Lapsang Souchong Black Full-Leaf

Lapsang Souchong Black Full-Leaf
Lapsang Souchong Black Full-Leaf
Lapsang Souchong Black Full-Leaf

The Tea of Mystery - The entrancing, smoky character of this tea is achieved by an elaborate process. The hand-picked leaves are smoked over pinewood embers, for a distinct and mysterious cup.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Finest Fukien Lapsang Souchong leaves



Country of Origin

Fujian Province in China

  • 5 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

4 Stars

Very Interesting December 20, 2014


New Orleans, LA

Definitely one of the more interesting teas I've tried. If you find its smokey flavor too strong, a local coffee shop I frequent recommends blending 1/4 lapsang souchong with 3/4 keemun to calm it down. I tried it like this, and found it to be fantastic.

5 Stars

Delicious! June 27, 2014


Arroyo Grande, CA

I am a big fan of Lapsang Souchong and the best I've bought has been from RoT. Smells and tastes like a campfire. It's nice and strong, just the way I like it!

5 Stars

Smooth smoky flavor June 04, 2014

Judy Bailes

Willis, TX

I have loved this tea for many years. Couldn't find it for awhile, then I discovered The Republic of Tea. Was so happy to find they had it. This has a really great smoky flavor and fragrance. Very smooth, not bitter.

5 Stars

One of my favorite teas April 03, 2014


Springfield, VA

A friend introduced me to this tea years ago. When she described it to me I didn't think I would care for it, but I loved it. Have purchased tins drank it for years. Then I found other favorites and forgot about this tea, had a tin with 1-2 cups of tea remaining. Found it a week or so ago in the back of the cupboard, and fell in love with it all over again. Just in time for the end of winter. Reminds me of sitting in front of the fireplace, just a very warm, comfortable feeling. So bought another tin and enjoying this tea all over again.

5 Stars

A Favorite! April 01, 2014


Greenville, SC

This is my favorite cup. Friends and family don't share my enjoyment of this tea, but I'm happy when I drink it. It reminds me of being out-doors by a campfire and taking in the surroundings.

4 Stars

Something Different March 31, 2014


Garfield Hts., OH

After drinking a lot of different black teas, green teas and flavored teas, this tea is reall something different and a nice change from the others with its very distinctive taste!

5 Stars

Great Tea! March 28, 2014


Washington, PA

I love this tea! Great smoky flavor; just right. Will definitely buy again!

5 Stars

Wonderful Smoky Flavor March 24, 2014


Salem, IL

Such an elegant tea. It has a wonderful, full-bodied flavor. It is a favorite of mine.

5 Stars

Tastes like a log-fire February 20, 2014


Austin, TX

This tastes like drinking a log-fire in the middle of winter (even if it's the middle of summer). I Love it more than lots. Its like a mystical firedance in my mouth, or like burning unicorn tail-hairs made into tea. Best... tea... ever.

5 Stars

Amazing! December 31, 2013


Lake Worth, FL

Delicious! One of my favorites!

5 Stars

One of my favorites December 04, 2013


Wausau, WI

This rich, dark tea, with its smoky flavor is one of my very favorites, especially in winter.

5 Stars

Love this tea June 02, 2013


Sheffield, AL

This tea is very unique, i have heard of it for many years and since The Republic of Tea is my go to source I thought I would give it a go, it is a acquired taste and probably not for everyone...........but I love it, great winter tea on those cold rainy days a classic and wonderful tea.

4 Stars

Try a sample first if you can April 19, 2013

Jon Patrick

Charlotte, NC

I like strong things - strong coffee, strong tea, strong foods. When I saw this 'smokey' tea, I had to buy it, but I was completely unprepared for how, honestly, smokey, it is! This is like no tea I've had before, it's like a dry-rub for grilling a roast. That is NOT to say I don't like it - it has it's time and place and I've come to enjoy it in moderation, but it's certainly not in my top 5. or 10. A review below states they liked it on the 2nd taste, and I'd completely agree. As I explained to my wife, this is either "full-bodied and smokey" or "ashtray" flavored. Strongly suggest you try it first before you spend the $$$ for a whole canister!

5 Stars

Rich Smoky Flavor April 03, 2013


Denver, CO

I love this tea. It's best with just a bit of honey in the morning.

5 Stars

Wonderful tea March 06, 2013


Sheffield, AL

This is a classic tea, not to everyones taste but in the winter this cant be beat i buy the full leaf and its wonderful.

5 Stars

I love this added to Earl Grey black February 24, 2013

betty magnuson

Palos Heights, IL

I have been using this tea - 1 tsp w/1tsp earl grey. love it. The delightful small shop I have been purchasing this item from for at least 8 yrs. has gone out of business & have no idea where to find it. HELP The last location of "The Front Porch" is out of business & I cannot find this tea.

5 Stars

Lapsang Souchong - The King of Tea December 29, 2012


Lakeland, FL

Not to everyone's liking because of its smokey scent and flavor, Lapsong Souchong is my all time favorite tea. I buy it in bulk. It arrives fresh and stays fresh in its foil lined bag.

5 Stars

December 24, 2012


My husband loves this tea.

5 Stars

An enchanting tea December 01, 2012

Alexa Foley

Wailuku, HI

Hold onto your chair when you taste this tea, because it'll make you want to jump with joy! The flavor is so exotic and delicious, you're in for a treat with Lapsang Souchong.

5 Stars

Love at 2nd sip November 12, 2012


The first sip I though "hmm, don't like this"...but wait, then the flavor seemed like it developed and by the 2nd sip I really loved the smokey flavor. I actually bought this tea for a smoked chicken recipe and it was yummy. When my husband asked how much to use to make a cup of tea, I knew I had to order more. This is definately one of my black tea staples.

5 Stars

Smokey Goodness August 14, 2012


I love this tea! When my local distributor stopped carrying it I was terribly disappointed. I spent a while drinking other teas until I finally had enough empty tins to store one pound of THIS TEA. When I ordered and realized that the tea came in a resealable container I was so frustrated that had wasted so much time. Now, I'm back to my regular tea most of the the smokey flavor and thank you for the resealable bag.

5 Stars

Bold! June 28, 2012


This tea is the smokiest I have come across... Reminds me of a BBQ pit each time I open the foil-lined bag. I like a bold black tea with spicy notes and this one fits the bill. I like it with and without a slice of lemon. Brew the night before for the best morning pick-me-up! One more thing: The leaves are large, so I rarely have any slip out of my tea infuser. Thanks, Republic of Tea!

June 10, 2012


Excellent, full-bodied, a good "wake-up" tea or good with meals such as steak, BBQ grilled beef Who needs coffee when there is so much variety, so many flavors in teas!?!

5 Stars

Refined Tea May 31, 2012


Baton Rouge, LA

If you've had lapsang souchong tea before and liked it, this is a very nice, rich, refined version. I enjoyed it very much. The smoky flavor is distinct, yet not over-powering. This seems destined to become a favorite of mine.

2 Stars

Not smokey enough for me May 11, 2012

Ginna Plude

Middlefield, CT

Lapsang Souchong is my absolute favorite tea. It is my morning beverage so I'm very particular. Lapsang is a smokey tea, that flavor is what makes it lapsang, and this one is just not smokey enough for me. If you're new to Lapsang this one would probably suit. But if you like a really bold Lapsang this one won't do it for you.

5 Stars

My Favourite Tea April 11, 2012



I first tried this tea at a tea tasting at a local library. I'm not a big tea drinker, but I absolutely love it! It has a wonderful smokey flavour and is very strong, almost like my coffee. I enjoy both the taste and the scent, and it is perfect to drink with my lunch.

5 Stars

Call of the Wild March 17, 2012

Jane Mancha

Novato, CA

Even in summer, the aroma of this tea steeping in my cup carries me back to my home in Alaska .... that enticing smoky steam carries memories of campfires and skiing and chilly days warmed by a hot cuppa flavorful tea. This is not a tea for those who live a pastel life.

5 Stars

Everything I expected and more... March 12, 2012


Carlisle, PA

The description of this tea intrigued me...sounded like it needed to be enjoyed near a roaring camp fire. Initial sensory perusal confirmed that and a subsequent enjoyment of a cup in just the situation its description evoked proved most enjoyable!

5 Stars

Morning Tea February 15, 2012

Patricia Webb

Madison Heights, VA

This is my other favorite morning breakfast tea. The smokey flavor is a lovely start to the day. I steep it 8 minutes (I like my tea strong) and use a bit of raw sugar and half and half. As I write this, I am sipping my cup of Lapsang Souchong.

4 Stars

Very Smoky January 20, 2012

Sally Jackson

Martinsburg, WV

I like to mix this with other black teas; it gives a great smoky flavor. It is a little too smoky on its own.

4 Stars

Extremely Smoky Flavor January 10, 2012


Shreveport, LA

I wanted to try this. I was really not prepared for the burned/smoky aroma of the loose tea was when I opened the canister. However, the taste of the tea when brewed was more pleasant than the aroma and quite unsual. I wonder if it could be used to flavor barbecued foods? Not a favorite, but glad I tried it anyway.

5 Stars

My absolute favorite tea January 05, 2012


Wausau, WI

This rich, smoky tea has been my favorite for years, especially during the winter months.

5 Stars

My absolute favorite tea January 05, 2012


Wausau, WI

This rich, smoky tea has been my favorite for years, especially during the winter months.

5 Stars

Most Unusal Tea Ever January 02, 2012


Phoenix, AZ

This is probably not the tea for everyone because it's so unusual. The smokey scent and flavor add to the tea's full body. I prefer my hot teas sweetened, and worried that this would taste odd with sugar and milk, but it doesn't -- it tastes great. The smokey scent translates into something very tantalizing in your mouth. It's a family favorite. If you like strong flavors or are the adventuresome type, I heartily recommend giving this tea a try.

5 Stars

Strong aroma, mild flavor January 02, 2012


Clovis, NM

Lapsang souchong is one of my favorite teas. This was the first time I had purchased it from Republic of Tea. This tea has a very pleasant smokey aroma which doesn't really follow through in the taste, which is nice. This is a nice tea to sip while enjoying a strong flavored cheese.

5 Stars

Meditative December 19, 2011

Cactus Kate

Winnemucca, NV

When winter's grip is unrelenting, I curl up in an afgan and sip the essence of a summer's campfire. The aroma is sharply pine scented but the taste is much more subtle. Very warming to both body and mind.

5 Stars

November 17, 2011


Highlands Ranch, CO

my favorite black tea - I love the flavor.

5 Stars

Perfect! November 11, 2011


Laguna Niguel, CA

Hands down my favorite tea, it's got a great smokey campfire aroma, but a rather sweet taste. I'd highly recommend it to those with adventurous taste buds!

5 Stars

Just incredible! July 20, 2011

Kevin Ricketson

Bartlesville, OK

I was quite surprised at first by this smoky smell coming out of my cup - could I even drink this? It smelled like a campfire, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the taste quite mellow, just a hint of smokiness tempered by a smooth heartiness, and i was enjoying the first cup quite tremendously by the third sip! I only have the one tin, and find myself now guarding it and a little unwilling to share it until I get another batch on the way! I'm starting to look forward to this afternoon tea with more anticipation than my first cup of coffee in the morning! I suspect that if you have a camping and outdoor background you are going to love this tea, but if you've never left the city it may be too much of a strange odor and sensation to overcome. I would recommend that if you are curious you at least order the taster tin, or write this down and order it at you next tea shoppe and try this incredible marvel!
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