmmm.... Excellent!

5 Stars

A true blue green tea December 06, 2012


Harrison, NY

A wonderful blend of green and blue.....great tea and blueberry flavor. As much as I enjoy green tea, plain green tea can get very monotonous. This blueberry flavored version takes the tea sipping experience to a new realm. Very berry flavor, with the health benefits of green tea. Drink all day, drink all night. Its great! (its even better as an iced tea!)

5 Stars

Fruity, delicious, treat! November 25, 2012


Love this perfectly smelling & tasting fruity, sweet tea! Don't need to add anything! Caff free & green tea makes it perfect!

5 Stars

TEA-licious November 18, 2012

Brookline, NH

This blueberry tea is by far my favorite. Just the right amount of flavor without overpowering the experience. It is like having dessert in a cup at the end of a long day. Enjoy this "slice of pie" heaven tea!!

5 Stars

October 23, 2012


Fayetteville, AR

I opened the box and immediately caught the scent of blueberries. It's now my favorite dessert tea. Thanks!

5 Stars

Fantastic October 22, 2012


Baltmiore, MD

I love blueberries, but so many blueberry foods are tasty, but not good for you. The blueberry tea is both tasty and healthy. I love it!

5 Stars

Fantastisk! October 16, 2012



This is my favorite. very blueberry and very fresh tasting. everyone asks me what it is when i open the tin.

5 Stars

Super Fruity and Yummy! October 14, 2012


Nitro, WV

This tea is just bursting with blueberry flavor. It's like eating the fruit fresh, especially if you serve it iced. It's also delicious hot, with honey.

5 Stars

Favorite Tea of all Times October 03, 2012

Dee Dover

Greensburg, IN

Blueberry Green Tea is my very favorite tea. It makes my day special every time I sip it. The flavor is a perfect blend of the green tea taste I love, and a gentle hint of blueberries. It is SO flavorful, soothing, & refreshing!

5 Stars

October 02, 2012

Cable, WI

Lovely, smells as wonderful as it tastes

4 Stars

It is really blueberry! October 01, 2012


La Push, WA

This really tastes like blueberry! The taste is intense. I like it iced more than hot cup of tea.

4 Stars

Very Good Taste! September 30, 2012


Chicago, IL

This has become one of my favorites, very mild/calming taste.

5 Stars

September 25, 2012

San Francisco, CA

AMAZING!!!! This is my favorite tea of all time. It has the perfect blend of tea and fruit. Perfect with breakfast or for a tea to sit and read a book with. Love this tea.

5 Stars

Wonderful taste September 17, 2012


McKeesport, PA

This is a great tasting tea. I love it.

5 Stars

Amazing taste! September 07, 2012


Dallas, TX

I had this tea for the first time at a bagel shop while on vacation and coldn't wait to order some. It is one of the most flavorful teas I have ever had. If you love blueberries, you will absolutely LOVE this refreshing tea!

5 Stars

Great Green Tea! August 09, 2012


Rinard, IL

This tea, along with the Acerola Superfruit green tea, is also going to France with my friend, who teaches English classes there, and has a tearoom for her students. She is taking 250 teabags back with her this month.

5 Stars

Awesome! August 06, 2012



I love this tea! It is so relaxing and soothing. It is not bitter like many teas. I definitely recommend it.

5 Stars

Everyday July 12, 2012


, AZ

Great everyday tea with the benefits of green tea. Much better than grocery store tea. The blueberry aroma lasts through the entire cup.

5 Stars

June 23, 2012


I LOVE this tea! It's my new favorite!

5 Stars

The best Green Tea! May 31, 2012

Theresa Lane

Eugene, OR

The blue berries add an sweet and smooth note to the basic green tea. Of all the green teas, I keep coming back to this one. Flavor is so good that you want to sip the tea every day.

5 Stars

Delicious May 30, 2012


I am so glad that I tried the Blueberry Green tea. It is delicious and blends well with most others as well as the food that we are having. The flavor is not overwhelming which I had thought. It is a nice after dinner calm down tea, iced or hot.

5 Stars

Bought to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation April 22, 2012

Chai Wallah

Boston, MA

A loved one was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and I sent him a tin of this tea, first for health benefits, second for Republic of Tea's contribution to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. He really wasn't a tea drinker, but he loves this tea and has even preferred a cup of this in the morning rather then coffee. He starts his treatment soon, and every little bit of help counts. Even something as simple as a cup of tea will help him beat his cancer.

5 Stars

My favorite tea! April 12, 2012


Livermore, CA

Before having this tea, I did not like tea at all. I needed to give up coffee so I thought I would give this a try since I love I love this tea, I drink it everyday!

4 Stars

April 09, 2012


Especially good for suntea

5 Stars

Wonder flavor March 27, 2012


Fayetteville, AR

This tea is awesome; I thought I would have for an occasional treat. I'm having it every day, it is so good.

5 Stars

True blueberry tastiness March 24, 2012


Who would believe that something that tastes so true to real blueberries would also be so good for us? Blueberries and green tea, a perfect combo!

5 Stars

WONDERFUL! March 20, 2012


New Lisbon, WI

I have been a Blackberry Sage tea drinker for years and was ready to expand my flavors. The aroma is SO INVITING and the taste did NOT disappoint me. I am so happy to have a variety of delicious teas to enjoy and to share with my family and friends. Thank You! :)

5 Stars

Taste really good! February 26, 2012


Lancaster, PA

It's really very delicious. I love this so much.

4 Stars

Very good February 24, 2012


Imperial, CA

Very good, Light blueberry flavor to complement the green tea.

5 Stars

Yummy goodness February 14, 2012


Thornton, CO

This has become my favorite tea! I can't get enough! I add just a little honey and it's perfect!

5 Stars

Excellent blend February 06, 2012


Rochester, WA

This was an excellent blend with the subtle taste of blueberry. I really like this to me

5 Stars

Great natural flavor, not Koolaid! January 17, 2012

Wayne L


I was amazed at the natural blueberry taste without it overpowering the green tea. When the water hit the bag and the rich aroma filled the air, I knew I was in for a treat. The flavor assures you that it is natural and therefore full of healthy antioxidants. I sweetened mine with organic Blue Agave nectar.

5 Stars

Excellent Green Tea December 20, 2011


Lees Summit, MO

subtle blueberry flavor, and excellent green tea.

5 Stars

December 18, 2011



5 Stars

a daily dose December 10, 2011


Sierra Vista, AZ

This is an absolute favorite in our house. My husband tried this a few years ago and he now gets a daily dose of this amazing tea almost without fail. Thank you Republic of Tea for quality teas that taste amazing!

5 Stars

December 10, 2011

Fernley, NV

Excellent flavor!!

5 Stars

This is a healthy tea December 07, 2011

College Park, , GA

This tea is very favorful and above all, it is a healthy tea. Will definitely order again

5 Stars

Excellent December 07, 2011

D Fill

Woodbridge, VA

I am a big green and white tea drinker for the antioxidant properties after long runs and events. This blueberry green tea is great. Just the right amout of blueberry flavor without overpowering the green tea. Great for a little something different here and there!

5 Stars

Blueberry tea YUM December 04, 2011


Portland, OR

The flavor of the blueberry, the aroma, the tea...a genuine sipping experience.

5 Stars

Blueberrry Goodness! November 11, 2011


Mason City, IA

Very nice blueberry flavor and smooth taste. Great pick-me-up for my day.

5 Stars

Blueberry Green Tea Bags November 02, 2011

Michele Ardolino

Northford, CT

I brew my own iced tea from the Republic of Tea tea bags and I just don't like any other iced teas as much, home brewed or store bought! Plus, I feel like my tea is so much more natural, just the tea and honey instead of all those other flavorings. Thanks Minister of Tea! :-)

5 Stars

OMG!!!!! October 17, 2011

Tashaan Swayne

Las Vegas, NV

OMG!! I am NOT a big tea drinker but Im trying to give up drinking sodas, and I've been trying various teas to find one that I liked. I was at dinner with my son and brother when I was going to get a coke and decided that I would try tea instead, since I like blueberries I thought I would give it a try. To my surprise the taste was very refreshing and light!! I can see myself giving up cokes for this and have no regrets!!

5 Stars

Loved it! October 03, 2011


Somewhere in, FL

I recently tried this tea in a restaurant. It is REALLY good. The blueberry flavor is nice but not overpowering. I sipped it warm with a little bit of sugar.

5 Stars

Delicious August 15, 2011


Salida, CA

This is a delicious and refreshing tea, and everything about it is just right. I enjoy it hot, or iced. Hi highly recommend it!

4 Stars

Mild blueberry flavor. August 03, 2011


Sarasota, FL

The blueberry green tea is mild, flavorful tea and the green tea taste comes through. It's a little too mild for iced tea for me but very nice hot.

5 Stars

June 28, 2011


, TX

Expect a vast, rich blueberry tone to this tea. Not only is the aroma surprisingly strong, but the flavor is predominantly blueberry as well. No need for sugar, as this tea bears a slight, natural sweetness. Don't expect a very strong blueberry flavor, however; it is mild, but still quite like blueberries. A superb tea, and my personal favorite. 5 minutes per 12oz mug is recommended for optimum flavor.
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