Hibiscus Coconut Tea Bags

Hibiscus Coconut Tea Bags
Coconut Hibiscus Tea Bags

The sweet, cooling taste of fresh coconut is the perfect partner for tangy, Nigerian Hibiscus. Swing into a relaxing getaway while drinking this delightful tea. Refreshing served hot or over ice.

2011 Gourmet Product Award Gold Winner.

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More About This Product

Do not use during pregnancy or lactation without the advice of a healthcare practitioner.


This herbal blend is naturally caffeine-free. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping herbal tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 5-7 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Hibiscus, rosehips, apples, Stevia, coconut bits and natural flavor



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  • 5 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

So impressed! August 01, 2014


Anaheim, CA

I was so incredibly impressed by this tea! I usually find that hibiscus overpowers most other flavors but couldn't believe just how much coconut came through! Not to mention just how refreshing it was! It was sweet enough to not need any sugar and made me feel invigorated without caffeine. I would have to say this is currently the best tea I have ever had! I drank it cold and loved it, but I imagine it will be quite comforting when warm.

5 Stars

You can really taste the coconut June 10, 2014


Joshua Tree, CA

I'm enjoying my 3rd iced tea pitcher of this from the first tin and just came to order in bulk. This has a coconut taste and aroma that I wasn't sure would be good as a tea, but it definitely is. I usually add a bit of sevia to the fruity Hibiscus teas, but this already has enough to make it just sweet enough without being overly sweet. It's like having a macaroon without the calories.

5 Stars

Powerfully Great May 03, 2014

Cheryl A. Aaron

Chicago, IL

I love Hibiscus Tea but with the coconut added the flavor enhancement was powerful to my taste buds. I had sipped it hot and ice cold. That flavor stands up extremely well in both.

5 Stars

Really Yummy! April 08, 2014


Charleston, WV

I am in love with this one! It is soo yummy. Just tried it for the first time today and It's a keeper!

5 Stars

AMAZING!! April 07, 2014


New Lenox, IL

Definitely one of my favorites. Very fruity tasting.

5 Stars

Simply Delicious March 04, 2014


New York, NY

Some of the most pleasant tea that I've ever sipped. It's so full of body and flavor.

5 Stars

I make iced tea with it... February 24, 2014


minneapolis, MN

I bought this to try it and it mixes beautifully with the Hibiscus Key Lime and the Hibiscus Strawberry to make excellent iced tea.

5 Stars

Best Herbal Tea January 06, 2014

Hibiscus Coconut

Asheville, NC

This is the best herbal tea I have ever tasted in my life! It is like having dessert in a cup.

5 Stars

Nicely Balanced Tea December 26, 2013


Danielson, CT

Love coconut in anything! I especially like the way it balances the somewhat tangy hibiscus. It's also another product which seems to help lower blood pressure.

5 Stars

Love this tea December 17, 2013


Orion, IL

I love this tea. I make chocolate tea lattes and the extra flavor this coconut tea gives my latte is amazing.

5 Stars

Perfect over ice! June 11, 2013


Los Angeles, CA

I bought this tea on a whim at World Market because they were out of Watermelon Mint. I have been missing out! Delicious hot, but even better over ice! I made a mixed drink with it today - just this tea and pineapple juice. Tastes just like a pina colada!

3 Stars

Beware of Stevia April 22, 2013


, MO

I loved the flavor of this tea but was very disappointed to realize there is Stevia leaf in the product. I am highly sensitive to Stevia (it causes me headaches)so when I encountered a headache after drinking I looked into the ingredients. Please offer a Stevia free alternative to your teas. I never imagined it would be included in a tea.

5 Stars

My Absolute Favorite! April 20, 2013

Sara Craig

Deland, FL

I bought this from World Market and it is my absolute favorite tea. I have many, many teas and this one is just awesome. I prefer it over green tea, lemon tea, rooibos, everything....it is must try!

5 Stars

My favorite April 07, 2013


Elk Grove, CA

super yum! not too bitter or sweet. all flavors were balanced and I want to buy more. I just had it w/some girlfriends. Any idea if it would be just as good cold? If so, how would you suggest to get same balanced flavor?

5 Stars

A favorite! February 06, 2013


Seattle, WA

I have ordered a number of decaf/herbal teas from Republic of Tea lately, and this one is my favorite so far! Very bright, exotic taste - the coconut flavor is pleasant and not overpowering.

5 Stars

Perfect Refreshing blend January 10, 2013


Kalispell, MT

I keep a jug of refrigerator tea going year round, even here in Montana! This hibiscus coconut is the most refreshing of any I've tried for cold tea. In addition to drinking straight, I also use it as a base for smoothies vs fruit juice or milk...perfect to me!

5 Stars

Exquisite!! December 05, 2012


Lynn, MA

This is my new favorite tea. It is fabulous iced. The coconut comes through in just the right strength. Love it!

5 Stars

Afternoon cravings satisfied! September 11, 2012


Paradise, CA

My very favorite afternoon tea. So satisfying it substitutes for a sweet snack. Coconut flavor is delightful!

5 Stars

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I've got love in my tummy August 29, 2012


Ojai, CA

Want a fantasy vacation break to Hawaii, just drink this tea and it'll take you there. Drinking it reminds me of those old Calgon commercials...take me away. Rich coconut flavor, delicate hibiscus, this tea is delicious. Because I'm like Emeril and I "bam" like to take things up a notch, I add coconut flavored stevia. One sip and I'm transported!

5 Stars

Wondeful Taste August 03, 2012


Diamondhead, MS

Just love the flavor hot or cold very refreshing

4 Stars

Nuts for Coconut August 02, 2012


, NJ

I liked this tea even more than I anticipated.

5 Stars

August 01, 2012

Laurie Zeiszler

Stafford, VA

Very refreshing this time of year as a cold tea.

5 Stars

This is my favorite tea!!! Love it! July 31, 2012


Jupiter, FL

Best tea I have ever had! Love it! : )

5 Stars

Refreshing! July 05, 2012


Gary, IN

I visited a friend in Tennessee and happen to walk through a World Market. A gentleman was just bringing out a pot of tea and asked if I would care to try it. Normally, I'm not much of a tea person, but the aroma alone begged me to try it! I was amazed how much I enjoyed it and immediately thought that it would be great treat over ice for the summer! So I bought a tin and had to order more, a bag of 250! What I truly love about the Hibiscus Coconut Tea is that it has a natural sweetness to it and there is no need to add sugar! I'm hooked for life!

5 Stars

Personal Favorite! June 30, 2012


Boca, FL

The tops! Of all hibiscus flavors I've tried, this is my fave. Good hot or iced. Best flavor is when it's warm after cooling down from brewing. Drink this way, even in the FL heat. Love adding a dash of honey, German rock sugar or unrefined sugar. The best! Am ready to try the loose leaf.

5 Stars

Delicious! June 26, 2012


, NY

This was just incredible. Juicy and full of coconut and hibiscus notes, it really tastes like paradise. I love sipping this midday-- instant pick me up!

5 Stars

May 30, 2012


Love this tea! Great iced for summer!!

5 Stars

Great for iced tea. March 29, 2012

the Tango

Cambridge, MA

I love this; it makes a terrific iced tea.

5 Stars

Yum Yum Yum March 29, 2012


Las Cruces, NM

Oh I have found heaven! This tea should be called "Bliss" it's wonderful. I love it so much!

5 Stars

Smells like heaven, tastes good, too! March 28, 2012

Boston, MA

This tea is aromatic, lovely with dessert (or when you're trying to avoid eating dessert but want something a bit special).

5 Stars

So good!! March 22, 2012

, CA

Most coconut teas don't have enough flavor for me but this one is delicious! Wow! Perfect balance of sweetness to. I will definitely be buying lots of this tea. Its only been a few days and Im already almost halfway through my tin. Its my new favorite.

5 Stars

I'm so glad I found this wonderful tea. March 17, 2012


Tucson, AZ

It is soft, heart-warming, calming and delicious and I'm so delighted I looked up "hibiscus tea."

3 Stars

Okay February 27, 2012


Green Bay, WI

I like the plain Hibiscus better. Adding the coconut doesn't make it taste better. Will finish the can but not order again.

5 Stars

Love , love ,love this tea January 28, 2012

, MS

this tea oozes with the flavor of coconut and has a soothing effect on whoever is sipping it

5 Stars

Even if you don't like coconut! January 23, 2012


Falls Church, VA

YUM...my husband doesn't like coconut but is hooked on this tea...I added honey, lemon and fresh-pressed ginger when I had a bad cold, and a swear it cured me faster!

3 Stars

it's okay January 18, 2012



It's okay but I prefer the plain Hibiscus. I expected a more coconut taste than it had. I will finish it but return to the plain variety.

5 Stars

Yummy! January 14, 2012


Sand lake, NY

This is my favorite tea. It has the perfect flavor and sweetness. I can't wait until summer, so I can make it iced!

3 Stars

December 09, 2011


Eastsound, WA

I love the plain hibiscus tea and thought it might be fun to add coconut. It was okay, but the plain is better. I also bought Darjeeling, one of my favorites and it was just great, enough to buy a bulk pound. Okay, I like your product...especially the loose teas. I have four teapots in which to brew even the bags.

3 Stars

November 17, 2011


Corydon, IN

This was ordered for the coconut flavor and it is just too tangy for me. I don't care for it.

5 Stars

Sweet September 30, 2011


Fayetteville, AR

I love this tea, I only drink iced tea and have tried many flavors. I love it because it is very light and has an awesome coconut flavor. My kids even love it, I add KAL brand stevia to it which makes it perfect.

5 Stars

Sweet refreshing and healthy August 01, 2011


Westbury, NY

Perfect remedy for hot humid nights on Long Island - iced is the best way. I also add a little lemon and a little stevia. Can't beat it.

5 Stars

Yummy! July 26, 2011


San Francisco, CA

This makes the BEST iced tea. I love to brew this really strong and drink it icy cold. So refreshing and the coconut smells amazing.

5 Stars

The best iced tea! July 25, 2011


San Francisco, CA

Such a pretty and easy drinking iced tea. The coconut pairs perfectly with the tangy hibiscus. Not too sweet, just delicious!
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