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Longevity Tea — This decaffeinated brew mirrors regular Ginger Peach Tea, expertly brewed and bottled in a beautiful package. A tingle of spice and lushness of peach in a 16.9 oz (500mL) bottle, containing two servings. The flavor of the tea shines in this unsweetened brew.

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This premium, ready-to-drink iced tea, meticulously brewed from real tea leaves, is best enjoyed chilled or served over ice.

It pairs perfectly with food, is all-natural, has no preservatives, is certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization and certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.


Finest decaffeinated black tea leaves brewed in pure water, citric acid and natural flavors



What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

  • 5 Star

Crazily addicting iced tea!

5 Stars Crazily addicting iced tea!

from CA on wrote:

Don't say I didn't warn you, this iced tea will RUIN all other iced teas for you! Seriously, everything else will taste like dirty water!! They should have a warning label on the bottles, or something to this effect. I never concerned myself an iced tea snob, but Republic of Tea's Iced teas, have made me one. I find myself craving a cool refreshing bottle of this Iced Tea, on a near daily basis. I allowed my kiddo to try some (since it's decaf no harm), and she loves it too! So my toddler chases me around for a drink, when she sees me opening a bottle. Luckily I don't smoke, or drink alcohol, because I couldn't afford any other vices with my new iced tea habit. You have been warned, proceed to drink with caution!

Simply The Best Tea

5 Stars Simply The Best Tea

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea and was introduced to it in Carmel at the Cypress Inn. The flavor is amazing and I love the bottles. I was so glad that I could order them from the company and the delivery was prompt. Try a bottle because it's simply the best.

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from CA on wrote:

I've been drinking this tea for years--had it in restaurants and am delighted that it is offered online. It's decaf unsweetened with enough flavor that you don't have to add Splenda. Very refreshing. It is also a great gift for friends.

Refreshing and tasty brew

5 Stars Refreshing and tasty brew

from NJ on wrote:

I discovered this tea at a seminar, when I bought a bottle at the hotel restaurant. From then on, it became my regular beverage of choice at meetings. It has a vibrant taste that combines a distinct peach flavor with a hint of ginger, and the best part is there is no caffeine or sugar!

Rave reviews from fam

5 Stars Rave reviews from fam

from MD on wrote:

Tea drinkers here. Family is giving the ginger peach decaf rave reviews.