Cuppa Chocolate Tea® Assortment

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$12.75 - Cuppa Chocolate Tea Assortment #96186

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with a guilt free indulgence. Our Cuppa Chocolate Tea® Assortment features an assortment of four zero calorie and one low calorie chocolate herb teas. Each has low to no caffeine

As featured in Woman's World, "Warm up with a cup of chocolate tea."

Each Cuppa Chocolate Assortment includes 24 individually wrapped tea bags:

5 - Red Velvet Chocolate Rooibos Tea
5 - Coconut Cocoa Herbal Tea
5 - Strawberry Chocolate Rooibos Tea
5 - Peppermint Chocolate Rooibos Tea
4 - Banana Chocolate Rooibos Tea

Citizen Reviews

  • 4 Star

Handy assortment, good teas

5 Stars Handy assortment, good teas

from CA on wrote:

The 5 stars is for the usefulness of this assortment. If you're considering trying any of the Cuppa Chocolate teas, buying this box first (as I did) is a good idea. I was able to sample all the teas and share them with friends, and decide which ones I liked, and didn't. I was surprised by the results, too! The ones I thought I would love, I didn't, and vice versa. I ended up loving the Coconut Cocoa, followed closely by the Banana Chocolate, and then the Peppermint Chocolate. The strawberry one tasted weird, and the red velvet one was terribly weak and hardly tasted of anything. But the others were outstanding, and I quickly bought tins of those -- so glad I started with this handy assortment!

Oh no, I'm in love..!

5 Stars Oh no, I'm in love..!

from MD on wrote:

As a chocolate love myself, I'm really delighted to have stumbled upon these! They all taste and smell amazing, especially the red velvet and coconut. They are also really great alternatives to actual desserts which I'm honestly trying to cut off from my diet as much as possible.



from IA on wrote:

As always-excellent teas. I have never been disappointed. The teas had just the right balance of chocolate to fruits/herbs. Love them. My favorite was the coconut/chocolate tea.

Yummy ...

5 Stars Yummy ...

from PA on wrote:

A drink substitute for those chocolate and sweet cravings. I am dieting and my coach recommended the product to handle my cravings! Now I am hooked!


4 Stars Enjoyed

from IL on wrote:

Loved all but the banana,