Classic Iwachu Cast Iron Teapot

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$499.95 - 52 oz Teapot #94879

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Kiyosuye is a name that given to artists of the highest caliber at the Iwachu fine sipware company. The artist who created this Classic Iwachu Cast-Iron Teapot, Shigeki Mizusawa, is only the third person to receive the Kiyosuye title.

A precious Japanese tetsubin, or cast-iron teapot, this piece will absorb and enhance the nuanced flavors of tea, as well as retain heat for longer. The large 52 oz body is ideal for steeping many cups at a time and is lined with a protective coating to prevent rust. The bronze lid is a special addition that was historically only used by tea ceremony masters. It is enhanced with a plum blossom that is representative of spring and beauty. This touch of restorative yet rustic design makes the Classic a truly exceptional collector’s treasure.

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Length: 7⅝"
Width: 5¾"
Height: 6¾"


Cast Iron

Care instructions

Rinse with water. Do not use soap. Thoroughly wipe dry. Do not Microwave.

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