Caramel Apple Red Tea Bags

Caramel Apple Red Tea Bags
Caramel Apple Red Tea Bags

Sweet African rooibos is the ideal base for smooth caramel and crisp apple flavors. This pleasing caffeine-free blend is wonderful as a dessert tea. Enjoy with a splash of warm milk.

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Rooibos (Red Tea) is naturally caffeine-free. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping red tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 5-7 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Rooibos, natural caramel and apple flavors



Country of Origin

South Africa

  • 5 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars


Colleyville, TX

I have been drinking this tea for 3 years now. I used to go from one flavor to another but after tasting this one, it is my tea of choice. I drink it all day long and never tire of the flavor. Since then I have turned several of my friends on to this tea and where to go to buy it. Sadly, Central Market in Southlake Texas has discontinued this flavor, even though they are ALWAYS out of it because we purchase every bit they get. I don't understand their philosophy behind that choice, but there are several disappointed customers! Please let us know who else carries it so we can purchase it in the future.

5 Stars


Honolulu, HI

The aroma and taste of this tea is SO alluring! While some reviewers seemed to taste the caramel OR apple, I could taste both, and it doesn't disappoint. It reminds me of a crisp apple, drenched in warm, gooey caramel...mmmmm. I love the fact that it's caffine free...BONUS! Another decadent favorite in my tea collection.

5 Stars

Delicious Rooibos

Georgetown, TX

Delicious and no caffeine! Even though I prefer honey, you can drink this tea without any sweetening of any kind.

5 Stars

caramel apple red tea

gallatin, TN

I was excited to get this tea but when I tried iti couldn't taste any apple flavor! I added some green apple flavoring to the tea and then it was perfect! My husband loved it too! I love a lot of their teas they are fantastic!

4 Stars

Caramel Apple Red Tea

Los Angeles, CA

This is a good tasting tea and tastes like apples. I don't really taste much of the caramel flavor.

5 Stars


Sarasota, FL

This tea satisfies the need for dessert. Smells wonderful and tastes just as good. I have been "testing" many of the ROT teas this year and this one is a fav.

5 Stars

Very Good!

St. Jacob, IL

Took a pot of this tea to a function at our church and all who tasted it wanted to know where to get it. It was a definite hit. This is one of my favorites!

5 Stars

A unique seasonal treat

Stevens Point, WI

This tea was a pleasant surprise. Holiday flavored things usually are all tacky and taste the same. This tea broke the mold. It taste just like a caramel apple, but with all the charms of red tea. Great choice for red tea lover. This was a real "warm ya up and feel good," kinda tea.

5 Stars

Perfect taste for fall

Warner Robins, GA

I tried the sample sent to my house and I am ordering a tin for myself. The flavor was just the right balance. Its a tea not a apple drink. I taste the apple and hint of caramel. I love it!

5 Stars


Batavia, IL

This tea is great hot or cold. The antioxidants in this red tea help a lot with my allergies. I drink it everyday!

4 Stars

Weak Flavours

Waterloo, ON

I was a bit disappointed with this tea. The flavour is nice, but it needs to be stronger for me. I also tried to Pomegranate Vanilla...that one is getting five stars!

2 Stars

Not great


I bought this tea because the reviews were great, but I'm very disappointed. The flavor is not great and does not really taste like apples. I would recommend the Good Hope Vanilla instead, much better flavor!

5 Stars

Beyond Tasty!

Grand Rapids, MI

I adore this tea! Sometimes I brew it with a green teabag..thereby getting the good of green tea at the same a 2 cup pot...then after it's brewed for just about ever...I finish filling the pot up with fresh Apple Juice. If you don't think this makes a luscious drink, think again. It's heaven!

5 Stars

carmel apple tea

Winston, OR

I absolutely love this tea. Can't wait to get more.

5 Stars

My favorite tea......LUV IT!

Brandon, FL

Enjoy it every night.

5 Stars

Great Rooibos Tea

Churubusco, IN

My husband bought me this tea for my birthday and I was a bit unsure of how it would taste, based on the smell of the canister. However, I was delightfully surprised to find that this is a really good tea, especially since I don't really care for Rooibos, as it tends to taste very "weedy" to me. I didn't really taste the caramel, but the apple flavor shines through and it's very smooth. It's a nice evening tea.

5 Stars

Almost caramel-creamy!

New Hartord, CT

There is a "creaminess" to the caramel component of this tea that is almost like drinking dessert! So satisfying on a cool Fall or approaching-Christmas night!

Love this tea

Sugar Land, TX

Especially yummy with light agave nectar as sweetener. Apply without being overwhelming.

2 Stars

Not as advertised

, SD

This is a good cup of red tea, however I neither tasted apple or caramel in this tea. This is the only tea I have ever returned to RoT.

5 Stars

Best Tea Ever


We love this tea in the fall and winter. The caramel apple flavor is just right. I never need sweetener for this tea.

5 Stars


Richmond, VA

Yum, Yum, YUM!!!! This tea is wonderful! I like it with a splash of milk! I cannot say enough about how much this tea tastes like a caramel apple.

5 Stars

Thank you, Sir. May I have another?

, AK

The more I drink this tea, the more I like it. Very good!

5 Stars

Evening ritual essential


I first tried this tea in the States a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. I have a cup every evening and when I recently ran out and had to await a new shipment I was a bit surprised I could not find anything else that hit the same spot. I am addicted, but it's an addiction I'm happy to keep!

5 Stars

My new Favorite No Caffeine Tea!

Diamond Bar, CA

This is such a good tea! It is for drinking in the afternoon or evening, after dinner, or when you can't have any more caffeine!I love it!

5 Stars


Sydney, Australia,

I thought this tea sounded nice and when I actually tried it was amazed to find it was not just nice but amazing! Smooth and appley, yummy caramel after taste that doesn't taste artificial like most of the caramel teas I can buy locally.

4 Stars

Hannibal, MO

Rooibos caramel Apple tea is my favorite. I cannot find it in any stores in Hannibal. Thank you for having it available.

4 Stars

Nice fall tea


Very nice! I really enjoyed this with a little sweetener added. Comforting treat for after dinner.

4 Stars


This is a great autumn tea and really gets me in the mood for the season. I find the rooibos blends well with sweet flavors and fruit flavors and this tea covers both. The apple flavor is a bit strong, but in a good way. The caramel flavor is warm and sweet and works well with both the herbs and the apple flavoring. Not my one of my favorites, but still delicious and great for crisp fall nights!

5 Stars


sioux falls, SD

Had this tea in a restaruant on a trip last spring. Restaurant had great sticky buns. Loved it then, love it now. Great flavor and especially good with breakfast.

5 Stars

This is a Feel Good Blend

Little Rock, AR

This is a wonderful blend of flavors. I think I could easily replace my Italian coffee for this tea. This blend does not have caffeine in it so its great for a bedtime soothing experience.

5 Stars

Nice Flavor

Iowa City, IA

I really enjoyed this tea, although I can't say that it reminded me of a caramel apple. The flavor was good, but a more distinctive "apple" flavor would have added to it.

5 Stars


Brentwood, CA

I'm pretty much a tea snob, black tea & forget the herbal kind. When I found Republic of Tea I knew I had found a treasure! The tea is never overwhelmed by the flavors. They are just hinted at enough that you know you're experiencing a different taste.I'll keep taste-testing & may even venture into herbal territory.

4 Stars

, ME

Great fall flavor! Smooth with its own natural sweetness.

5 Stars


Little Rock, AR

This is my go-to tea as my replacement for coffee. I brew small pots using Caramel Apple Red and Red Velvet Chocolate for a delicious and fragrant blend. Try it... you'll love it!

5 Stars


Federal Way, WA

I LOVE this tea!!!

5 Stars

My favorite tea!

Lakeland, FL

Oh Caramel Apple tea, how I love you! I love that you are a rooibos, caffeine-free....I love the sweetness of caramel and apple that tastes just like the real thing (without the calories).....I love that you come in the jumbo bag so I can drink to my heart's content. You are sweet without being are a comfort tea (there should be a category for tea in comfort food!). I love to drink you over ice and take you with me. Never leave me, Caramel Apple tea, you are a classic!

5 Stars


Logan, UT

This tea is true to name in flavor. The color is wonderful and the aroma is divine. The apple and caramel flavors are so good you just won't believe the point of origin is a tea cup!
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