get relief® - No. 9 Herb Tea for Digestion

get relief® - No. 9 Herb Tea for Digestion
get relief® - No. 9 Herb Tea for Digestion

Herb Tea for Digestion - Gas and bloating have simply got to go. Whether you've overindulged or just indulged in the wrong thing, thank goodness you can get relief* with this caffeine-free herbal blend.

It's based on organic rooibos, heralded for its antioxidant content. Cinnamon, anise, and peppermint make this a civilized, no-nonsense way to say farewell to those unwelcome gastro visitors.

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More About This Product

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Do not use during pregnancy or lactation without the advice of a healthcare practitioner.


Rooibos (Red Tea) is naturally caffeine-free. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping red tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 5-7 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Organic Rooibos (leaf), Cinnamon (bark), Anise (seed), Peppermint (leaf), Stevia (leaf). Other Ingredients: Natural Cinnamon Flavor



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  • 5 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

This is Medicine February 22, 2015


Naperville, IL

There are so many great flavors that work together so well. It does such a better job in calming my stomach than my old standard peppermint tea. I never had an herbal tea provide such an instant positive effect.

5 Stars

Pleasant January 24, 2015


Springfield, IL

I decided to try this when I was going through a bout of stomach problems last year. It has a pleasant, light peppermint flavor and eases some of my stomach issues when I am feeling not quite right. But I find myself reaching for it even when I feel fine. I just love it.

5 Stars

Really Works! December 28, 2014


Denver, CO

This tea is amazing! I keep it on hand and take it when I travel, in case I over indulge or my stomach just doesn't feel good.

5 Stars

Excellent! August 22, 2014


West Allenhurst, NJ

This tea is amazing and it works! I drink it every night after I eat and it really eases my stomach. It tastes great! I highly recommend this

5 Stars

This is a life saver! June 15, 2014


Laurelville, OH

This tea is wonderful and has saved me much misery from bloat and after-eating pain. I highly recommend it and will be buying again and again.

5 Stars

My 2nd favorite!! June 01, 2014

Laurie Ulrop

Clearwater, FL

I love this tea! If you enjoy a light, fresh and sweet tea, this is it!! Minty, minty, minty! It really is wonderful!!

5 Stars

The Best Tea for Digestion May 03, 2014

Margot Gobetti


I love this tea, taste great.Also help all kind of digestive problems. After meal or any time. Always in my pantry.

5 Stars

Works and Tastes Great March 20, 2014



I don't have a lot of stomach issues but on the occasions when I do, I wanted to try this rather than taking an OTC remedy. It works like a charm for bloating and stomach pain. By the time the cup is gone, so are the symptoms. Also loved the taste--I like it just like it is. Will be reordering.

4 Stars

Tasty and beneficial January 18, 2014


Wrightsville, PA

I like this tea for the refreshing taste as well as the benefits to my digestive system.

5 Stars

I love this tea after dinner December 03, 2013


Reading, PA

Get Relief is my go to tea after dinner. It's a perfect tea to sit back and relax.

5 Stars

The name says it all!!! December 01, 2013


Port Huron, MI

After years of gas and bloating problems I finally found this tea. WOW! I feel so much better. Since I like a more fruity flavor tea I steep one bag of Get Relief with one bag of the Cranberry Blood Orange. YUM!! Try mixing it with your favorite flavor. Also, try it iced.

5 Stars

Yum and thank you! November 12, 2013


Seaside, CA

I've tried several teas to ease my Acid reflux and they didn't usually do much and always tasted gross. No offense but I do NOT enjoy the taste of ginger and marshmallow root! This tea is delicious, I drink it nearly every night, and if I have heart burn or an upset tummy it immediately helps!

5 Stars

Love it October 26, 2013


Madison, WI

I love this tea - it helps with stomach issues and is delicious. It never gets bitter as it sits - I've been ruined for all other mint teas. I do wish I could buy it locally however!

5 Stars

October 15, 2013

mary williams

tamarac, FL

this tea is simply delicious, i am so happy I found something that could help me get relief from gas, so completely, and I don't have to buy dangerous gas relief pills etc.

4 Stars

Good taste and great relief February 14, 2013


Morganton, NC

I was skeptical at first but after feeling the results, I am convinced. This helped and the taste is good. While not a great taste (I would rather have an herbal/fruity tea) I can definitely tolerate it when I need to use it. I would definitely buy more.

5 Stars

December 26, 2012


Great taste and relief as well!!!

5 Stars

A Wonderful Find November 03, 2012


Wenatchee, WA

I "lucked-on" to this tea a year ago in another town and when I couldn't find it locally I began ordering it on-line. Wouldn't be without it; a staple every single day. Recently bought the Probiotic Wellness tea, love the flavor, and so, since I have IBS and other digestive issues it is quickly becoming another favorite. So wish I could find these teas locally but until then on-line is where I order. Absolutely LOVE this line of teas; couldn't/wouldn't be without them.Not a coffee drinker so herb teas are my passion and I stock a wide variety but yours are my favs...Don't stop making them!!!

5 Stars

Great relief alternative! October 15, 2012


Houston, TX

I am enjoying my second hot cup of Get Relief as I am typing this review. About 30 minutes ago, I finished eating brisket, mashed potatoes and salad. I had not thought about this until I read the email asking to submit a review, but I have no discomfort from my Texas-sized meal. Which leads me to believe in its intended effect to aid in digestion. Definitely a keeper!!!!

5 Stars

One of my Favorite teas! September 23, 2012


, ME

This tea is simply one of the best I have ever had. It works to help digestion and stomach upset etc. Beyond that it is simple a soothing and delicious tea. I drink it alot, especially in the winter. I love it so much that when I ran out I bought it in bulk size.

5 Stars

Tasty Way to Feel Better September 19, 2012


Redmond, WA

I have been using this product for a while and have never been disappointed. When you've got an upset system, the last thing you want to do is put more in it. This tea tastes great and you'll be feeling better very soon! TRofT always ships quickly and their packaging is environmentally friendly. It's a win-win purchase from start to finish!

5 Stars

a staple to have at home April 16, 2012


Shinnston, WV

This is a staple at our home. We use lots of remedy tea and this is a must have. If your feeling a little bloated or just not right, brew a cup and immediate relief. All of our family (including all 7 children) love it.

5 Stars

It works! March 20, 2012


Paris, TX

It works great for gas and bloating! I have never had a formal diagnosis, but have symptoms of mild food allergies. I never know when it will hit me! But, when it does, I need relief fast! This tea works in minutes and it tastes good too!

5 Stars

Love it February 01, 2012


, TX

It helps minor stomach distress. I've used it for mild indigestion, gas and mild to moderate (as compared to moderate or worse) food allergy reactions. Beyond that, it tastes good. It's a good herbal tea when you want something without caffeine.

5 Stars

Delicious! January 26, 2012


Coweta, OK

This is a very interesting, yet delicious flavor! I love the first taste of cinnamon and the finishing taste of mint. I do suffer from digestive problems, so I've added this tea to my collection. I think I would order it even if I didn't have digestive problems. It tastes great!

5 Stars

THIS IS MY ANSWER!!! December 26, 2011


Martinez, CA

I have this wonderful tea stocked at all times. I have a delicate tummy and have it after dinner every evening. I use sweetner with it. It's not a fancy tea like some others Republic of Tea offers however, for me it's the best answer for someone like because it's name is true and I would not do without it!!

5 Stars

PERFECT December 22, 2011



The tea tastes wonderful and the effects are as stated.

5 Stars

Great when you are out of town December 13, 2011


, NC

This tea is great when I have to go out of town and eat out a lot. It helps soothe my stomach.

5 Stars

Beneficial tea November 27, 2011


Naples, FL

I start each day with a cup of "Get Relief" tea with breakfast. I find it very beneficial in dealing with daily digestion issues -- it soothes the tummy and also tastes great.

5 Stars

after meal or relaxation tea! November 24, 2011



This is an excellent tasting blend of rooibos and herbs! I love peppermint and peppermint blends - in the evening or to calm an upset stomach. Anise is a great addition. But I wish the wellness teas were offered in the loose leaf format as well!!!! Then it would be a sure pick..

5 Stars

Love this tea November 07, 2011


, OH

I am addicted to this tea. I drink at least one cup every night before retiring. It is not only good for the tummy but relaxing as well. It has a wonderful, light taste. I also like to mix it with fruit teas for iced tea.

4 Stars

Pleasant July 30, 2011


, MN

The cinnamon, peppermint and anise aren't overwhelming or too herbal. It actually tastes pretty good. I don't know that I would rely on this tea if I was having stomach troubles, though.

5 Stars

The perfect end to a meal... July 26, 2011


San Francisco, CA

I love to drink this tea after any meal. The Anise and Peppermint really help to sooth a full tummy.
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