Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Love this tea!

Cincinati, OH

I've drunk this tea for years. By far my favorite Earl Grey. It has become difficult to find in stores here, so I am very glad to be able to order it by mail.

4 Stars


San Diego, CA

I would have selected 5 teapot rating but this page won't allow it. Simply put Earl Greyer is my favorite tea!

5 Stars


Dorchester, MA

I love Earl Grey tea, and this version is my favorite ever!

5 Stars



This is a really tasty tea. It's my go to morning cup. :)

5 Stars

best tea

Fayetteville, TN

By far the best Earl Greyer tea I have tasted.

5 Stars


Pittsburgh, PA

This is my favorite "anytime" tea. I love the subtle taste of the bergamot that comes through delighting my palate. I have and will continue to recommend this to friends and acquaintances.

5 Stars

Deep & Delicious

Phoenix, AZ

I love Earl Grey, and this tea does not disappoint! It has a rich, deep flavor but isn't bitter at all. Lovely!

5 Stars

I love this tea with lunch or after lunch. It's such a delight!!

Reading, PA

Earl Greyer is a great treat while having lunch or the perfect treat after lunch!!

5 Stars

I love my Earl Greyer

sunbury, PA

I love the fruity overtones of this wonderful tea. This is my go to drink for the entire day, and I especially adore the final cup of the day when I can just relax and sip my tea.

5 Stars

go to tea :-)

yale, MI

I absolutely LOVE earl greyer black tea! it's by far my favorite tea. it's my go to whenever im having a craving for anything, and republic of teas earl greyer its the best out there. the flavor is bold and crisp and just plain awesome all around, not to mention the aroma is wonderful, i love the smell of the tea as much as the taste. im not a perfume person but if there was one that smelled like earl grey id buy stock lol.

5 Stars

My Wife's Favorite

Billings, MT

Just Yummy and selected above all others.

5 Stars

Makes a Perfect Cup of Tea

Elk Grove, CA

This is my favorite tea, so I am partial. It makes a smooth, comforting cup of tea, for beginning or ending your day.

5 Stars

A Great Eye Opener

Elk Grove, CA

I love this tea. Very smooth, not bitter. It's great in the a.m. reading the morning news, or for afternoon break.

5 Stars

Coffee has met its match!

Lockport, NY

Beats morning coffee by a mile. The flavor is smoote and rich and absolutely fabulous!

4 Stars

Great Black Tea

Columbus, GA

All Black Teas are not alike. This one is high on my list. Black Tea's benefits are well known; the taste of this one is worth every sip. Enjoy.