Lemon Chiffon Cuppa Cake® Tea Bags

Lemon Chiffon Cuppa Cake® Tea Bags
Lemon Chiffon Cuppa Cake™ Tea Bags

This herbal green rooibos (ROY-boss) tea has the decadent flavor of light chiffon cake speckled with sweet coconut and topped with a creamy lemon icing – all the indulgence without the calories. This caffeine-free cup is perfect for high tea or any time of the day.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


This herbal blend is naturally caffeine-free. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Heat fresh, filtered water to boiling. Place one tea bag in your cup and pour in 6 oz of the heated water. Steep for 5-7 minutes. Remove the tea bag and enjoy. For iced tea, double the amount of tea bags used, steep as above and pour over a generous amount of ice.


Green Rooibos, apple, lemongrass and natural lemon, vanilla and coconut flavors

Country of Origin

South Africa

  • 5 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Popcorn! July 01, 2014


Atlanta, GA

This is a lovely tea (and I'm re-ordering), but for me it's not lemony - it evokes popcorn! I have it in the afternoon/evening as more of a savory option, and follow it up with my favorite Strawberry Chocolate tea for sweet.

5 Stars

I can smell the cake in front of me! May 10, 2014

Lisa G.

Murrieta, CA

Amazing! How did you do it? This is the most outstanding tea ever. Love it!

5 Stars

lemon chiffon dessert April 29, 2014


San Antonio, TX

Sometimes I get a craving for lemon bundt cake and this will satisfy my taste buds. I prefer to drink this hot with vanilla or sweet creamer!

4 Stars

Satisfies my sweet tooth March 03, 2014


Washington, DC

This tea evokes lemon bars, coconut cake, yellow cake, even cheesecake. Really tasty and appropriate for a dessert tea or a morning tea. My only qualm is that the overall flavor is very light - I wish it were a bit stronger. I'll try brewing with only 6oz of water next time.

5 Stars

My 11 year old can't get enough of this tea! February 27, 2014


Pittsburgh, PA

This tea has a lovely lemon flavor and smells delicious! One evening after dinner as I was making myself a cup my 11 year old daughter caught a whiff and asked if I would make her a cup to try. She takes her tea with a bit of honey and a dash of cream - one sip and she was hooked. She now asks for a cup almost every night!
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