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All Night Samba Herb Tea - The complexity of this brew will happily engage your senses - a deep, sweet, chocolaty infusion that's rich in character. An exotic blend of cocoa and Brazilian maté, featuring small amount of natural caffeine. Rooibos, cactus flowers and almonds add depth to this deep rich brew. Add steamed milk for a creamy herbal latte. This product contains nuts.

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This herbal blend has about half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.


Roasted Yerba mate cocoa, rooibos, almond pieces, cactus flowers, sunflowers and blue bottle flowers



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Citizen Reviews

  • 5 Star

Gorgeous, fragrant, and Delicious!!

5 Stars Gorgeous, fragrant, and Delicious!!

from KS on wrote:

This tea is my favorite (after Chai Green Full Leaf) and is such a joy to have. One must look at this beautiful tea in the canister, then enjoy the fragrance, and finally brew it. This tea and the Chai Green Full Leaf both have almonds as an ingredient and are unlike any other teas I have ever. Absolutely delightful!!

The Best tea ever!

5 Stars The Best tea ever!

from OK on wrote:

I can't do without this tea. It is so tasty and hits the spot!

wonderful tea

5 Stars wonderful tea

from OK on wrote:

This is such an awesome tea and makes me so happy when I drink it with a tiny bit of good as coffee.

Amazing in all aspects!

5 Stars Amazing in all aspects!

from MI on wrote:

This tea is amazing. First, when I opened the tin the first thing I said was "look how pretty!" It has this wonderful color combination of yellow, blue, and dark brown. Next, the smell is wonderful. It is deep, sweet yet musty and you can smell the chocolate and the nuts pretty well (at least I can). The taste of this tea is wonderful as well. It is rich, full and is very close to coffee. The aftertaste is not bitter at all and very pleasant. If you love black, full bodied and deep flavored teas, this one is beyond compare. It won't disappoint! I recommend this to everyone! One of the most satisfying teas I've ever had!

The only tea for me!

5 Stars The only tea for me!

from CA on wrote:

I bought my original cast because it was marked down at a health food store. If I would ha e known, I would have bought them all. This has been difficult to find d locally, so I have been ordering in bulk now for 2 years. I make a big pot every morning, put it in my thermal carafe and drink all day. Any leftovers, pour over ice in afternoon. Love it!