British Breakfast Black Tea Bags

British Breakfast Black Tea Bags
British Breakfast Black Tea Bags

The Perfect Cuppa - A robust blend of quality black leaves, hearty enough to make any Brit smile. A savory mixture of Indian, Ceylon and Kenyan leaves is great with a splash of milk.

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Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Fine black tea from Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling and Africa



Country of Origin

Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Africa

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

my daily noontime tea! March 15, 2015


Athens, NY

Simple, elegant, a comfortable routine for me now everyday at noon. A great tea!

5 Stars

Something for the both of us January 18, 2015

Cuppa Brown Joy

Atlanta, GA

My beau is not much of a hot tea drinker, but I read all about this on TROT, and ordered a tin for us both to try. To my delight, he likes it as much as I do! It's a robust cup, but not at all bitter, fruity, or floral. Just a stand out full flavoured black tea blend.

5 Stars

So delicious! October 17, 2014


Tallahassee, FL

I have been an avid green tea drinker for years, and have recently been looking for something different to add a little variety...this tea is amazing and might be my new addiction!! Although great on its own, it really is even better with a splash of milk or cream. Highly recommend...

5 Stars

Perfect Morning Sip September 24, 2014


Wilson, NC

I love this breakfast tea for it's smooth taste. I wanted a break from my coffee ritual. And this tea is a nice transition. Wonderful with almond milk or creamer. It's also kind of addictive. But it's tea so that's ok shug, as they like to say in these parts.

5 Stars

Great cuppa July 23, 2014


Pittsburgh, PA

A nice hearty breakfast tea.

5 Stars

Bold British Breakfast tea July 13, 2014


San Antonio, TX

I love this robust black tea. Perfect as it is in when eating a sweet treat or by itself with vanilla creamer. You will not be disappointed

5 Stars

House Choice July 04, 2014


Bishop, CA

This is my husband's "go-to" tea. It's his regular beverage every morning, and quite often in the evening. It has lots of flavor, is good and strong, and smells great. We highly recommend British Breakfast!

5 Stars

Excellent flavor April 22, 2014

jeanne dixon

largo, FL

Great everyday tea, the best for a chilly night. So much better than grocery store tea,British Breakfast Tea is the best I've tasted :)

5 Stars

my favorite morning brew April 17, 2014


Aurora, CO

The first moment I sipped this tea, it took me back to time spent in Kenya and enjoying tea there! I love this tea. It's my favorite way to begin each day!

5 Stars

The BEST for breakfast! April 14, 2014


Ponte Vedra, FL

I have enjoyed British Breakfast tea for several years - it's my favorite for breakfast. Recently I was unable to find it in the store, but now I am quite delighted to know I can order direct, and that is so convenient.

5 Stars

NEW FAVORITE!! April 10, 2014


Rochelle, IL

Bought this for my hubby and ended up drinking it all and ordering more for me!!!! Love this for the morning commute and sipping it STRONG! With a splash of cream!

5 Stars

Simply the best! April 02, 2014


Philadelphia, PA

I have been ordering British Breakfast for about ten years. While I drink other varieties of tea, this tea is the perfect cup of tea especially in the morning. I buy it in bulk because I never want to run out of it!

5 Stars

Best British Breakfast Tea April 02, 2014


Bradenton, FL

My favorite British breakfast tea. I've tried LOTS but this is my favorite.

5 Stars

Best Black Tea! March 26, 2014


Canton, OH

British Black Tea is a robust, yet smooth tea. I buy it in the bulk size because I make a pot of it every day! It is also great as iced tea. It takes on any flavor that you add to it as well. I sometimes stir in fresh oranges and mint. Also add many kinds of fruit juices.

5 Stars

Favorite Breakfast Blend March 23, 2014

The Minister's Guest

Pittsburgh, PA

My favorite breakfast blend of all. I really enjoy Whittards, but this blend takes the tea!! The Minister's blend is now part of my daily tea.

5 Stars

Almost like being in London again February 24, 2014


Norwood, NY

I'm very picky about my tea having become spoiled by time spent in England, Ireland and Scotland for extended periods. I LOVE this tea. I have saved the tin canisters and just order refill packets now which saves money and i never seem to run short.It is the perfect tea for me.

5 Stars

Lovely January 27, 2014


New York, NY

I received the black tea tin for Christmas and what a treat it is! Loved it and highly recommend it.

3 Stars

Great taste December 28, 2013


Phoenix, AZ

The British Breakfast is delightful. I give it 3 starts because it is not organic.

5 Stars

My Favorite Tea December 27, 2013


Winterport, ME

This is, by far, my favorite tea. I love to have a cup in the morning before I start my day.

5 Stars

Yummy December 26, 2013


Moscow, ID

This tea is perfect for my morning cup. I add a splash of milk and it brings me back to the mornings in England.

5 Stars

NO CREAM OR MILk December 23, 2013

Mary Bixby

Lancaster, CA

It's the only tea I drink. I keep tea bags in my purse and use them at restaurants. No milk or cream, please. Maybe a bit of lemon once in awhile. It's ten.

5 Stars

British Breakfast Black Tea Bags December 23, 2013

Vince Scarpa

San Diego, DE

This is my all time favorite. I always order some of these with every order.

5 Stars

December 10, 2013

Jill Goddard

Fayetteville, AR

My favorite everyday tea!

5 Stars

Favorite November 22, 2013


Boone, IA

My favorite black tea. It starts my day, every day. I can't be without it. It's what tea should be.

5 Stars

Love this tea; worth the price! November 19, 2013


Champaign, Illinois, IL

I have long been a fan of The Republic of tea, and I love this one in particular! I'm pretty picky about the teas I drink, but this one is definitely a keeper and worth every penny. Enjoy, fellow tea lovers!

5 Stars

Love this Tea!!! November 09, 2013


Sault Sainte Marie, MI

This is a full flavored tea that isn't bitter. I've never found a tea that tastes as good as this one.

5 Stars

TAKES ME BACK October 02, 2013




5 Stars

Just Like the Tea I Had in the UK September 08, 2013


Kent, OH

Very good. Tastes EXACTLY like what I had when I was in England this summer, just add milk! Very good with milk, haven't tried it without it yet, I think it is blasphemy to not put milk in British tea.

5 Stars

Perfect anytime of the day! June 22, 2013


Edgewood, MD

Great flavor! Adding milk is a perfect combination. This tea takes me back to what I had in Africa. Delish!

5 Stars

very nice May 06, 2013


fort wayne, IN

was very good reminded of the tea i drank while in india

5 Stars

Great with milk! May 05, 2013


, KS

This is a really excellent plain black tea. No frills, just tea. I like to pour milk through the tea bag while it's floating in my cup.

4 Stars

This is pretty good February 20, 2013


San Ramon, CA

This tea is a respectable version of black tea, but it is not strong enough for me - not even if I use 2 tea bags. I must qualify my review by adding that I use a lot of milk in my tea. For those who do not use milk, this tea would probably be perfect, as it has a nice flavor.

5 Stars

Great cup of tea January 26, 2013


Berthoud, CO

I really enjoy this tea any time of the day.

5 Stars

Very Good! January 25, 2013


Montvale, NJ

Delicious way to wake up! Nice bold flavor to get the day started. Definitely a staple in our house!

5 Stars

Have searched and searched, but can't find a better morning tea January 19, 2013


Pittsburgh, PA

Robust, hearty, never better, wonderful long-lasting taste. I would love to find a less expensive tea (because I drink a LOT of this tea), but I just can't find anything that comes close. Fabulous blend!

5 Stars

I LOVE this tea! Thank you. December 28, 2012


Victorville, CA

I enjoy this tea along with Darjeeling for my morning tea. I switch off. This has a very rich, robust flavor without being overpowering.

I LOVE this tea! Thank you. December 28, 2012


Victorville, CA

I enjoy this tea along with Darjeeling for my morning tea. I switch off. This has a very rich, robust flavor without being overpowering.

5 Stars

Yummy! December 25, 2012

Lydia C.

Boise, ID

Very nice tea. Strong without the bitter notes that some black teas have. I've let it seep for up to ten minutes and it never ends up bitter. Perfect with a little bit of milk to sweeten it.

5 Stars

Delightfully Delicious December 04, 2012

Annie Williams

Columbus, GA

The perfect beverage to wake up to taste! Can't leave home without tasting a cup of it.

5 Stars

british breakfast black tea bags December 02, 2012

sharon davidson

chillicothe, IL

this tea is very soothing to the pallet, and I enjoy honey and goats milk with my tea it has a very creamy rich flavor and brings out the tea flavor for me.

5 Stars

Every Day Breakfast Tea November 28, 2012

Marsha Hnat

Pascagoula, MS

This tea is the perfect balance between warming and cooling. For someone who lives in a hot climate, as I do, this is the tea to turn to everyday for a rich, satisfying sipping experience.

5 Stars

Can't live without it! November 19, 2012


Pt, WA

A smidgen of honey and a splash of milk.... Good Morning!!!

4 Stars

November 13, 2012


only want to give rating

5 Stars

Every day... October 13, 2012


Albuquerque, NM

This is my daily tea. LOVE it with a little creamer.

5 Stars

October 04, 2012


Columbus, NE

This the best tea ever. I LOVE IT

5 Stars

A cup of British Breakfast Tea starts my day September 17, 2012


Loudon, TN

British Breakfast Tea is so smooth and never has a bitter aftertaste. I always carry a tin with me when we travel.

4 Stars

Great Full-Bodied Black Tea August 24, 2012


Mableton, GA

This tea was a very full-bodied deep tea. The color was perfect and the taste was smooth. The addition of the milk only enhanced the taste. Great tea to start the day.

5 Stars

Really good August 18, 2012


New York, NY

One of the Best English teas, I ever had :-)

5 Stars

It doesn't get any better than this. August 12, 2012


Athens, GA

Perfect cup of tea for breakfast or afternoon. Makes me happy, and makes me think how much my Mom would have loved the taste of this perfect blend.

5 Stars

One of my top two for morning! August 04, 2012

Dee Ann

Mount Vernon, WA

Rich, dark tea for my morning caffeine hit. Never bitter, smooth and delicious! I drink it black.

5 Stars

Great Early Morning Pick Me Up July 16, 2012


Little Rock, AR

I'm a fan of several teas but this is the best one for the early morning. Great with a pastry.

5 Stars

June 20, 2012

Alice O.

Toccoa, GA

This tea is great with a great price! Even with shipping it's cheaper then what we where buying in the stores!

5 Stars

Best Flavor June 05, 2012


Fort Myers, FL

First had this tea when visiting Ireland and was so happy when I found I could order it online. Best flavor I ever experienced!

5 Stars

Exceptional & Outstanding May 28, 2012


, NJ

I have been drinking this tea for many years. It is my all time favorite. This tea is soothing for my acid reflux and at the same time wakes me up after I have my first cup in the morning. I have tried other teas but none surpass the taste and quality of this tea. It always starts my day off on an uplifting note and doesn't disappoint ever. To sum it up, it's priceless!

3 Stars

Oh for heaven's sake change the name! May 12, 2012


New Hartford,

I enjoy this tea very much, so why only 3 teapots? BECAUSE OF THE SILLY NAME. This is an ENGLISH breakfast tea. There is nothing "British" about it.

5 Stars

May 08, 2012

, FL

one of my all time favorite teas and the one that got me hooked on Republic of Tea.

love this tea May 04, 2012


davenport, IA


5 Stars

Great Customer Service April 30, 2012


Boise, ID

We bought this tea at a coffee shop when we were traveling. Just ordered our replacement tea online. A perfect,bold blend to start your day, or end your evening. Will definitely be ordering again! They answered emails promptly, and overall great customer service - would highly recommend!

5 Stars

The best of the best! March 31, 2012


Oxford, PA

This is by far my favorite of all the Republic of Tea offerings. Delicious, bold tea flavor for every day, or more than once a day!

5 Stars

The Classic, done well March 19, 2012


Sunny, CA

If you like a classic tea blend, this will fit the bill, and quite nicely too. Well balanced, moderate tannin and a smooth finish.

5 Stars

Who doesn't like a nice Cuppa? March 18, 2012


Inverness, FL

Just lifting the top on my cylinder of English Breakfast tea is heavenly, as the delightful aroma rises to fill the nose. Harks me back to tea at the Ritz London years ago. The Republic has been loyal in its preservation of this splendid blend of fabulous tea. Milk and two lumps, please!

5 Stars

March 17, 2012


Fair Haven , MI

Had this tea on vacation...and absolutely loved it! I bought it on the spot at the restaurant and just ordered my first refill. Highly recommend this tea. It is a smooth, flavorful blend.

4 Stars

March 12, 2012


Mt Pleasant, MI

I like it - smooth, flavorful, but not the same as what was served at a restaurant in a silk-like tea bag.

Poor Shipping Good Tea March 11, 2012


I sent this tea as part of a gift and wanted it to arrive on the recipient's birthday. I added substantial costs when I chose 2nd day shipping. Republic of Tea uses FedEx as a shipping carrier and they don't deliver on Saturday. The gift arrived 5 days after it was ordered. It would have been nice to have an alert of the shipping constraints when the order was placed as I payed extra and the box was delivered the same day it would have been delivered had I shipped it standard. I was very disappointed in the delivery service.

5 Stars

Good clean taste February 20, 2012

Melinda Joy Oslie

El Cajon, CA

This is the tea I turn to when I need that extra kick in th ekjpants after a a late night. Goes great with lemon an honey, too.

5 Stars

My favorite cup of tea in the morning February 15, 2012


Saint Louis, MO

A robust cup of tea with no bitter after taste is a great way to start the day or to have during the day.

5 Stars

A great wake-me-up tea! February 03, 2012


Natoma, KS

I really like the bold taste of this tea when I first get up in the morning. It is very nice.

5 Stars

Simply the best of its kind January 31, 2012


Oakham, MA

Not a wrong note in this blend. Perfect, indeed.

5 Stars

Best of the Best! January 25, 2012


Palacios, TX

This is the best breakfast tea I have ever tasted. Add a spoonful of honey, and it is fantastic!

5 Stars

January 09, 2012

Larry E. Griffiths

Ocala, FL

This is a very good cup of tea.

5 Stars

My favorite breakfast tea January 05, 2012


Wausau, WI

A delightful, flavorful tea perfect first thing in the morning. This tea does not become bitter with reheating.

3 Stars

Oh for heaven's sake change the name! December 08, 2011


Actually I really, really like this tea. It's the name I find annoying. There is ENGLISH breakfast tea, there is IRISH breakfast tea, there is SCOTTISH breakfast tea! Give this tea it's ethnicity back!

5 Stars

This is absolutely my favorite black "English/British" breakfast tea October 15, 2011


Hunstville, TX

This is absolutely my favorite black "English/British" breakfast tea. I have tried nearly every kind I can get my hands on... some are good, but this one is GREAT! No need for milk unless you like it that way; I have mine with a teaspoon or two of sugar and a lemon wedge. Best wakeup tea.

5 Stars

Get up & Get GOING! June 17, 2011


Beason, IL

This is my favorite breakfast tea; yet I usually have a cup of it (in progress!)on my desk all day long to keep me up and going throughout the work day.
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