Ginger Peach Black Large Iced Tea Pouches

Ginger Peach Black Large Iced Tea Pouches
Ginger Peach Black Large Iced Tea Pouches

Quench your thirst with the smooth, full-bodied flavor of our award-winning, premium black tea. Each large, unbleached tea pouch steeps a full quart of iced tea. This tea offers the lushness of a fancy peach seasoned with the tingle of spicy ginger. This fresh and flavorful iced tea will make your head wiggle with delight.

Our Large Iced Tea Pouch collection won Design Gallery People's Choice Award 2013.

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More About This Product

Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Fill a kettle with a quart of fresh water and heat to a rolling boil. Place one tea pouch in a heat-safe pitcher and pour in the hot water. Steep for 3-5 minutes and remove pouch. Let cool and serve over ice. After steeping, add the used pouches to compost or soil - they make gardens happy.


Finest black tea leaves, natural peach flavor and ginger



Country of Origin

India, China, and Africa

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Unexpectantly perfect!

San Antonio, TX

I tried this at a cafe by accident, and ordered it the very same day!! You can taste the peach but not the ginger. Great tea for picky people!! :)

5 Stars

Tea is GREAT

El Paso, TX

I love this tea, it was so good that I ordered more in different flavors We get together to enjoy them and see who can guess what flavors they are.

5 Stars

Not Only Hits the Spot - Scores a Homerun, Too

Canterbury, NH

This Ginger Peach brew has become a favorite tea all year round. It is lovely, clean, delicious plain, however, I like it best iced with a nice splash of orange juice. A great value and priority choice for My shopping cart!

5 Stars

Kudos for your packing materials!!

Waterford, CT

These tea bags are perfect since the large sized are hard to find. The tea itself is delicious. I love the tea already but when I saw that the scraps from the manufacturing of the bags are used for shipping materials I thought that was ingenious. You gotta love a company that is thinking this green!

5 Stars

It's Great Hot Now It's Great Iced

Hixson, TN

This flavor is a long time favorite in our family and we're now enjoying the new iced variety. A real treat in this warm weather.

5 Stars

Delicious, refreshing

Akron, OH

Perfect taste for a hot summer day after hard work in the garden. Serve over ice after making sun tea, and you're sure to have a refreshing treat

5 Stars


San Antonio, TX

I love this tea I purchased it I store, thank you for so promptly mailing the tea to me.

5 Stars

Great purchase!

mccleary, WA

Great Taste, not bitter, refreshing, hint of sweetness...excellent purchase if you like the hot tea of this kind you'll love this and so will your guests ,you can add a couple of peaches to the glass of ice tea...yum!

5 Stars

Love it hot & now cold!

Columbus, OH

I've been a fan of the Ginger Peach hot tea for years. I decided to try the ice tea when I made my last purchase and love it…my husband does too! Very refreshing and flavorful. I will definiately continue to order it in the future.

5 Stars


New York City, NY

Excellent tea & Service

5 Stars

Love it!

Allen, TX

This is my favorite!

Great flavor

Burney , CA

Great tea except I only had 3 pouches in my tin. The seal was intact when I opened it.

5 Stars

Tasty and appealing

Arlington, TX

I just love this tea. Just enough ginger to give taste, but not over- powering. Peach is my favorite flavor so far. I live in the south so I must add sugar to make "sweet Tea" Yummmmm.

5 Stars


ocean isle beach, NC

very delicious and refreshing. my favorite tea.

4 Stars

I like it hot


I tried this tea as an iced tea, but it wasn't quite hitting it. I warmed it up and presto, a tasty tea. I give it a 4 because it is a good tea, just not a good iced tea.

Very Convenient

Kokomo, IN

I love these large teabags for making iced tea. I hope to see you package these in larger quantities. I would also love to have them offered in Mango Ceylon PassionFruit Papaya flavors. I would certainly buy them.

5 Stars

The perfect summer tea!

Detroit, MI

Ginger Peach iced tea makes the perfect summer brew. I made it as sun tea, and it was delicious. It is slightly sweet, so it didn't need sugar or honey. It's very refreshing and tasty. I will be ordering it again!
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