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We've married the exquisite organic green tea powder known as matcha with fine, organic green leaf tea. We invite you to sip the fresh, springtime-grassy flavor of this tea. This tea's smooth character makes it a good partner with sweet or savory foods.

Organic Double Green Matcha Tea was featured in Men's Health as one of the Top 125 Foods for Men.


Green tea contains less than a quarter the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping green tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water just short of boiling. Then pour water over tea and steep for 1-3 minutes (if using a tea bag) or 2-4 minutes (if using full-leaf tea.)


Fine 100% organic China green tea and organic Japanese matcha



Country of Origin

China, Japan

What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

  • 5 Star


5 Stars Delicious!

from IN on wrote:

I'm a long time fan of traditional green teas, but I've never tried Matcha before. I thought I'd give these a spin, as opposed to the hassle of whisking powder. I was not disappointed! I like to drink this straight, with no sweetener. It has a beautiful grassy, verdant quality, without a bitter after taste or the feeling that you're sipping on lawn clippings. It's very light and refreshing, even when you drink it hot. It's my go-to afternoon pick me up tea, and a great replacement for a soda!


5 Stars BEST TEA!

from IL on wrote:

Been drinking green tea for a while for its weight loss benefits. Heard about Matcha powder but always thought it seemed like a hassle to have to crush it and mix it in. When I saw these handy pre-made tea bags at the grocery store, I had to try them. Best tea ever. I will never go back to any other brand. I drink a cup with every meal and before bed. This tea has even replaced my morning coffee. I am on my 3rd can of the 50-pack. Love it.


5 Stars outstanding!

from NC on wrote:

I have been drinking green tea for many years and never really tried the Matcha tea. Absolutely loved it. So happy with how easy it is to make and tastes wonderful. I will be buying this product from now on. Thank you for selling it at The Fresh Market where I saw and purchased it.


5 Stars Delish!

from CA on wrote:

After steeping the tea I add silk almond milk and raw sugar and it is the most delicious drink I've had. It is great warm or ice cold. Both almond milk and green matcha tea are great for your complexion.

It's great

5 Stars It's great

from NJ on wrote:

Heard about it on tv and bought a can of 50 tea bags. I'm down to 4 bags left. I'm going for another can tomorrow