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Longevity Tea - This best-selling tea offers the sweet lushness of a fancy peach seasoned with the tingle of spicy ginger. Exceptional over ice. Voted Outstanding Beverage by the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade.


Decaf Black Tea is decaffeinated using an all-natural process. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes.


Fine decaffeinated black tea, natural peach flavor and ginger



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Citizen Reviews

  • 4.5 Star

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from AL on wrote:

This tea hits your senses as soon as you open the container and smell the peach. Since it is decaf I can drink it at night to keep me from munching and it works!! Recommend if you are trying to cut back on snacking. Put a little honey in it and you will be a happy camper.

Decaf Peach Tea

4 Stars Decaf Peach Tea

from SD on wrote:

Delicious hot and cooled- Would like just a bit more “ peach” flavor- just saying 😉

The BEST Iced Tea EVER!

5 Stars The BEST Iced Tea EVER!

from MI on wrote:

I love your Ginger Peach teas. I have them all! The green, white, black and decaf. Every night I take a 16oz glass bottle, fill it with cold filtered water, pop in a Ginger Peach tea bag and put it in the frig. The next morning, viola, DELICIOUS fresh iced tea every single day! It's amazing, the refrigerator"brews" it overnight for me. And it is still excellent 5 days later! Thank you all for such great teas!

First purchase

5 Stars First purchase

from LA on wrote:

I wanted something different in flavor. I love this tea because it actually as a wonderful peach flavor. I didn't detect much ginger, but it tastes so good I didn't mind at all. This is a keeper.

Three cheers for Ginger peach!

5 Stars Three cheers for Ginger peach!

from FL on wrote:

So thankful TROT has Ginger peach in decaf! My first cup of regular Gingerpeach had me hooked! It makes a great iced tea also. Caffeine in the afternoon no longer works for me so I was quite excited to discover the decaf! So refreshing as an iced tea on a hot Florida day and now I can enjoy this bright tea all day long.