Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea Bags

Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea Bags
Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea Bags

Spice of Life Green Tea - The unmistakable, earthy aroma of turmeric, blends perfectly with ginger, cinnamon and pure honey flavor in this captivating, organic golden infusion. Clean green tea adds a freshness and body to the cup. Partake in the ancient wisdom of the far east with each savory sip.

Spiced Turmeric Ginger Tea
• 1 cup water
• 1 Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea Bag
• 1 inch orange peel, no white pith
• 1 tsp. lemon juice
• 1 tsp. Agave Nectar
• Sliced lemon rounds for garnish

Heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Place the tea bag in a standard sized mug. Add heated water and orange peel. Steep for 5-7 minutes. Remove tea bags and orange peel. Stir in lemon juice and agave syrup. Garnish with lemon rounds.

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More About This Product

Pregnancy and lactation: Do not use during pregnancy or lactation without the advice of a healthcare practitioner.


Green tea contains less than a quarter the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping green tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water just short of boiling. Then pour water over tea and steep for 1-3 minutes (if using a tea bag) or 2-4 minutes (if using full-leaf tea.)


organic turmeric, organic green tea, organic ginger, organic cinnamon and natural honey flavor



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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

1 Star

Yikes March 26, 2015



I have purchased so many teas over the years, most of which I love and buy over and over again. I love ginger, and I sprinkle turmeric on food whenever I think it works, so I was really excited about this tea. I agree with the review that said that the only good thing to say about this was that it didn't taste as bad as it smelled. But OMG. I am sorry, but I thought it was awful. Tasted like medicine. So sad, was so looking forward to the combination. Still love so many of your other products, but this one was not for me and I felt I needed to share.

5 Stars

Quite Shockingly... Wow! March 01, 2015


Queens, NY

I received this as a sample from the Republic of Tea and have been extremely hesitant in trying it out, because I was assuming a very Southeast Asian/Middle Eastern like taste... specifically curry, hahahaha. However, it was... wow. You can definitely taste the green tea, but you also get hints of ginger and turmeric. It is not overwhelming at all, which was my greatest concern. Plus, it seems really great and the whole concept of it (taste, scent, and the idea) is very refreshing. The scent of the tea is very soothing like lavender. I am writing this review as a note to myself, that I really enjoyed this tea and I most definitely will buy it for myself and as a gift to others. I highly recommend it to new/old customers of Republic of Tea.

5 Stars

What a pleasant surprise February 28, 2015

Just one tea lover

Philadelphia, PA

I received this as a sample in my brochure, and immediately knew I would buy some. It has a little kick of spice, but not too much. I really enjoyed it, and look forward to receiving this order!

5 Stars

So good! February 24, 2015


Aurora, NM

Love this tea, it has a nice warm spicy note without being overwhelming. Love it at work.

5 Stars

Love this Tea February 19, 2015


Macon, GA

I love drinking this tea without any additions. Very mild, look forward to every cup.

5 Stars

Very nice tea February 18, 2015


Naples, NY

This is a lovely, gingery tea. Very pleasant taste and I'm looking forward to the homeopathic benefits.

5 Stars

Yummy February 13, 2015

Lynne N

Findlay, OH

This is such a warm wonderful flavor. I drink at least one of these a day. I've read that ginger and turmeric are good for you, but I continue to drink this because it tastes do good.

5 Stars

Delicious tea..wonderful fragance January 18, 2015


San Marcos, CA

I had never tasted tea from this company, and since my daughter gifted me this tea for use as an antiinflamatory; I found that it is delcious, just as it is..the aroma,taste, smoothness of this tea, was really suprising! So much so, that I am going to look into other products this company offers...defenitely a winner!

5 Stars

Was skeptical.... December 20, 2014


Clawson, MI

I wasn't sure I'd like this but I ordered it out of curiosity. After all, turmeric isn't exactly known for it's flavor. But from my first sip, I really really liked it. Has a nice 'bite'. This one is now officially added to the rotation!

5 Stars

Enjoy this delicious tea that brings healthful benefits November 25, 2014


Seattle, WA

If you research the health benefits of adding Turmeric to your diet, you will be amazed. I've added the spice to my cooking, but wanted more. As I love green tea and favor organics, I thought I'd give this a try. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of a turmeric tea, but this is FABULOUS. I drink it daily and have already gotten a couple friends and my teenager hooked on it, too. Now, it's my ONLY tea.

5 Stars

Delicious! October 15, 2014


Tallahassee, FL

One of the best green teas I've ever tasted! I drink it every day...

5 Stars

This tea in place of NSAID September 21, 2014


Lancaster, PA

This tea along with Biodynamic Organic Turmeric Cinnamon has a great flavor but more importantly is a wonderful, organic anti-inflammatory. Love love love it!!!

5 Stars

Nice alternative to plain green tea June 07, 2014


New Brunswick, NJ

Nice spicy flavor for a green tea. Healthy spice, according to reports.

5 Stars

pain free May 11, 2014

Mrs. Quan

Tempe, AZ

This tea has an acquired taste, however after several cups I now thoroughly enjoy the flavor! I started drinking turmeric ginger green tea for its antioxidant and high anti-inflammatory ingredients. I injured my knees, elbows and hips with weight lifting. Stopped the weights and started drinking 4 cups of this tea daily and I no longer hurt.

5 Stars

To Your Health May 06, 2014

Marcia Rath

Denver, CO

An amazing tea! The mild earthy taste of the turmeric is initially unusual, but, mixed with the more alive ginger and cinnamon tastes, quickly gives the feeling of a refreshing whole body cleanse. I love it as a bedtime tea even though it's a green tea. With a nice bouquet of flavors,it has some of the best anti-inflammatory properties of any tea. The turmeric helps to tonify your body organs and the ginger has cooling properties that also sooth away inflammation giving this tea perhaps the most powerful healing properties of any tea you can drink. Drink it everyday!

5 Stars

Helps my joints April 25, 2014


Corpus Christi, TX

Love this tea! It seems to help my mild joint pain.

5 Stars

Health Benefits of Tumeric and Ginger April 17, 2014


Rowley, MA

This tea has a nice smooth taste and many health benefits! I buy it in bulk and sip all day long.

5 Stars

Wonderful Tea! April 16, 2014


Los Angeles, CA

Really smooth and fragrant tea. Not too strong. It has a lovely balance of flavor. Slightly sweet but I still add a little honey and cream. Delicious! With all the health benefits added it is the perfect tea.

5 Stars

Happy That I Like It! April 13, 2014


Merrilviller, IN

I was a little wary to try this, just couldn't imagine turmeric being tasty...but this is earthy, pleasant, aromatic and light but with body. I really enjoyed my first cup and look forward to making a habit of this healthy, beneficial tea. I appreciated one reviewer's mention of cooking with the tea...I plan on saving my used tea bags and infusing rice water with them!

5 Stars

Powerful Antioxident! Great Flavor!! April 08, 2014


Grand Blanc, MI

Was given to me at first then ran out and decided to buy the 250 bag refill! I mix with a touch of local organic honey! Delicious!! I am an advocate of eating as organic as possible! I believe that daily consummation of turmeric will help prevent the development of cancer and help maintain a healthy body ph!

5 Stars

Love this tea! April 06, 2014


Tumeric has so many health benefits, and is often hard to get into the diet. What better way than to enjoy it with a delicious ginger green tea!! I feel this tea gives my health a boost in such a delicious way!

5 Stars

Lovely tea & fragrance March 26, 2014



It took me four tries before I eventually succumbed to the fragrance of this delightfully fragranced tea; a co-worker recommended it and I am forever grateful ; served with a slice of fresh lemon rounds renders the tea even more palatable. Thank you for stocking it!

5 Stars

Great tea March 14, 2014

Dayna Keiser

Ocean City, MD

Tea has a wonderful aroma and is sweet without any additives. Also as a cancer survivor anything which reduces inflammation is desirable but not everything tastes this good! I am very glad to have found this tea.

5 Stars

spicy but silky to the tongue March 13, 2014

Patricia Aker

Wytheville, VA

very pleasant and lively enhanced with more zest is energizing

5 Stars

Great tea February 27, 2014


Flint, TX

This tea is a great tea. I've been drinking a couple a cup a day for a few months now and I think it is helping my arthritis in my joints. The tea is the only thing I've done different in my drinking and eating habits. So, I figure it must be this tea. Plus it sooooo yummy.

5 Stars

Perfect! February 26, 2014


Wilmington, DE

I am a cancer survivor so I was very excited to try this tea. Potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties PLUS a delicious flavor profile. Very soothing aroma. Love it!

5 Stars

Super! January 04, 2014


Corpus Christi, TX

Not sure if it is completely because of the ingredients, but my tendonitis has markedly improved since I started drinking this tea! Thank you, RoT!!

5 Stars

Love this tea! November 29, 2013


Traverse City, MI

My husband and I have been drinking the Limber tea daily. I decided to try the turmeric green tea. Boy was I glad I did. It has a lovely mellow taste. so now I drink the this tea, and my husband drinks the limber. We are both content.

5 Stars

Healthy and Tasty October 30, 2013


Newport Beach, CA

I started drinking tumeric and ginger tea to help reduce chronic inflammation. I can't say how much the tea actually helps, but along with an improved diet and increase in exercise, I feel the best I've ever felt in my 26 years! It tastes good too :-)

5 Stars

My new favorite Tea October 29, 2013


Redford, NY

I love this tea. It is part of my morning routine everyday. Healthy way to start the day and a great afternoon treat also.

5 Stars

Home Run September 11, 2013

Cynthia D.Tufts

Auburn, AL

Smoothe, feels like life in cup. Nothing like ginger, Tumeric, and Bromelain to fill body and soul with the high of well being. Love ginger peach and red raspberry, but this one is the BEST!!! Bulk buy for me!

4 Stars

Great for calming your stomach & inflammation September 06, 2013


Bellefontaine, OH

Turmeric and ginger are a great health combination in this tea. It helps my stomach issues. It grows on you the more you drink it and you love knowing that it's so good for you.

5 Stars

Really helps with inflammation! September 03, 2013


New York, NY

I never had a tea like this before so honestly the first day that I tried it, I had to take small sips throughout the day and put honey in it to be able to drink it. I preferred it cold at first vs. hot. But by the 2nd day I was able able to drink a full mug normally and by the third day I was drinking 2 cups of the tea per day and have gotten used to it. At home I boil some green tea and pour green tea onto the turmeric ginger tea and add Raw Honey and Cinnamon and it tastes wonderful and you taste the turmeric less but still get the benefits. I have really noticed a difference since drinking the tea and have been feeling much better from my back and have not needed to take any anti-inflammatories since drinking this tea! I noticed the one day I didnot drink it that I did have more aches and pains. My husband tried it and it has been helping him as well. Love it! and will definitely continue ordering it! I ordered 2 tins to have one at home and one at work!

5 Stars

Wasn't Sure I'd Like This August 13, 2013


San Jose, CA

I received a sample of this in one of my previous orders. I looked at it for a long while, thinking the combo of tastes had to be odd. I finally tried it and now it's one of my very favorites! I would have never thought turmeric in tea would be a good idea but it's exceptional. I'm going to need refills soon!

5 Stars

The Perfect Soothing Mix July 12, 2013

Patricia Robinson

Plaistow, NH

I don't buy much herb tea, having found many incompatible with my taste or inflammatory health issues. But this caught my eye because of the ginger/turmeric/cinnamon/green tea combo (I'm not even a green tea fan!). I use all regularly as known/proven antiflammatories. Though skeptical of their pleasing mix in a tea, I decided to give it a try, based on trust in ROT. What a surprise! From the "clean-but-earthy" aroma to the matching taste, to the overall soothing effects, I've been delighted! Don't drink it every day, but find it just right for raw/rainy and particularly stressful or painful days. I take it straight, find it comforting to hold it in my favorite round-bellied mug with both hands, inhaling happily as I bring it in for a sip. Almost as good as a comforting hug! THANK YOU for this health-supporting gift!

Delicious Tea June 17, 2013

Kathy Holder

Houston, TX

This tea is great. Smooth, not bitter, and has an excellent taste. For those who put sweetener in their tea, you can drink this without! I love it and have been buying it for over a year.

5 Stars

Medical use June 13, 2013

Kelly Russell

Ellijay, GA

Ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatory. I was blending my own until I found it pre packaged. I have used this tea 2 times a day for 3 weeks to reduce the pain and swelling in my neck shoulder and hand for authritis. I am now 5 months pain free by drinking 1 cup daily. Try it I am sure you will find the same results.

5 Stars

Awesome earthy taste May 16, 2013


Baltimore, MD

I love that they did not try to add rose hips or hibiscus to this tea. It has a clean earthy taste that I can't get enough of. This is like no other tea I have ever tasted.

5 Stars


Mary Thoma

spencer, OK

Amazing flavors combine to make this one a genuine surprise. The fragrance of the tea is wonderful to enjoy as well. Clean and refreshing with fruity notes. I will be re-ordering this one! I ordered it because of the reported health benefits of turmeric and of ginger not expecting it to delight my taste buds...more of a "medicinal" tea I was predicting. I was pleasantly proven wrong. If you have not sampled this one I suggest you should.

3 Stars

not bad May 01, 2013


The taste is better than I expected, but not enough to make me add it to my regular repeat buys. There just isn't enough cabinet space. Do make sure you wipe up spills right away since the turmeric stains. I now have a yellow ring on the counter that I didn't catch quickly enough.

5 Stars

yum April 22, 2013


pleasantly mild

5 Stars

Love this tea! April 20, 2013


Monticello, IA

Just tried this tea-got the sample with my last order. I am very impressed and will order more!

5 Stars

Delicious & Soothing April 19, 2013


I find this tea to be delicious, earthy and very soothing as my morning cup. I have had issues with stomach upset from certain tea, and the zingy ginger and spicy turmeric are the perfect combo for me. And with the outstanding health properties of ginger, turmeric and green tea, it's perfection in a cup!

5 Stars

Pleasantly surprised! April 12, 2013


Vancouver, WA

Like so many of you who left comments about this tea, I, too, was VERY hesitant about this tea. I have IBS, so I actually take turmeric supplements, and based on how they smell, I certainly would not have tried this tea had I not received a sample. I was super curious when I initially received it, so I opened it to get a whiff. Same earthy smell as the tablets I take (like stinky feet)! Anyway, here it is a month or so later, and since I hadn't thrown the sample away, and since I had a really rough night last night with the IBS, I decided to finally give it a try. Seriously, this tea is AMAZING. I can taste both the ginger and the turmeric, and it is surprisingly smooth and delicious with the honey (I always add my own as well). No heartburn issues with me, either (as noted in a couple comments) -- it is mild, delicate, and soothing -- and this is coming from a person who actually ADDS ginger powder and white pepper to a cup of chai tea! At any rate, I'm here tonight to purchase this delightful tea.

5 Stars

Place Catchy Title Here April 11, 2013

Rachel D

Youngstown, OH

Just like many of the other reviewers, I received the bag with the magazine and was turned off by the scent at first. I also decided to try it anyway and was very surprised I liked it so much. There was a unique flavor there that I could only describe as 'earthy'. I plan on ordering some, and recommend trying it.

Smells funny but tastes delicious March 18, 2013


Hermitage, PA

I received a sample tea bag with a catalog I received in the mail. It smelled strange and I did not think I would like it, but decided to take a chance... So happy I did!!!! It's tea is excellent! I drink it without honey most of the time, but its delicious with a teaspoon of honey also. I highly recommend this flavor. Some reviews said it gave them heartburn, I have not experienced this problem at all. In fact, I found that the ginger actually settles my stomach.

4 Stars

Love it! March 17, 2013

Ann Martinson

Spokane Vly, WA

several reviewers did not like the smell in the bag dry.... I found it intriguing. I love tumeric and ginger both but would not have considered tumeric in a tea. I like tea very weak so I poured almost-boiling water over the bag and left it for maybe 45 seconds. this created a delicious, delicate tea which I really enjoyed.

3 Stars

Pleasant but.... March 16, 2013


Phx, AZ

I wasn't impressed w/the flavor. Ginger teas are some of my fav's but I wasn't WOW-ed like so many others. Recvd a sample bag w/my catalog & glad I could try it as a sample instead of buying a tin. The blend is pleasant, just not my cuppa tea ;^)

3 Stars

Delightfully Mislead March 12, 2013


, IA

First, I am VERY picky with tea, and there are very few flavors that I like. A score of three is a good score for me. With that in mind I got the bag free with the catalog. It smells like a hippie's house, which I did not like, but I gave it a shot anyway. It was absolutely delicious. The scent was misleading, and I really liked the tea.

5 Stars

Surprise! March 11, 2013


Freeland, MI

What a surprise! I got a free teabag with the catalog. I opened it today and smelled the teabag. YUCK! ...or so I thought. I figured I'd give it a taste anyway, I could always throw it out but I was so pleasantly surprised to find that it's delicious! I have rosacea so I hope the anti-inflammatory properties will help that.

5 Stars

Surprisingly wonderful December 15, 2012


Portsmouth, NH

I needed more ginger in life so I decided to give this a whirl. It is sweet and tasty. I can taste the ginger and turmeric, and the touch of honey in the tea mellows the spice. I was concerned about heartburn (a problem for me) but I had none. My favorite.

5 Stars

Benefits of turmeric in a new way November 14, 2012

Dick Williams

Kansas City MO, MO

I know no medical claims are made for turmeric teas but I am a believer in the value of turmeric and enjoy using turmeric tea either by itself. Also I often combine a bag of Turmeric tea with another tea or with Tart Cherry concentrate for the benefits of both.

3 Stars

Smooth but has after effect November 11, 2012


Chicago, IL

After reading several good reviews, I decided to try this blend because of the great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of ginger and turmeric. Although the tea tasted smooth enough, I found that it gave me terrific heartburn an hour or two after drinking - so no more spiced turmeric ginger for me! I'll stick with some of my other Republic of Tea favorites.

5 Stars

great tasting & medicinal October 31, 2012


Chicago, IL

not only is this tea soothing & taste great, the turmeric & ginger with the other added ingredients has helped my asthma. on a scale of 1-10 my asthma has come down to a 1-2 from 8-9 & it's fall in Chicago which is a bad time for me. I drink 3 cups a day & can even sleep thru the night, I add organic honey-do not add sugar! turmeric & ginger have anti-inflammatory properties & ginger soothes my stomach. I can go around flowers & fresh cut grass. I'v been in & out of the hospital & intubated twice. I'm sooo glad I did my research & found this tea. I wish I'd had it 30 years ago! THANKS REPUBLIC OF TEA ('-')

5 Stars

Exceptional October 24, 2012

S E Ray

Carmel, IN

Of all the Turmeric brands, this one is not only the best tasting, it does indeed bring soothing and healing to the lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

5 Stars

suprizing taste October 04, 2012

patricia jones

bainbridge, NY

very pleasent flavor

5 Stars

September 04, 2012


, MO

I drink a lot of tea and this is by far my favorite. The addition of turmeric is wonderful. Such a smooth cup of tea, I start each day with a cup or two. I have to buy this in bulk because my husband who usually goes for fruit teas, has discovered he loves this one too.

5 Stars

smooth July 30, 2012


Ventura, CA

each cup tastes so fresh and consistant Thanks for such a good product.

5 Stars

Organic Tumeric Ginger - TASTY !! July 19, 2012

Zorak Montague

Wilmington, DE

I wasn't sure what to expect but wanted to try this tea because it has tumeric in it. It turned out to be pleasantly surprising - a gentle flavor with a little subtle spiciness to it. Very enjoyable. My only regret is the cost of shipping and I hope TROT is working hard to bring that cost down at least on their refill shipments. So 5 teapots for the tea and 3 teapots for the shipping charge.

5 Stars

Great! Great! Great! July 08, 2012



Wow! I loved this from the very beginning. I recently purchased directly from their web because the place from where I usually get this has been out of Turmeric Ginger for quite a while. First time I tried it, I was amazed. I highly recommend this product, if you don't like it, you probably are too picky and just to hard to make happy, because it is truly tasty; add some milk, cream, or simply by itself; it's just wonderful. I really can't see anybody not liking this; just in case you don't like it, at least try it a couple of times so that you can really appreciate the hidden taste, close your eyes, and your taste buds will thank you.

4 Stars

May 18, 2012

, MO

nice flavor but more important than the taste, my husband finds it helps him with inflammation when his back acts up.

5 Stars

Great to cook with, too! May 16, 2012


Cedar Rapids, IA

I was a bit hesitant to try this tea but since I love ginger and green tea I gave it a try. Makes a lovely golden cup of tea -- the turmeric and ginger are present without being overwhelming. However I find the real strength of this blend lies in cooking with it. I add one bag along with a few threads of saffron to the pot when I am cooking brown rice. The spices in the tea infuse into the rice and give it a fabulous aroma and taste as well as a lovely golden color thanks to the turmeric.

5 Stars

Enjoyable and Healthy drink May 05, 2012

V. Wilt

Wrightsville, PA

I find this an enjoyable way to take my medicine. I try to eat foods that cool inflammation in my body and from what I read this combination is quite helpful in this area. And -- it tastes good too.

5 Stars

Pain Relief!! April 24, 2012


Stafford Springs, CT

I read online that Turmeric Tea is an Anti-Inflammatory and has helped MS patients. I don't have MS but have an inflammation on my spinal cord (Transverse Myelitis) which has caused me pain in my legs and feet for 3 years now. So, I ordered the tea and have been drinking it, 2 cups every day for about 3 weeks now and am actually feeling some relief! I am so excited that I am feeling better and have less pain and the reason has to be because of this tea. The taste is light and pleasurable also.

5 Stars

Warm and Cozy March 27, 2012


Riverside, CA

I must admit the first bup was a bit off-putting, not at all what one would expect from a green tea, but the spicy, earthy warmth of the turmeric won me over. This is one of my favorite go to teas on a chilly morning. And drinking something so health promoting gives me a mental boost too.

5 Stars

my all time favorite! March 23, 2012

, IL

this is my favorite of them all! it has all the health benefits & it's organic. i make sure i take this daily & it taste good, too.

5 Stars

In Love February 28, 2012


Kenosha, WI

I purchased this tea strictly out of curiousity and ended up falling in love with it! The flavor loosely resembles a chai flavor, but is lighter. I've added this tea to the #2 spot on my top 5 Republic of Tea teas.

3 Stars

Good and different February 22, 2012


Vail, CO

Earthy but light, pungent and aromatic. Ginger is not overwhelming, no "heat", very balanced with other flavours. I could imagine how some folks wouldn't love this tea, in particular people who rarely drink tea. But I like it and the health benefits.

5 Stars

healthy and delicious February 11, 2012


Buffalo, NY

I first ordered this tea as a way to get turmeric into my daily diet. Now I keep a supply in my home and office at all times because I enjoy it so much and I like knowing I'm doing something good for my health. I use a large mug and combine the turmeric tea with cinnamon orange red tea. The natural sweetness of this blend makes added sweetener unnecessary and complements the spices. I hope both of these teas will always be available because I'm hooked!

5 Stars

Terrific Tea February 10, 2012


Gainesville, FL

Tempting flavors in this tea, but the terrific comes when you drink it every day. It's produced a significant reduction in pain produced by inflammation and an equally significant increase in joint flexibility. This tea deserves a permanent place in the ROT market.

5 Stars

This is the only tea I make at home now. February 07, 2012


Jacksonville, FL

I saw this on a shelf in an organic grocery store and thought it sounded so healthy. After a few months of drinking two cups a day, I noticed that all of my daily aches and pains had diminished significantly. I used to take advil and tylenol several times a week and now I rarely need any pain medications. I love the tea, the taste of it and the health benefits. I have told almost everyone I know about it. My yearly allergies, which would have started up by now, have not started up this year and I really think it's the tea. Thank you so much for making this very special tea.

5 Stars

Excellent Tasting and Anti-Inflammatory January 26, 2012


North Vancouver, BC

I'd been trying to incorporate Turmeric into my diet for months and had been supremely unsuccessful until I tried this tea. I was pleasantly surprised at it's sweet and spicy taste. The powerful synergy of Turmeric and Green Tea (along with Ginger) make this tea the perfect way to get those critical herbs!

5 Stars

Healthy January 10, 2012

Mary Lou Haugh

Dublin, CA

I like this tea very much. But I did have to get use to the ginger taste. It helped me get rid of a cold I had quickly. That was the only tea I drank when I had my cold. I didn't take any mediation either. Maybe it will work that way for some individuals and not for others I don't know. I look forward to drinking it now, whenever I have even a hint of a cold.

5 Stars

Health benefits December 30, 2011


Boston, MA

I tried this initially because of the health benefits of the ingredients. It has since become 1 of my favorites & I hope it continues to be available into the future.

4 Stars

Afternoon boost November 10, 2011


Castle Rock, CO

I like a BIG mug of tea, so I make this with 2 teabags, add sweetener and sometimes soymilk. A good afternoon pick me up.

5 Stars

Ayurvedic delight November 09, 2011


DeBary, FL

Beautiful blend of healing in a cup. Good for inflammation, good for digestion, just plain good for health.

5 Stars

I love this tea!! October 26, 2011


Raleigh, NC

I love this tea, my family loves this tea! When we had the beginnings of colds, we drank it 3x/day for a few days and the colds never happened! I highly recommend this tea! You can add a bit of your favorite honey to sweeten it and soothe a sore throat! Awesome tea! Thank you!

1 Star

Yuck! September 30, 2011


The only good thing I can say about this tea is that it doesn't taste as bad as it smells. Couldn't taste the ginger, cinnamon, honey or the green tea--just a kind of dirty taste when I was expecting a "curry" experience. The rest goes into the circular file.

5 Stars

I love this tea! September 25, 2011


Olathe, KS

I tried this tea for the Turmeric benefits but I have noticed it has been a hugh help with weight loss, plus it tastes great! Bonus!

5 Stars

What an awesome tea! September 12, 2011


Coconut Creek, FL

I LOVE this tea! What an awesome way to get antioxidants! Turmeric and Ginger lend a nice, mellow, earthy taste to green's like meditation in a cup!
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