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Desert Sage Full-Leaf

Desert Sage Full-Leaf
Desert Sage Full-Leaf
Desert Sage Full-Leaf

Clear the Mind Herb Tea - The heady aroma of white sage evokes images of the high desert. Full-bodied rooibos, white sage, orange bergamot, mint, and lemon grass are added for a satisfying and complex brew.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


This herbal blend is naturally caffeine-free. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping herbal tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 5-7 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Rooibos, orange bergamot mint, blackberry leaves, white sage, and lemon grass



Country of Origin

American southwest, and South Africa

  • 5 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

PLEASE BRING BACK THIS TEA!! November 26, 2014



The aroma and taste of sage in this tea is outstanding! It is the only tea that clears my sinuses and tastes great at the same time. I've thought about turning it into sachets or an eye pillow,it's that good. Terribly disappointed it has been discontinued. PLEASE BRING IT BACK, TEA MINISTER!

5 Stars

Aromotherapy in a Cup March 06, 2014


Small Town, AK

I love this tea, a long-time favorite, for sipping double strength on especially cold or stressful afternoons/evenings when I'm not feeling well and the day's challenges are not over yet. The complex aroma is especially nurturing, warming and comforting me. Sometimes when I'm rummaging through my teas, I'll open the tin just to deeply inhale the spicy scent. Some of friends (and my school-aged children) tell me this tea is not for everyone. I certainly wouldn't recommend it with sweetener or for those who always expect a traditional experience from tea.

5 Stars

New favorite! March 03, 2014


Kansas City, MO

This very powerful blend will clear and enhance your senses on many levels. The taste is balanced and mild, great with and without sweetener--raw honey is a fantastic pair. My whole meditation group loves this stuff! Very purifying and balancing!

5 Stars

A tea for my soul. February 26, 2014


Bernalillo, NM

This is a tea that has an earthy flavor that speaks of the desert but it has lively, light undertones. This is my go-to tea when the world has weighed heavy on me,always makes me release a big sigh and relax. After I tried it the first time in the tin size, it was not long before I was running out and knew I had to get the big bag. I love it.

5 Stars

My favorite tea February 23, 2014

Jan Goren

Wynnewood, PA

I love this tea and can never find it at any Repulbic of Tea display. Whenever people come here and I serve it, they love it any buy it themselves, and ask for it when they come back.

5 Stars

Ginger Bird January 03, 2014

Ginger Bird

Boulder, , CO

I love this tea. good sage flavor.

5 Stars

Excellent Earthy Tea December 28, 2013

Pnina Polishook

Philadelphia, PA

Excellent full bodied earthy tea that entices your taste buds and leaves you craving additional opportunities for tea time.

5 Stars

Help for Allergy Sufferers December 17, 2013

Lynda Stephens


This AMAZING Tea Blend with the addition of local Sage Honey and a few small peppermint leaves, clears up my stuffy nose and other allergy related problems fast! It tastes good, is mellow and nicely balanced flavorwise.

5 Stars

Most unique herbal tea December 10, 2013


Alameda, CA

I have loved this tea for years. It makes me think of the times I lived in Utah. Very earthy and full bodied. I can usually brew the herbs 2 times and it still tastes fantastic. I love this tea. Please never stop making it!

5 Stars

Delicious!!!! Our fav! October 23, 2013


Pasadena, CA

fruity, full bodied and refreshing!

5 Stars

so delicious i have to hide it October 07, 2013


slc, UT

this is, hands down, the best tea ever. it disappeared for a while, and i had to horde a couple of canisters that i refused to share. sage, sweet, magical.

Bleck. March 25, 2013

, FL

You know that dirty, slightly mildewy taste at the bottom of the last cup of the tea pot you brewed with those sketchy medicinal herbs you bought in a medicine shop in Singapore? Desert Sage was even worse than that. I like all the ingredients, so I didn't think it would be a gamble. So disappointed with this tea.

5 Stars

monsoon season in a cup February 01, 2013


Tempe, AZ

Let me preface this with I HATE the taste of red rooibos, and I HATE anything bergamot, yet I still bought this tea... and I am so glad I did. As an Arizona girl born and raised there is nothing I love more than the smell of the desert after a good (and all too rare) rain, and this tea embodies that perfectly. It is soothing, and calming and will always be a tea I make sure to have on hand. This tea is quite literally the beverage equivalent of my childhood spent sitting under the patio with my mom as we watched the violent monsoons ravage the expanse of desert and mountains that lay just past our little fence. In short, this tea is incredibly well done, and I recommend it to anyone, especially those of you with desert love.

5 Stars

I love this December 21, 2012


Central, CT

I love this tea. It reminds me of the my one trip to New Mexico my freshman year in college. It is very relaxing. I finally tried re-steeping a few times yesterday and it looses it's kick by the 3rd steep but is still very good. I will definitely be purchasing this again!!!

5 Stars

Best Soothing, Most Delicious November 29, 2012

Pat Crouch

Annandale, VA

I make it following instructions provided. It's really delicious. Along with that, I find that it clears anxiety from my mind without making me drowsy. This allows for clear thinking after my treat. And sometimes during it.

5 Stars

Clear the Mind Fills the Senses September 29, 2012

Pam K

Geneva, IL

This is, hands down, my favorite tea. The aroma does evoke the desert, albeit a flowering one. A touch of a good honey delights the tastebuds. A truly perfect tea!

5 Stars

Try it cold. September 25, 2012


Madison, WI

I like to brew this tea, filter it with a coffee filter & funnel into Nalgene bottles (after it's cooled) so that they're half full, and then fill them the rest of the way with Brita-filtered water. Then I put them in the fridge & drink it cold later. It's delicious & refreshing! :)

5 Stars

I Drink It February 11, 2012


Garden Grove, CA

It was hard for me to find a sage tea. It did take awhile for me to get used to it, but I've now gotten a second tin of it.

3 Stars

Sage-Tastic February 02, 2012


Baltimore, MD

For me the white sage is the overpoweringly dominant scent, flavor and aftertaste. I barely tasted the bergamot and the lemongrass and mint I couldn't taste at all. That being said I did still think it was a wonderful cup of tea that is truly calming and very tasty, but perhaps it just isn't well-rounded enough to be called a 'complex brew'.

5 Stars

Gentle, Tasty Tea January 10, 2012


Redmond, WA

Desert Sage is one of my family's long-time favorite teas. The flavor is gentle, subtle and comforting. An excellent tea on the mellow end of the spectrum.

5 Stars

THE Cure-All July 01, 2011

Wes H

Denver, CO

Whether recovering from the flu or a hangover, this blend will help you hope for tomorrow. The taste is truly healing, in a good way, as is the bouquet. Enjoy.
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