Mango Ceylon Black Tea Bags

Mango Ceylon Black Tea Bags
Mango Ceylon Black Tea Bags

Metabolic Frolic Tea - This favored tea is light, sweet & intoxicatingly fragrant. Mango & sunflower blossoms are blended with superior Black tea leaves to produce an uplifting cup. A favorite retreat for coffee lovers. Wonderful served hot or over ice.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Fine black tea, natural mango flavor and sunflowers



Country of Origin


  • 5 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

The perfect tropical iced tea

Santa Monica, CA

I love iced tea. I'm a huge iced tea drinker, all year round. I order it at restaurants all the time. Some places serve "tropical" iced tea, and I am a big fan. This tea very much has that tropical flavor, more so than just a mango tea. That is a good thing. It is well balanced -- the Ceylon really adds to the great flavor.

5 Stars

My Fave

Villa Park, IL

This is one of my favorite teas of all. The flavor is delicious. Very smooth, low acidity.

5 Stars

So good...

Santa Clara, CA

Love this tea. Just opening the can and experiencing the aroma is a pleasure. The sweet-tart mango over the earthy black tea is so tasty! I find I use a bit less sugar with this tea than I would with an English breakfast with milk and sugar. The mango flavor carries the sweetness really well.

5 Stars

Favorite by far

Hegins, PA

I first tried the tea at Panera Bread and had bought a can there years ago. They stopped selling me the cans, so I went online and found Republic of Tea. The flavor is fabulous and what I like about it is that it is great hot or cold. Mine got cold sitting in the car, and it was a great cold drink. I have both caffeinated and decaffeinated, both taste great!! Shipping is reasonable and fast!! Well worth the cost!

5 Stars

Old standby - one of my top 5

Arlington, VA

Pleasantly different than plain teas but fruit flavor isn't overpowering

5 Stars


Outlook, WA

This is some seriously "Ahhh" moment kind of tea! The Mango is wonderful hot but I LOVE it over ice on these long summer days! I am fairly new as a Citizen to the Republic of Tea but I am quickly catching on! I can't stop shopping for more and more! I need to try them ALLLLL!

5 Stars

One of the best!

Kennesaw, GA

I enjoy this hot an in ice tea. It is very refreshing!

5 Stars

Mango Ceylon -- Most Awesome Tea Ever!

Clowderville, AL

I echo all of the praises of the other reviewers for Mango Ceylon. It's wonderful!!! When I couldn't find Mango Ceylon locally, I nearly hyperventilated, but then I hopped onto The Republic of Tea's website and discovered that I could order directly from RofT and have it shipped to my house. Bonus -- even with the shipping cost (which is quite reasonable), buying the bulk package was cheaper than what I was previously paying when I bought the same quantity here in town. I highly recommend Mango Ceylon. It is the most awesome tea ever!

5 Stars

ยก Viva el Mango

Moores Hill, IN

Ordered in Bulk this time ... This is by far my favorite 'flavored' tea . (actually my favorite every day tea, period. I have been drinking this tea for many years / tried other Mango teas - none can compare. This is the real deal . Smells divine when you open the tin/packet to retrieve the treasure you are about to enjoy! Try it! You won't be disappointed :)

5 Stars

Mango Ceylon

Martinez, GA

This tea is by far the greatest tea I've ever tasted. It is my morning wake up stimulator. I have a cup before breakfast and during breakfast. You don't have to add anything to it. It's mellow and can be used as a formal evening tea. I purchased the bulk savings package. Love it!!!!!

5 Stars

Best Tea

Martinez, GA

The Mango Ceylon is the best tea I've ever tasted. It soothes my stomach when it feels my stomach doesn't fell good. My friend gave me a tin and I love it. I tried to find in in our specialty shops but they didn't have this flavor. Thank God I found you on the web and will order it. Love it, love it!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

Always a favorite

Arlington, VA

The first Republic of Tea I tasted - and a favorite ever since. Just enough fruit in the taste to be interesting

4 Stars

Solid black tea

Fall River, MA

The mango flavor in this is subtle, but it works really well. This is, by far, my favorite tea to turn into iced tea. It's tasty on its own, or sweetened. If you take it sweetened, I recommend honey in this one!

5 Stars

Wonderful tea

Savannah, GA

Hot or iced. This is the best tea I've ever tasted. Naturally a little sweet, fragrant, smooth and just robust enough to replace mild coffee.

5 Stars

mango and peaches

Morehead, KY

We love this tea mixed with ginger peach tea. Very refreshing summer or winter. Try adding frozen pieces of frozen mango or peaches to it, can't believe the flavor!

5 Stars

my all time fave

winona , MN

This is my everyday, every occasion tea. It's robust and flavorful, delightful iced or hot. I buy it by the big bag full.

5 Stars

Love, love this tea!

Moultonborough, NH

Without fail this is my 'go-to' cup of tea. The fragrance as it steeps and the taste are full but soothing. It is how I start off my day. I haven't tried it as iced tea, but based on other reviews will do so soon.

5 Stars

My Favorite!


I recently tried a few teas by The Republic of Tea, and this one is my favorite! I made it iced, mixed with regular tea bags, and it was delicious. It sweetens the tea enough that you don't have to add sugar and gives it just enough mango flavor. I have not tried it hot yet but imagine I will enjoy it that way, too. I am looking forward to drinking my mango tea this summer!

5 Stars

Great with honey

Oak Grove, MN

I am generally a non-flavored black tea drinker - in fact I despise almost all flavored teas. Give it to me black and strong. However, I found myself somewhat drawn to this tea a while back, and it is still a favorite of mine to drink from time to time, esp. when I'm not feeling the greatest. I will add that I particularly LOVE this tea when sweetened with some honey. It changes the flavor completely into something EVEN BETTER. The mango was great before, but when paired with the honey, it's extraordinary (in the truest sense of the word).

5 Stars

My All Time Favorite

Kennewick, WA

The mango and the black tea are a perfect mix. My evening treat. I look forward to this tea at the end of the day.

5 Stars

Spousal Unit's favorite

, WI

He has a cup at work every afternoon. The perfect pick-me-up.

5 Stars


I love this tea, hot or cold. It just makes me feel good. I feel like I am having a special treat.

5 Stars


Love this one and Peach Ginger both my favorites!

5 Stars

this tea really works for me.


it works like a cup of coffee to does like me that don't drink coffee.

5 Stars

Washington, IL

great hot or cold

4 Stars

very good

amenia, NY

this is a very good tea. Milder than some other black teas I've had, but I really like it. I would get this again

5 Stars

Whiting , NJ

Love Mango Ceylon was one of the first flavored teas I tried by Republic of Tea. Delicious hot or iced. Many friends swear I've sweetened it a head of time.

5 Stars

One of my favorites

Ames, IA

One of my two favorites. Not too fruity, not too heavy, perfect blend.

5 Stars

Refreshing and Delicious

Troy, AL

I originally had this tea at Pizza By The Sea in Watercolor, FL. I loved it so much I tracked it down and now purchase the 250 jumbo pack. I drink it iced with 3 packs of Truvia! I'm in the South--we have to have our sweet tea! I take it with me every where I go! Back in May, I quit drinking Diet Coke cold turkey and this tea took its place. It is so smooth and wonderful. I'll never drink anything else again!

5 Stars

My Favorite All Around Tea

Little Rock, AR

Great either hot or over ice. My favorite tea of all time.

5 Stars

A favorite Iced!

Auburndale, NY

Mango Ceylon is an absolute favorite both hot and especially iced. This is my summer refresher.

4 Stars


, NL

So yummy! Is robust without being overwhelming. A great tea to start the day and as a snack tea! :D

5 Stars

My favorite!

Chandler, AZ

My all-time favorite tea and the one I choose to start my day with, more often than not. Delicious, perfectly blended tea with just a hint of mango. Smells amazing, too!

5 Stars

My all-time favorite

, MI

I love this tea. Wonderful blend of flavors and tea. It does not brew dark, but is wonderful without sugar. Mellow and gentle.

5 Stars

Very good!

Tomah, WI

This tea is so good! I'll be coming back for more!!

5 Stars

One of the best

Castle Rock, CO

Lovely flovorful tea, stands up well to added milk or cream.

5 Stars

Wonderful all the way around!

, MO

A long-time favorite. I love it's fragrance and it's taste is refreshing. Can drink it all year round.

4 Stars

Melon "Boba Milk Tea"!

, FL

Very light and pleasantly mellow melon-floral flavor. The black tea took a back seat to the predominant melon taste. Enjoyed it with a generous splash of milk and was strongly reminded of "Boba Milk Tea"!

5 Stars


staten island, NY

Just received the sample with the catalogue and I love this tea. I want to try it over ice. I am going to buy this one!

5 Stars

The best iced tea - ever!

Vienna, VA

I just love this tea! It makes the most refreshing iced tea that is thirst quenching year round. My problem was finding it in local stores so I solved that problem by ordering it direct from Republic of Tea.

5 Stars

Intoxicating Fragrance and Flavor

North Platte, NE

I opened the bag that the tea bags came in and the fragrance was so wonderful! I actually walked out of my house shortly afterwards and when I came back in, I wondered what smelled so good! It was the tea!! The flavor has just enough of a hint of mango to be delicious without it being sweet which is excellent for me because I don't like sweet tea and it has black tea which makes it the perfect tea as far as I am concerned. Love it, love it, love it!

5 Stars

My favorite!

, OH

This is by far my favorite tea!

5 Stars

Amazing blended black tea!

Columbus, OH

I have been drinking this tea for well over ten years! There is something so clean and fresh about the flavor. I think that there is the perfect amount of mango flavor to it, and the black tea tastes of a good quality due to its total smoothness. I find it to be a mild black tea overall. It is the best plain; sometimes I add some almond milk though. It has a nice color to it that is lighter than I would normally expect from a black tea. It is also great iced. This and Blackberry Sage are tied for my favorite blended black teas from RoT. I buy the loose leaf.

5 Stars

Pleases palates across the globe

South Bend, IN

I have loved this tea for years and have friends in Holland, England, Norway, France and Japan who enjoy it as well. When I travel to visit them, one of my house gifts to them is always a bag of Mango Ceylon Tea from Republic of Tea. One friend even asked about it when he were visiting the States this Christmas!

2 Stars

Mostly just black tea flavor. No mango here.

Conroe, TX

If you are a herbal tea fan and looking for mango taste, keep on looking. The black tea overrides any mango flavor you were looking for. Anything other than black tea is sooo subtle it's hard to differentiate.

5 Stars


I have found my favorite iced tea flavor!!! I squeeze a little fresh lime juice into a large glass filled with ice and this delightful Mango Ceylon Black Tea. There is just nothing like it. I also love it hot. I just brew a pot in the morning and have a couple of cups to start the day with a spring in my step.

5 Stars

Exciting Mango Ceylon Tea

Seattle, WA

I use to be totally dedicated to Blackberry Sage and drank nothing else... Until I tried Mango Ceylon tea! Pow! I was hooked on the lovely bouquet of flavors; the blend is mild but full. Very soothing. Try it you will switch to it too. I still love the Blackberry Sage as well, but my no.1 is Mang Ceylon.

4 Stars

no mango flavor at all


not a bad tea but no mango flavor and not as fragrant as described.

5 Stars

Toledo Bend, LA

I love it for my afternoon cup (or two) of Mango tea. It's so relaxing to curl up with a book and my hot tea in the winter and iced tea in the summer.

5 Stars

Love this Tea!


I love this tea!! I start most mornings with at least a cup. I rotate in others, but always come back to this.

5 Stars

I love this stuff!

Sacramento, CA

It is a smooth black tea with a hint of mango and sweetness. No bitterness at all.

5 Stars

My pleasant introduction to the Republic of Teas

Burlington, VT

my first tea exploration away from plain old English Breakfast or Earl Gray was Mango Ceylon and it couldn't have been a better experience. 10 years old and I was totally hooked. From the unique container to the perfect tea bag pillows. A really great, aromatic black tea, not to mention an amazing, AMAZING! tea to make iced tea with. This is good stuff.

5 Stars

Great for Headaches

St. Louis, MO

The first time I had this tea I was fighting with a headache and it was recomended by a local tea shop. It really does help. I love the flavor as it's not too strong and not too sweet. It's a good blend of flavors.

5 Stars


Hot or Cold this is a very relaxing tea a good flavor that is mild and fragrant not over powering like some teas. Great for unwinding after a long day!
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