Organic Double Dark Chocolate Maté
Super Tea Booster®

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$19.00 - 4 ounces / 90 servings #31039

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Organic finely ground cocoa powder and roasted mat´┐Ż. A low-calorie boost to smoothies, yogurt, milk and more, supplying a nice dose of antioxidants. 90 servings.

Our Favorite Usage Ideas:

  • Blend into agave syrup or honey
  • Add into fruit sorbet
  • Stir into yogurt
  • Add to applesauce
  • Ground tea is intended to blend into liquids rather than dissolve creating a rich texture
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    Organic roasted carob (pods), Organic roasted yerba mate (leaf), Organic cocoa bean, Natural concentrated cocoa powder (bean), Organic chicory root, Organic chocolate flavors, Organic natural chocolate extract



    Banana Nut Power Smoothie
    This vegan smoothie is inspired by frozen bananas covered in chocolate and nuts.
    Serves 2


    •1 frozen banana
    •2 cups almond milk
    •1 1/2 cups of ice
    •1 tablespoon almond butter
    •1 teaspoon of Agave Syrup or Maguey Sweet Sap
    •1 teaspoon of Double Dark Chocolate Maté Super Tea Booster®

    Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high for 2 minutes.

    Citizen Reviews

    • 5 Star

    Great addition to smoothies

    5 Stars Great addition to smoothies

    from IL on wrote:

    This has been a fabulous addition to my afternoon protein smoothies. Highly recommended.

    Hot Cereal add-in!

    5 Stars Hot Cereal add-in!

    from WA on wrote:

    Delicious chocolate addition to my hot multigrain cereal! I will add it to yogurt too! I can see mixing it in honey and peanut butter on toast...lots of possibilities : )

    Chocolate for Breakfast

    5 Stars Chocolate for Breakfast

    from OR on wrote:

    This tastes so good mixed into yogurt with agave, bananas and chia seeds. It's healthy and makes for a very yummy breakfast.