Dragon Oolong Tea Bags

Dragon Oolong Tea Bags
Dragon Oolong Tea Bags

In China, the name Oolong translates into Black Dragon, inspired by the large, twisted leaves from which this tea originates. From the lush, misty hills of the Fujian province, oolong is famous for its flowery aromatics and lingering finish.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


Oolong Tea has less than a quarter the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping Oolong tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes (if using tea bags) or 5-7 minutes (if using full-leaf.)


Oolong tea from China's Fujian Province



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  • 5 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

My New Favorite!

Macon, GA

I have recently started drinking hot tea for the health benefits and to hopefully alleviate some issues. I have tried different ones but this one is AWESOME! It is very smooth and I can drink it without adding anything to it at all. It has amazing flavor and I love it.

5 Stars

Just like in a restaurant

Roanoke, VA

I bought this as a gift for my dad for Christmas. He said "It tastes just like the never-ending pot of tea you get in a Chinese restaurant." I have looked for years for a good tea like this one. I drink a small pot everyday after lunch. May have to put it on Auto-ship.

5 Stars

Add some Jasmine Pearls

Topeka, KS

Add about 5 jasmine pearls in your cup along with this tea and it's awesome! Love Oolong tea and this one is great!

5 Stars

My favorite for iced tea

St. Louis, MO

I use my Double Infusion Iced Tea Pitcher to make my iced tea. I admit I haven't tried other oolongs for this purpose because I'm so happy with Dragon Oolong.

5 Stars

This is a GREAT tea!

Barry, IL

This is a truly wonderful tea. I have been trying to cut back on caffeine, and this is a truly painless wonderful tasting way to do it. I will be ordering the bulk again when it runs out. Thank you.

5 Stars


Canton, OH

Dragon Oolong Tea is a delightfully fragrant tea. It is smooth and light. I like to serve it with a slice of fresh orange or fresh pineapple. Even my non tea or coffee drinking friends like this one! I buy this tea in bulk, because I just can't get enough of it!

4 Stars

Excellent taste

Schererville, IN

Deep and lingering; does not need any sugar or milk or lemon. Always a favorite.

5 Stars

Lovely Smoky Ooolong

Temple Terrace, FL

So far my favorite everyday oolong--tea bags are great for quickness--but I would like to try the other ROT loose leaf oolongs for variety

5 Stars

New favorite

Portland, OR

I'm not a tea expert; I just enjoy drinking it, and am slowly branching out. I've only tried a few other brands of Oolong, but the Dragon is the best I've tasted. It's never bitter - though I do sweeten, and with Splenda, god save the mark. I know; but I'm diabetic. It still holds up well. It's smooth, and has a wonderful aroma. Earthy, with undernotes of woodsy spices. I love it!

5 Stars

Dragon Oolong Tea

Gridley, CA

We have this tea with our dinner. It is lite and subtle in flavor. Makes a great dinner or after dinner tea.

5 Stars

Delicate and Smoky Oolong

Temple Terrace, FL

I used to brew Oolong from loose tea for years when I lived someplace with a China town or Asian food store, but now I live here with neither it's great to get a nice Oolong from ROT. I've never had it as bag tea before, but I was truly pleased when that smoky Oolong flavor hit my taste buds once again. As bag tea it's a little lighter than loose, but it is not bitter either, which loose tea can be (even when not overbrewed). Really enjoyed! I'll try the loose also--I'm sure if the Dragon Oolong bag is so good, the loose will be also.

5 Stars

Great for a teabag

Latrobe, PA

I found this to be a great Oolong tea. It's relatively strong in flavor for being from a teabag, though if you're a regular loose leaf tea drinking I can see how it could be perceived as a bit weaker. Overall, though, for a no-fuss, throwing-a-few-teabags-in-water-in-the-morning-at-work tea, this is a great Oolong for the job.

5 Stars

Exactly what an Oolong should be

Bailey, CO

I've never taken well to flowery or fruity Oolong teas, and this lacks both of those traits. It is bold and strong; I use one bag for two cups of tea, each equally potent and tasty. It has a crisp taste that is as refreshing cold as it is hot. The best bagged Oolong that I've ever had and better than most that I've tried from Asian importers (and at a MUCH better price!).

4 Stars

This is as strong as I want my oolong to get

Novi, MI

This is a strong, robust oolong, and as someone who consistantly enjoys lighter whites and greens, this is as bold as I like my oolong to get. Very enjoyable, but I don't find myself drinking it much in the summer, and often add a bit of honey.

5 Stars

My Favorite Oolong

Durham, NC

This tea is not as strong tasting as other oolongs, but it is delicious. The taste is woody and robust. I love this tea b/c it is not contaminated by fruity or flowery overtones as with so many other teas. This tea is very clean tasting and is an excellent companion to many dinner time foods. It is also an excellent post-meal tea.

5 Stars

Alexandria, MN

always the skeptic on trying a new tea I really liked this one - smooth and tasty even when my cup got cold!

1 Star

Not my favorite oolong

Milwaukee, WI

I think oolong tea is my favorite. I usually drink Ti Kuan Yin, so I tried Dragon Oolong and was disappointed at how weak the flavor was. Maybe because I prefer loose tea to teabags. I wonder how other oolong tea drinkers feel.
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