Decaf British Breakfast Black Full-Leaf

Decaf British Breakfast Black Full-Leaf
British Breakfast Decaf Black Full-Leaf
Decaf British Breakfast Black Full-Leaf

The Perfect Cuppa - A robust blend of quality black leaves, hearty enough to make any Brit smile. A savory mixture of India, Ceylon and Kenya leaves is great with a splash of milk.

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Decaf Black Tea is decaffeinated using an all-natural process. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes.


Fine decaffeinated black tea from Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling and Africa



Country of Origin

Assam, Ceyon, Kenya

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Top-notch Decaf! February 16, 2015


Milwaukee, WI

I'm a fanatic black-tea lover, but I can't deal with caffeine at night anymore. So, based on the readings here I decided I had to give this tea a try, having previously been underwhelmed by other attempts. This is a great, full-bodied tea that loves to be steeped for a good long time without being the least bit bitter. And, it stands up beautifully to a splash of half-and-half, a requisite feature for this tea turns a lovely caramel color with lots of flavor!

5 Stars

DEEEEEEliscious! September 23, 2014

Louise Vidal

Piscataway, NJ

Tasty, fine tea! You will love it..usually decaf tea does not have a full flavor. This one does.

4 Stars

Good Black Tea May 25, 2014


Milton, VT

Sometimes I need to have a decaf tea. You understand the need for decaf or you would not be reading this. This works for me. I use a bit of extra tea to make it stronger. I don't use milk or sugar. This is the best decaf black tea that, I've found, so for.

5 Stars

Best Decaf Black Tea Ever March 13, 2014


Minneapolis, MN

This is my go-to tea! It is the smoothest, most lovely black tea on the market-- and the fact that I can have black tea without the caffeine is a life saver. If you like it strong, just add more tea to your pot. I buy it in bulk. Nothing bitter about this tea. It is the best!I hope they never change it.

Not Much Flavor October 03, 2012


Ithaca, NY

I'll try doubling the amount of tea leaves I use, because there is just very little flavor in the cups I've had so far. I have mixed with a teaspoon of regular black tea, to up the flavor, but there are times I don't want the caffeine. So far I'm not overwhelmed with this one, but I bought a big bag of loose leaf tea, so maybe I'll come upon a more satisfying way to brew it after more experimentation.

4 Stars

A Habbit Saver July 17, 2012

Shannon Woolner

Redondo Beach, CA

I am a lover of the strong black loose leaf teas. I make my tea very dark because I love the taste. However, I try to cut back on my caffeine. For this reason I "half-caff" my morning tea so I can drink a couple of cups. A loose leaf decaf is a necessity. Unfortunately, decaf, black, loose leaf tea is tough to find. I'm GRATEFUL for this product. This is the only place I know to purchase it. Besides, the delivery is quick and efficient!

3 Stars

Tasty but ... March 13, 2012


Sequim, WA

As decaffeinated teas go, this one is pretty good. Unfortunately, the decaffeinated teas just never taste as good as the caffeinated ones. To me it just lacks briskness and body. Still, if you must limit your caffeine, this option is tastier than many I've tried.

5 Stars

January 25, 2012

Jo Cummings

Austin, TX

I always have a picher of ice tea on hand, but as you know the only way for good ice tea is to brew it first. This is the first time I have tried de-calf and no one knows ,except me, it doesn't keep me up at night
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