Chamomile Lemon Display Tin

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$10.00 - Chamomile Lemon Display Tin #97516

Temporarily Sold Out

Store your bulk tea in a large round tin adorned with our unique label art. A great way to visually represent The Republic of Tea.

*Please note Display Tins do not include tea.

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Product Dimensions
Width: 6"
Height: 10"



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  • 5 Star

zzzzzzz & good-morn!

5 Stars zzzzzzz & good-morn!

from WA on wrote:

bought this in bulk, as well as black tea, Earl Grey....developed a tea regime to deal with my neurochemistry that leans toward the melancholy...often accompanied by erratic sleep patterns. I begin my regime by fixing a black tea...(my sense of smell/ taste is gone, sadly, so I cannot sense the subtlties of teas) and set it bedside. At 6 a.m. alarm, drink black tea, room temp and go back to sleep. 30 minutes later I find myself awake. I drink one or 2 more cups throughout the day and stop at 3pm. At this point, I begin drinking the chamomile-lemon until bedtime...I fall asleep easily around 9 pm. This regime has established a wonderful balance of my need to sleep/ need to wake that was for so many years, impossible to achieve! I salute you, tea!!!