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Taste the decadent flavors of old-fashioned Southern yellow cake with homemade caramel vanilla frosting. Our smooth premium black tea blend is a favorite and was inspired by the caramel cake in the movie "The Help." This calorie-free treat is wonderful either served hot or cool.


Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Black tea, sweet blackberry leaves, carob bits, natural caramel and vanilla flavor



Country of Origin

Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon

What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

  • 5 Star

almost as good as my favortie

4 Stars almost as good as my favortie

from SC on wrote:

Very nice flavor. I like most things vanilla and this did not disappoint.

Tasty Treat

5 Stars Tasty Treat

from TN on wrote:

Yummy tea tastes like a treat- without calories. I also enjoy the caffeine boost in the morning!

Makes me happy

5 Stars Makes me happy

from FL on wrote:

This cup of caramel happiness is so smooth and delicious that it is the perfect way for me to start my day. Sure, it could be just a desert tea but I drink usually one cup every morning with 2 tbs of heavy cream and 1 tsp of coconut oil every morning and I could not be happier with it. It has just the right amount of vanilla without being overly powerful, the right amount of caramel without being too sweet and just enough caffeine to get my day started.

Better served chilled to me.

5 Stars Better served chilled to me.

from GA on wrote:

I love this tea chilled. I don't particularly care for it served hot. I find that some teas I have temperature preference. I prefer that they be served either hot or chilled. This has a wonderful sweet flavor that does not require much additional sweetener if any. The flavor seems to be better when chilled to me.

Smooth, delicious, perfect

5 Stars Smooth, delicious, perfect

from PA on wrote:

I drink tea daily, and this is one of my top three favorites of any brand and any flavor. I love it. It is very, very smooth, and the flavor is full without being overpowering. Wonderful tea.