get gorgeous® - No. 1 Herb Tea for Clear Skin

get gorgeous® - No. 1 Herb Tea for Clear Skin
get gorgeous® - No. 1 Herb Tea for Clear Skin

Herb Tea for Clear Skin - Let's get one thing clear. True beauty comes from within. But when it comes to clear skin, some of us can use a little help.

So here's good news: this organic, rooibos-based, naturally caffeine-free tea blend is brimming with antioxidants - your skin's best friend*.

get gorgeous® was featured in Better Nutrition.

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More About This Product

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Do not use during pregnancy or lactation without the advice of a healthcare practitioner.


Rooibos (Red Tea) is naturally caffeine-free. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping red tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 5-7 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Organic Rooibos (leaf), Orange (peel), Hibiscus (flower), Chamomile (flower), Red Clover (flower), Chaste Berry (fruit), Burdock (root). Other Ingredients: Natural Pomegranate Flavor



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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Wish i had found this sooner... March 13, 2015


Dalton, GA

I have had moderate acne for so long. And I have tried everything to get clear skin. I have gotten prescription acne medication, I have tried all natural products. I have tried it all and nothing has worked for me. Until I found this tea. Within the first week of drinking this tea daily my skin almost completely cleared up. My skin looks so much better and all thanks to this tea. The tea itself is also very enjoyable and I love the flavor!

5 Stars

This tea changed my skin! March 12, 2015


Virginia Beach, VA

I found this tea at the store and figured I would give it a shot. I had been suffering with breakouts for the first time in my life for about a year after quitting hormonal contraceptives. I feared that I had a hormonal imbalance… or maybe even a thyroid problem. I started drinking this tea, just 2 tea bags a day and i noticed a difference in my skin by the second day. No new pimples were coming in, my old pimples were drying up and going away. My skin became more even toned and less red and irritated. My husband and friends are amazed!!! It has given me much more confidence, the ability to proudly wear no makeup, and an excuse to drink some great tasting tea every day! I don't know if I will eventually have to add more tea bags per day and follow the recommended use but if so it is worth it to me. This tea has changed my skin and my life! Thank you Republic of Tea!

5 Stars

great for hormonal skin issues! March 03, 2015


Champaign, IL

I have had a problem in the last couple years with hormonal acne breakouts at a certain time of the month. I've been drinking two cups a day/two tea bags per cup for the last 4-5 days in anticipation of the impending breakout... and it hasn't happened!! Definitely working wonders on my skin.

5 Stars

Amazing! February 08, 2015


Peabody, MA

This tea is amazing! I was put on a medication last year that made my skin break out all over my face, back and chest like crazy. I tried every type of face wash and serum, and I couldn't get it to go away for over a year. I decided to give this tea a go after reading all of the great reviews, and I couldn't be happier with the way my skin looks! I'm down to 6 bags, and I will definitely be ordering the 250 bulk pack. It tastes amazing and gives you flawless, glowing skin- what more could you ask for?

5 Stars

Amazing tea! January 21, 2015


Boca Raton, FL

I started drinking this tea 2 weeks ago and am thrilled at the improvements in my skin. It's a little hard to believe a tea can actually clear up skin but it does. The taste is good, doesn't require any extra sweetener.

5 Stars

a m a z i n g January 07, 2015


Los Angeles, CA

I started drinking this tea about 2 months ago and my skin has never looked better. My breakouts have subsided and my redness is less and less with passing time. Also the taste of this tea is just great. I love it. Not too fruity or floraly... it's just delicious.

5 Stars

One of my favorites December 02, 2014


Chicago, IL

I honestly can't say whether it has helped my complexion or not, but I love the flavor of this tea. It is sweet, but not overpowering. I order it in bulk at least once a year!

5 Stars

Miraculous August 18, 2014



I stumbled upon this tea a while ago at World Market, and thank God I did. I have suffered from acne since I was a teenager, and have tried about every cleanser, wash, and system there is. Nothing has ever, EVER worked like this tea. My skin has literally no bumps on it at all, all that's left over are dark spots that are also clearing up rapidly. After I ran out of the original 36 I bought I immediately went online to order the bulk size. I will never go without this tea again. It's delicious and it WORKS! Believe all the hype.

5 Stars

Good Taste August 17, 2014


Hackettstown, NJ

Pleasant taste. This does not need any sugar or honey. It seems to help my daughter's complexion!

5 Stars

Facial Skin Clearing up Slowly but Surly July 09, 2014


Seattle, WA

It has a light sweet refreshing taste hot and cold. Plus it's doing wonders for my facial skin; goodbye acne and hello flawless.

5 Stars

good stuff June 07, 2014


ottawa, IL

I have only been using it for about two weeks and I definitely notice a difference! I've tried so many things and this seems to be working faster than anything else.

5 Stars

Awesome June 03, 2014


Henderson, NV

I just received this tea and it cleared my face almost immediately. I am going to keep drinking it and ordering it.

5 Stars

Mild flavor great results! June 01, 2014


Dunkrik, NY

mild fruit flavor, calming, great results.

5 Stars

Completely Sip-able and Sip-worthy May 25, 2014


Toronto, ON

This is a wonderful herbal tea that both has mild sweetness and depth. This could replace a lot of my regular sipping teas and definitely doesn't need sugar. There's no caffeine-generated buzz and both stable mood and clear skin result.

5 Stars

Made me a believer! May 07, 2014

That Brown Girl 712

Corona, CA

I have a sweet tooth, but this tea is very mild, so I can drink it without a sweetener. At first, I doubted this tea would live up to its claims. After a few days / cups, I noticed a difference in my complexion. Nice to have a cup before bedtime, too.

5 Stars

Miracle For Me In A Tea! May 02, 2014



I have been drinking this tea for about two months now. I was always looking for something to get rid of light acne here and there, other face creams and washes never really worked, so this tea was a last resort and I am so thankful I tried it. It works, it takes the acne away and leaves my skin soft and glowing. Wonderful light tasting, I enjoy sipping this throughout the day.

5 Stars

this actually works! March 05, 2014


Chicago, IL

I read the other reviews about this working for hormonal acne and decided to give it a try since I'm an avid tea drinker anyways. I'm in my mid-twenties and look young enough without acne so I was looking for anything to reduce/get rid of it. Keeping all else the same after a few weeks of drinking this tea almost every day I noticed a difference in my skin and didn't break out like I used to. It's a great addition to my night routine and taste good too. I just got the 250 pack so I am stocked up for a while now!

5 Stars

Delicious March 03, 2014


Dartmouth, MA

I usually drink the honey ginseng green tea but decided to try this red rooibos tea and I love it. Part of my daily routine now, preferred with a dash of honey.

5 Stars





5 Stars

Love this tea! December 27, 2013


Bedford, TX

Such a delight. I look for this tea every time I shop for groceries. I highly recommend it for a youthful feeling and healthy glow.

5 Stars

Must Try! My skin seems to "GLOW" December 06, 2013


Upland, CA

I am pretty picky about my tea and this did not disappoint. Unlike many tea's I have had previously, it does not taste bitter and strong. I like my tea sweet so I add sugar to it and its even more yummy. It even makes my skin look awesome!

5 Stars

awesome! November 15, 2013


windermere, FL

I don't know how these herbs do it, but it works! I have very bad hormonal acne, it comes out in the form of cysts!!! Awful! This Tea was my last chance before going back to harsh chemicals on my skin(acne medication). IT WORKS!! I saw the redness go down a LOT! also no new acne(cysts) are forming! I was able to stop taking my antibiotics and have been off them for about a month, I'm getting ready to buy it in bulk(Tea, obviously). I do however drink this over ice, therefore I have to use two bags-per 6 onces of water. BUT TOTALLY WORTH It!!! get it! PS dont put any sugar, just power through it! get lots of ice if you have to. You'll get used to the taste soon after if you are not familiar with herbal teas

5 Stars

LOVE LOVE LOVE November 02, 2013


, NJ

Rarely do i write reviews about anything. But this stuff really works, i always had cystic acne where you get the big bumps that are painful and last forever!! After drinking this tea i now havent any "bumps" and it has been like 6 months I have been drinking it. It took about 2 weeks to actually notice a difference and to let my current acne then to heal. I drink one cup a day at night before i go to bed with two tea bags and other then that my skin has definitely improved, i didn't like the taste at first and was mixing it with my yogi bedtime tea, but now i have grown to love the flavor and its a product i buy in bulk now! would recommend to anyone for cystic acne for $10 drinking tea instead of spending so much money on face wash and products, and drinking tea is actually beneficial to your body as a whole.... It is just a win win over anything, although everyones body is different it is worth a shot for anyone who thinks it could help their skin, it helped mine and i am sticking too it!

5 Stars

AN ABSOLUTE MIRACLE September 04, 2013

The LA Lady

Los Angeles, CA

Ever since college, I've suffered from hormonal acne. It ranges from mild to severe and I've even had to get cortisone shots in my face when it's particularly bad. I've tried absolutely every cream, lotion, potion, brew... you name it. So when I saw this tea I had to at least give it a try, and I can honestly say this does more for me than any trip to the dermatologist or spa. At first I thought it was because I was drinking more water, so I swapped out the amount of tea I was drinking for water and that definitely wasn't it. I've even noticed a difference in my PMS symptoms so I definitely think it has some hormone-balancing qualities. I've been using it for over two years now and the effects haven't worn off, nor have I become immune to its effects. If you have problems with acne, I highly recommend giving this a try. This is my #1 beauty staple and it costs less than any of my skincare products! The flavor is kind of fruity and only a little sweet. I typically like black and green teas with no sugar

3 Stars

Taste? Well... July 24, 2013


Paris, KY

This tea didn't have much of a taste and what I did taste was not yummy! However, I did not use it hot; rather in iced tea. I mix it with other teas and make sun tea, daily. Because of the mixture, I don't have to taste something that might not taste great. It mixes super with other teas.

5 Stars

Shocking Results and Very Good Flavor June 27, 2013


Indianapolis, IN

First of all I am not the "home remedies" type of person and am usually not even willing to try any of it. I was recently taken off of a medication that was keeping my skin completely clear and was mortified at how bad my face actually got and everything seemed to make it worse. I saw this tea at a bookstore and decided to try it out of desperation. I've been drinking it for about a week now (as well as still experimenting with different face washes) and my skin is almost completely clear! There are still some little problem areas but they have almost no redness and are hardly visible by anyone who isn't looking as hard as I am. Definitely worth the $10 to see if it will help your skin!

5 Stars

AMAZING. March 30, 2013


New York, NY

Great taste and brilliant result!!!!

3 Stars

3 teapots for flavor, 4 teapots 'all-around' March 24, 2013


Stillwater, OK

I think this tea series does what it is supposed to--I noticed my skin clearing up after 3 days drinking this one, & my aches & pains diminished after a few days of drinking 'get moving" (or flexible?) I'm a believer in herbal remedies & it's nice that they're already in one place for me, as there's only so much I can grow on my own, in my yard, in my climate. The flavor was fine, but I could only give it 3 teapots because there are other favors I liked much better, like the coconut chocolate! Also, although I like rooibos okay, I prefer actual tea.

5 Stars

It really does work! March 04, 2013


Buffalo, NY

Obviously it doesn't eliminate every single blemish, but it really has controlled my cystic breakouts. Almost none in the last month. I didn't think it would work, but it does!

5 Stars

Love this tea :) March 03, 2013


Columbia, MO

I've struggled with acne for as long as I can remember, and I go through phases where it's relatively okay at times and phases where it's severe. Drinking this tea daily didn't PERFECT my skin (if that's what you were hoping for), but it definitely made it a LOT better. I noticed a difference within the first week and I've already reordered 3 more times :) It tastes good. It clears up your skin. I love it and recommend it with no hesitation.

5 Stars

Just Lovely February 25, 2013

Ashleigh Son

Auburn, WA

I absolutely LOVE this tea. Not only does it taste wonderful, but I am sure it contributed to my skin looking very nice.

5 Stars

Tastes Lovely February 10, 2013



I really thought this tea has a nice refreshing taste to it. My skin also looks and feels very nice. I would highly recommend it. Try it. You'll like it :)

5 Stars

Love! January 30, 2013


Traverse City, MI

Love the way that this tea tastes! Not too strong, not too sweet. I think that it makes my skin look brighter too.

5 Stars

So far, so good!! January 23, 2013

R. B.

Athens, GA

Received tea a few days after ordering. Love the taste, and already seeing results within first week. Since I ordered in bulk -- I am sharing. So, yes, I would recommend to friend.

I'm Gripped! January 10, 2013


Weymouth, MA

I first discovered this tea at Whole Foods. I used it along with a creme to reduce my hot flashes. When I couln't find it at Whole Foods anymore I panicked because my flashes were back waking me up at night. Thank God I found you again, and I made sure I bought plenty, 250 bags!

5 Stars

Delicious December 31, 2012


Niles, OH

My wife loved this tea! Not only does it have a great benefit but the taste is amazing. I'm not a fan of most teas besides Black/Orange but I would drink this tea whereas my wife usually takes her tea with honey/sugar and she drinks this straight. Strong or weaker, the tea tastes great. I purchased the large size of bags and my wife has probably had 15 cups of tea in the last week!

4 Stars

Okay tea December 24, 2012

Karen Rose

Dallas, TX

This tea may be good for the complexion but I found it to have a bland taste. Taste is very important to me, so I do not drink it much.

5 Stars

Wonderful ! October 23, 2012


Edmond, OK

This tea is delicious and it really has been wonderful for my skin. I ordered some several months ago, enjoyed all of it and honestly can see a difference in my skin, so I've ordered more.

5 Stars

Unbelievable, but it's TRUE! October 23, 2012


Dallas, TX

I ordered this based on the others' reviews, yet still skeptical. Oh my goodness, it actually WORKS. Even my cystic acne is disappearing. I kid you not. SEVERAL people independently have said, "You are just GLOWING lately!" My pores are also way less visible, and my formerly red nose & cheeks are no longer red. I'm blown away at how effective this is, and I wish I had discovered it years ago. Even 4 bags per day (as recommended on the canister) is less expensive than prescription acne treatments & doctor visits. I order it in bulk now to save a lot and have plenty on hand. It's a miracle. Several of my girlfriends have now ordered the tea as well. I can't wait to watch how much more gorgeous they become. :) THANK you, Republic of Tea!

5 Stars

Wow October 22, 2012

Dei Irvy


acne runs in my family, its like a genetically engineered flaw. I have tried every product in the market, from conventional to the certified organics, but nothing beats this "get gorgeous" tea try it and see the difference! my skin is happy now^_^

5 Stars

Love October 15, 2012

, TX

This tea has a pleasant taste and is nice to drink in the evening or on a lazy Sunday Morning. The most important thing about this tea though is that it truly does help with clear up your skin.

5 Stars

The best! October 12, 2012


Milwaukee, WI

This red tea variety is my absolute favorite!

5 Stars

Love this tea! September 30, 2012


Pawling, NY

This is my new favorite herbal tea. I have definitely seen some improvements in my complexion and the taste of the tea is wonderful!

5 Stars

Teen Approved ;^) September 15, 2012


Phx, AZ

My son just started breaking out, so I bought this tea to try. He loves the taste so my fingers are crossed on the extra benefits of clearing up his acne. I try to go homeopathic on cures as much as possible.

5 Stars

Life-saver! August 26, 2012

Erin T.

Los Angeles, CA

Since hitting mid-twenties I've had adult hormonal acne. I've gone through all kinds of topicals and medications and still the acne remained. I then started going through natural remedies. Eventually I read about chasteberry and it's healing properties - so I decided to give this tea a chance. To be honest, I didn't expect much change. But, to my amazement, my acne has been completely cleared away. After a weeks of drinking it, I noticed CHANGE. Now that I've taken it for around two months I have NO acne. For the first time in my life people routinely stop me and comment on how my face is glowing and flawless. I do not need makeup - this is great! I drink 3-4 cups of tea daily with 1 tea bag in each cup. I hardly ever write reviews, but I wanted to share how effective this tea has been for my acne b/c I know how frustrating acne can be. I do not know if this tea will work for everyone, but I say it's definitely worth a try.

5 Stars

This Stuff Works! August 23, 2012


Paducah, KY

I have tried every skin product out there: ProActiv, AcneFree, Clean & Clear name it, I've tried it. After years, of trying every facial cleanser on the market, I bought this tea on a whim. Within a couple of days, my skin was completely clear and felt better than it ever had, and I only drank 2 cups a day. Definitely worth the money. No doubt.

5 Stars

great product June 25, 2012


, AZ

I have been drinking this tea for about four days and am starting to see some results. I'm really hoping this will work in the long run. I've been struggling with acne for the last 10 years, fingers crossed, this will help..

3 Stars

Good June 03, 2012


, NL

I've always had awful skin, and with this tea (and deadicating to washing my make-up off my face) I've seen improvments! And even if it doesn't work for you, the tea is still a tasty, ligth, sweet tea that I am sure y'all enjoy.

5 Stars

May 04, 2012

, CA

I love this tea because it is so light and doesn't have a bitter aftertaste, even when i let the bag steep for way too long. I already knew I loved the tea when I made my purchase from the website, though, so what made the whole experience even better was that Republic of Tea uses the extra material they cut the tea bags from as packing filler. I can't explain why this eco-conscious, reduce-reuse-recycle method of packaging sent the whole company over the top for me, but it did. LOVED it.

5 Stars

ADDICTED! April 30, 2012


Chicago, IL

This tea is awesome! I have been drinking it religiously for about a week now and have seen great results. My complexion has improved significantly and my skin hasn't broken out since I began drinking it. While it may be hard drinking it 4 times a day, I would recommend it to see the best results

4 Stars

Good!! April 22, 2012


Cambria Heights, NY

This tea was good and I didn't use sugar...A nice taste..

5 Stars

I like it! April 05, 2012


Virginia Beach, VA

I bought this for my teenage son who has acne problems. He has seen substantial improvement so I thought I would try it and have seen a change in my skin too. It's pleasant tasting, especially when I mix it with my "Get Lost" tea, the combo is wonderful!

5 Stars

AMAZING April 02, 2012


, CA

the aroma is delightful and the taste is fabulous. most of all, dear daughter's skin shows clarity within days! it is amazing. breakout have slowed and existing ones are clearing FAST. her complexion has a nice glow as well. i would not have believed it, but read all others' review and thought we are "tea" people anyways, so we gave it a try. so glad we did!

5 Stars

FANTASTIC March 18, 2012


Sydney, Australia,

I was really skeptical when I read about this tea but thought I'd give it a go. I am now addicted to it! It tastes amazing and my skin looks fantastic :)

5 Stars

Great! March 16, 2012


Appleton, WI

I love this tea. After having questionable skin I thought why not try this tea. In the end, it tastes great and I think it gives my skin a healthy glow. Win, win! This is a tea I like to drink any time of day, just makes me feel good!

5 Stars

love it!! March 05, 2012

, CA

ive been drinking this tea for a little over 2 weeks now and i have already started hearing compliments on my skin. my breakouts seem like they go away quicker. it tastes great no sugar needed imm drinking this 2 a day and will definetly be buying more

5 Stars

Absolutely delightful March 02, 2012


Miami, FL

I absolutely love this tea. It has a smooth flavor and a great smell. I just started drinking it on regular basis so I can't accurately describe the improvements on my skin; however, I have not gotten pimples or skin allergies since I have been drinking it. As I said, I will have to wait longer to accredit this tea for my skin improvement. Also, I have been drinking it twice a day, not 3-4 as recommended, but I will start following that regimen. Another pro is the fact that I'm drinking a lot LESS coffee which it's great for my health and I'm putting less sugar in my body. I DO NOT drink the tea with sugar and I don't believe is necessary. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!

5 Stars

Clear Skin January 26, 2012


My skin was breaking out and after drinking this tea one night my skin cleared up. I drink it every night now.

5 Stars

This absolutely works! January 22, 2012


Paducah, KY

I'm 20 years old, and I have terrible skin. I've tried every acne product on the market, even ProActiv, and none of them worked. I found this tea at Joe Muggs and decided to give it a shot. Within a week, my skin was completely clear and looking better than it ever had before. I love this tea!

5 Stars

Nutritious AND Delicious? YES! January 13, 2012


Darien, CT

I bought this last week, never having tried any Rooibos tea before and simply wanting to add something to my diet that was good for me and my skin. What an absolutely delicious blend this is, fruity and mild and wonderful. At needs no sweetener, though if you do take your tea sweetened, a nice orange blossom honey would complement it beautifully. Could not recommend this more highly. A treat!

5 Stars

Love it! January 03, 2012


, OH

This tea helped me so much. I had moderate zit-age, even though I'm in my mid-20s, and this tea has helped clear me up so much over the last year. I'd drink a few cups throughout the workday, and in a few weeks, I did notice a difference. The best part is, if I run out, I usually wait a few months before I buy my next one, because the effects seem to last. This tea (combined with recently investing in some good, natural makeup!) has totally helped! Love, love, love it, and will continue buying for a long time. :)

5 Stars

Great Tasting Tea November 28, 2011


Richmond, VA

Have been using tea every day for 2 weeks now, I noticed some difference with skin but not sure if thats from the new product I started however product + tea=getting better as far as breakouts. Also tea is great just to drink and stay hydrated if you hate water, I drink mine with nothing in it throughout day. I make a big pot of tea in the morning and fill my jug up and just drink it. Try it, can't loose nothing really because its healthy either way

5 Stars

Severe Acne Gal October 22, 2011

Angelina Denson

Aurora, CO

Amazing, fabulous, what-more-can-I-say tea :) I have had terrible acne for a while and I love finding natural ways to go about it. I drink this tea religiously throughout my day (usually 4-5 cups). It is great because you don't need extra sweeteners and you can save the tea bags you used previously and use them to make more than one cup of tea. So you can get more out of the product than 36 uses. As for my specific skin condition my appearance is a lot less red and it is clearing up as the days go by. I am delighted that I have found this product and suggest it to anyone with skin troubles. I really believe that in order to get the results you need to drink it more than twice a day. Thank you Republic of Tea ~Angelina

5 Stars

Great tasting tea! September 13, 2011


Augusta , GA

I am not one to drink tea let alone drink tea without sugar or honey but this tea is great! Not to mention it has a lot of antioxidants in it that help your skin. I just started to drink it 2x a day for the last week. I haven't seen any results but I am sure with time it will help my skin clear up.
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