Dragonfly Teapot

Dragonfly Teapot

This 20 oz cast iron teapot has embossed dragonflies, a symbol of prosperity in China. Comes with a stainless steel mesh infuser. The interior of the teapot is lined with an easy-to-clean, durable enamel.

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

A gorgeous teapot.

Goffstown, NH

Ever since this teapot came out I had wanted to get it. Recently I finally decided to buy it as a birthday present to myself, and I am glad I did. First off I am a cast iron cookware junkie...I own a whole mess of cast iron pans and pots. So it was only natural I would eventually own a cast iron tea pot. Second, this particular teapot appealed to me because of the gorgeous silver embellishments to go with the dragonfly motif. The inside is coated with a coal black colored enamel. The size is perfect for my single serve use as I generally drink 16 ounces at any given time instead of the traditional 8 ounces (this teapot will do up to 20 ounces, or so it is listed). The infuser it comes with makes steeping and cleaning super easy as well. And the capper is that it is made in Japan, which kind of gives it a neat character. Will this teapot make you a better tea brewer or drinker? No. It is just a teapot after all, and if you just want to "make some tea" you can do that with a cheap infuser right in th
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