Sky Blue Dancing Leaves Mug

Sky Blue Dancing Leaves Mug

Embossed, windswept leaves whirl across this 10 oz mug. Each comes with a matching lid that keeps the tea warm and doubles as a coaster. Stainless steel infuser also included.

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More About This Product

Product Dimensions
Width: 3½"
Length: 4¾"
Height: 4"



Care instructions

Dishwasher safe

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Love my tea cup!

Round Rock, TX

This mus is perfect for tea time which for me is all day long! Love that it has a cover to keep tea warm or a tray to set under my cup. Got two, one for my best friend so we can have 'tea time' together even though we are in different states!

Great Mug!

Ketchikan, AK

What a wonderful tea cup. I have stone counter tops and sink. When I drop a mug, tea cup, or glass item they shatter into a million pieces. This mug is awesome, it does not break. I have dropped this Dancing Leaves Mug with lid so many times and it does not break. I thought for sure the lid would break when droped however it does not. Save money purchase this cup!

My favorite cup

Greenville, NC

I bought the blue mug to keep at my office. I liked it so much I bought the cinnamon mug to keep at home. It always steeps the perfect cup and they are so beautiful. They bring a kind of celebration to my tea time.

4 Stars


uJjyjixpqsz, HI

I bought this tea set for a frenid who drinks his Asian teas every night. When I received it, it smelled very metallic and I tried washing it but couldn't get rid of that smell. The design is nice and it seems very sturdy.

5 Stars


Copley, OH

We have two of these mugs. They are siimply the best you can buy. Perfect for loose tea or bags. Enjoy!

4 Stars

nice mug

, DC

The mug is lovely and I quite like the lid. It doubles as a coaster. The mesh strainer rusted on the first use, so that was a disappointment, but otherwise very happy with the mug and lid.

5 Stars

Stillwater, OK

This mug is just right for me to use at work. I ordered another to have at home as well.

2 Stars

Infuser rusts

Orangevale, CA

I love the cup. It is beautiful. The infuser rusted significantly with the first use. I bought it for the infuser. I am most disappointed

5 Stars

Great Cup

Chesapeake, VA

This cup is perfect for loose or bagged tea. The strainer is convenient for removing the bag or loose tea. The lid allows maximum steeping for a perfect cup of tea. Thanks Ramona

5 Stars

Nice Cup!

Al-Udeid, Qatar,

Very nice cup, solid ceramics work, glaze is even and beautiful. The lid is heavy enough to stay in place but doesn't do more than just lay in place on top of the mug. The infusion basket fits the cup well and is pretty easy to clean. All in all a solid purchase for single cup steepers!

5 Stars

On for work and one for home.

Basalt, DE

Use mine at work and at home every day. The infuser actually make stringless tea bags easier to handle. Great product! Great service!

5 Stars

Love it!

Raleigh, NC

Picked this cup up locally and it is wonderful. I keep this one at work for making tea with the hot water dispenser. The fine mesh basket does an excellent job of letting the leaves unfurl fully, and keeping smaller bits of the leaves out of my tea. This mesh style is so much better than those with the ceramic tea basket/strainer. Plus it is looks great!
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