Glass Tumbler with Infuser

Glass Tumbler with Infuser
Glass Tumbler with Infuser

Place full-leaf loose tea in the deep infuser, insert into the tumbler and fill with hot water. Perfect for on-the-go sipping.

• 16 oz Tumbler
• Secure lid
• Double wall, borosilicate glass for both hot and iced tea
• Eliminates condensation and keeps temperature longer
• Dishwasher safe
• Fits in most universal cup holders
• Glass mirror on lid helps you look good all day

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Length: 3"
Width: 3"
Height: 8"


Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel

Care instructions

Dishwasher Safe

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

3 Stars

My Love/Hate Relationship! November 13, 2013


Waldorf, MD

I LOVE Republic of Tea & I LOVED this tumbler UNTIL it was no more! I used it daily for two weeks straight. I accidentally knocked it over on my entry rug in my foyer one morning on my way out to work and the outer wall shattered. I thought it was fine because it fell over on a rug, but when I picked it up it fell apart! With the slightest tip over, it was gone in a FLASH! Yes it's FRAGILE, but so CUTE! I'm actually considering purchasing another one! I will care for it better now that I know it's fragility.

2 Stars

More Fragile I Thought October 20, 2013


, IL

I wanted to like these, but they just don't travel as well as I thought. Both of the cups I bought developed chips on the top edge, along with the mirrors falling off fairly early on.

2 Stars

careful! broke in less than a week October 11, 2013


Princeton, NJ

I wish I could have kept this longer because I was really excited to use it, but unfortunately after it was knocked over once the whole thing shattered. I guess it should be obvious that since it is glass it will be fragile but I was still a bit shocked at how easily it broke. I will not be buying another glass tumbler, that is for sure. Also, it did not insulate heat nearly as well as a metal insulated tumbler. My tea was room temperature in an hour.

5 Stars

Gorgeous and functional September 12, 2013


Sausalito, CA

This beautiful tumbler has enhanced my enjoyment of my tea. I love seeing each tea's color suspended within the glass outer layer. I use this mainly for taking tea on-the-go, not for around the house. The lid is very secure. I haven't used the infuser insert often—I usually brew a whole pot of tea, drink some at home, then transfer some into the tumbler to take with me. But I've used the infuser once or twice and it's nice to have.
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