Floating Stainless Steel Infuser with Holder

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$13.00 - Stainless Steel Infuser #94733

In Stock

Ships within 24-48 hours

This stainless steel tea infuser is designed especially for large full-leaf loose teas and herbs allowing them space to unfurl their full taste. Fill infuser and float in your heat-safe cup or teapot. Infuser handle provides easy removal and stainless steel dish catches the drips!

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Length: 2½"
Width: 2½"
Height: 3"


Stainless Steel

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Dishwasher safe

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  • 2 Star

Too large to fit in tea pots

2 Stars Too large to fit in tea pots

from OR on wrote:

I have two teapots, both of which are quite large, but this infuser does not fit through the top in either. I tried in my mother's teapot as well with the same problem. You need the opening in your pot to be as large as a mug, at least 3 inches across.

Floating top burst in two.

1 Star Floating top burst in two.

from PA on wrote:

This infuser is a pretty design, BUT: The floating top is manufactured from two parts that are filled with air and tightly shoved together. I used it less than a month, then once when I poured hot water over it, the floating top suddenly burst apart in my teapot with a really loud noise. I'm glad the burst was contained in the tea pot. Republic of Tea totally refunded my money, but I'm surprised they're still offering this infuser. ...and yes, the mesh is way too coarse. Not good.

Clever, But ...

3 Stars Clever, But ...

from NY on wrote:

This is a clever infuser. It works really well in a large mug or a pot with a wide top opening. The first problem was figuring out how to get it open ... it was so stiff it didn't turn and I didn't know the secret. The second problem is that it's a bit wide for a lot of nice cops and, as it wants to be down in the brewing tea, it doesn't work as well as I'd like.

Not what I expected

1 Star Not what I expected

from MO on wrote:

When they say "large, full leaf teas", they mean it. Every single loose tea I have went right through this thing. It's also much larger than I was expecting. There's nothing in the picture to give scale and there are no dimension on the description. It's difficult to get the floating top separated from the bottom (it might loosen and be easier with continued use), but after 2 repetitions (off, on, off, on) the wire mesh began to separate from the metal ring. I don't plan on keeping it.