Jet Black Yixing To Go

Jet Black Yixing To Go
Jet Black Yixing To Go

In a convenient, modern twist on a classic teapot material, traditional yixing (YEE-shing) clay from Jiangsu, China is covered in a practical stainless steel exterior and black non-slip finish. This porous red clay has the unique ability to absorb flavors with repeated infusions of your preferred tea.

Place full-leaf loose tea in the bottom of the travel mug, fill with hot water and insert the filter for convenient on-the-go sipping. Check the additional info tab for a list of recommended teas.
• Holds 8 oz of premium tea
• Removable stainless steel filter locks into place
• Convenient, secure top
• Simply rinse with hot water (no soap) and air dry

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Length: 2½"
Width: 2½"
Height: 6⅞"

Using our Yixing To Go is just about the simplest way to enjoy a cup of premium full-leaf loose tea. We recommend the following full-leaf loose teas:
Milk Oolong Tea
Jasmine Pearls Green Tea
Coconut Pu-erh Tea
Keemum 1100 Black Tea
All Day Breakfast Black Tea
Lapsang Souchong Black Tea
Golden Yunnan Black Tea
Wuyi Oolong Tea
Ti Kuan Yin Oolong Tea
Dragon Well Oolong
Moroccan Mint Green Tea
Silver Rain White Tea


Yixing clay, stainless steel, rubber

Care instructions

Hand wash. Do not use in microwave, dishwasher or stovetop.

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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Found my favorite mug for tea! March 12, 2014


Raeford, NC

I have had many cups that I thought would be my favorite, but they would leak, or be too awkward to carry. This travel cup was perfect! I can put it into my purse, keep it at my desk at work, and it is perfect to carry with me anywhere. I also love the filter inside for loose leaf. This elegant cup looks good professionally, and it is not too bulky. I will always recommend this product to all my tea connoisseurs.

5 Stars

works beautifully May 09, 2013

Lou Ann

, FL

The Yixing Travel Mug works beautifully ... securely encased in stainless steel. I've had the Yixing for several days now and brewed many, many cups of the Silver Rain White Full-Leaf tea. The Silver Rain tea is good for multiple infusions ... but I was having a difficult time getting the leaves out of the cup to dry them between uses ... until today, when I use a #2 unbleached T-Sac Tea Filter. The tea is wonderful and I can easily take the filter out and dry the leaves between infusions ... Now everything is right with the world ... lol Would like to have a way to permanently mark my mug to identify the which tea it is used for as I intend to buy a few more of the mugs for my three other favorite teas; and I don't want to mix up the mugs.

5 Stars

Love it! April 13, 2013


New York,

This item was beyond my expectations! Its eye catching, of good quality, kept my tea warm for more than an hour (I'm at upstate NY temperatures are in the 30) I used Coconut Pu-erh Full-Leaf, didn't get no leaf filtrated, I placed upside down and sideways for a while it never spill, not a problem to carry in my purse,for the super sizer drinkers you may want to keep in mind that this is 8 oz, is a normal cup a tea. Came properly packaged. Overall I'm impressed and in love :D
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