get probiotic® - No. 18 Herb Tea for Digestive Health

get probiotic® - No. 18 Herb Tea for Digestive Health
get probiotic - No. 18 Herb Tea for Digestive Health

Trust your gut? Absolutely. The digestive system is nothing short of a miracle. It keeps us healthy and supports our immune functions. But here’s the thing: poor diets, stress, travel and other facts of life can really throw it out of whack. So why not give nature a tasty nudge with this naturally caffeine-free, herbal blend? Organic red rooibos blended with the mighty probiotic GanedenBC30 ® effectively helps your system find the right balance, supporting digestive health.* Along with chicory root, which adds inulin, and cinnamon, said to stimulate the gastro tract, this tea is its own little miracle.

Sugar Free Tea carb tea

More About This Product

* As a part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Do not use during pregnancy or lactation without the advice of a healthcare practitioner.


Rooibos (Red Tea) is naturally caffeine-free. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping red tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 5-7 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Organic Rooibos, Cinnamon, Black Limon, Licorice Root, Stevia, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30-6086



Country of Origin

South Africa

Nutritional Information

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Get Probiotic July 14, 2014

Jo Ann Stingley

Egin, IL

Excellent tea really works for my digestive issues

5 Stars

feeling better February 24, 2014


Azusa, CA

I was feeling bloated and was having stomach issues, I've tried Get Some Zzz, and Get Wellness, so I decided to give Get Probotic a try. I'm glad I did, my stomach feels better, and the bloated sensation is gone. Not bad tasting either as reviews I had read were mixed about the taste.

4 Stars

Tea helps with my digestion January 18, 2014


Wrightsville, PA

This tea helps with digestive woes I've had all my life. I like it!

5 Stars

Great probiotic December 27, 2013


St. Louis, MO

This tea has helped to correct my daughter's digestive issues. She is 21 and has had issues most of her life. Of course, it isn't the cure, but it certainly helps.

This contains Soy October 14, 2013


Western , MA

I was prepared to try this in spite of the comments regarding taste until I looked at the ingredients and saw that it contains Soy. Soy is toxic to a lot of people. It makes you lethargic, headachy and otherwise miserable. I won't be using this product
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