Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars


Stillwater, OK

Love the soothing flavor of plum and cinnamon! I brew a cup and add a little milk and I'm in seventh heaven. It delights my taste buds and warms my stomach, toes and soul!

5 Stars

Great flavored tea!

Edison, NJ

This is a very nice flavored tea. I used to drink Mango Ceylon and Ginger Peach and tried the Cinnamon Plum for variety. Now it's one of my favorites!

5 Stars

Sweet and cinnamon go together


Second time I've ordered this tea. It's great hot or iced!

5 Stars

spicy and perfect.

, AK

the fruity plum and spicy cinnamon are perfect notes for each other! perfect with honey and creme!

5 Stars


Oak Hills, CA

Smooth and Refreshing with just the right amount of cinnamon happily married to the fruitiness of plum! When my energy levels drop in the afternoon, this tea is perfect to get me moving again. This Tea pairs nicely with afternoon crumpets or scones. If there is ever any doubt which tea to buy, this is am all around winner!