Downton Abbey® Bates' Brambleberry Tea

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This bold yet smooth premium black tea is perfectly coupled with a handful of summer fruit – blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. A touch of sweetness to this cup will bring out the full, ripe flavor. A casual refreshment served hot or over ice with biscuits or sandwiches.

The award-winning TV series, Downton Abbey® has entranced millions of viewers and become a modern media sensation. Every episode is an explosion of drama, relationships and intrigue. Downton Abbey is home to the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants. From the pen of Academy Award® winner Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey is the most watched drama ever on PBS!

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Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Fine black tea, natural berry flavors, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry bits



Country of Origin

India, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia

What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

  • 5 Star

Rare berry tea that has MILD berry notes

5 Stars Rare berry tea that has MILD berry notes

from PA on wrote:

I've tried a lot of black tea with berry flavors. This is the only tea that does not overpower you with berry flavor. The rick black tea flavor is prominent and the berry flavors and mild, very smooth and not sharp or acidic in the least. I was skeptical until I tried it and now it is my favorite black tea.

Great berry flavored tea!

5 Stars Great berry flavored tea!

from IL on wrote:

Love the flavor of this. Also loved the old Berry Basket back when it was available. Blueberry black tea was a decent replacement for that for me. But Brambleberry is now my new favorite. Would love for this to become a regularly available tea instead of limited edition!!

My favorite fruity tea

5 Stars My favorite fruity tea

from OK on wrote:

First off, I'd like to mention that I hope we see this Limited tea stick around and that I've love a refill option for my tin! (And a loose leaf version, but let's start with the basics.) Smell: Amazing. The bags themselves smell great and I enjoy how it transfers to the brewing process. It's an enjoyable sense from start to finish. Taste: I love this tea hot. I love this tea cold. I just plain love this tea. There was no additional sweetener (which I find generally overpowering, personally) and it doesn't need it. It's the perfect combination of fruity and light for the spring/summer seasons.

Perfect as Iced Tea

4 Stars Perfect as Iced Tea

from FL on wrote:

I didn't like this one by the cup in the morning, I found I LOVE it by the pitcher over ice. It does compare well to Blackberry Sage.

Perfect Spring and Summer Tea

5 Stars Perfect Spring and Summer Tea

from TN on wrote:

While I enjoy many different teas, the BlackBerry Sage has been my "gotta have it on a daily basis" tea for several years now. I have to say, Bates Brambleberry tea is equally delicious. It doesn't have the refreshing sage notes, but the berry flavors are divine. It's like drinking a cup of springtime. Very fruity, not too floral and not sickly sweet. I really hope this tea is here to stay.