Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

pepp choco red tea

Boquete, FL

oh what can i say!!! the perfect 'after dinner' tea: peppermint to settle stomach & dessert all in one & the benefits of beautiful red tea. & if that weren't enough goodness....caffeine free so you can enjoy any time day or night. the downside...it costs more than the average tea bag but a lot less than tea in a smart coffee shop. that is how i justify! try it....you will fall in love with your new favorite cuppa healthful deliciousness.

4 Stars

Suprisingly good!

Florence, AL

Surprisingly good. I was hesitant about trying a chocolate tea, but it is very delicious. I have only tried it hot, but then, I only drink hot chocolate.

5 Stars


Longview, TX

Good blend of Chocolate and Mint. Very nice before bed. Relaxing, and doesn't keep me awake.

5 Stars

One of My favorites!

Covington, IN

I love almost every type of tea I have tried from Republic of Tea! This is one of my favorites it is very soothing and tastes great!

5 Stars

Love this guilt free treat

Hartford, CT

I love this tea - my daughter tried it first, and I made that that skeptical look of a life long Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast Tea drinker...but then she said it tasted like York Peppermint Patties in a tea. We'll it is my new favorite. Love this tea...have x Since tried some other wild teas, but this remains my favorite. Thanks.

5 Stars

One of my favorites!!!

Olney, IL

Love the hint of chocolate with a touch of mint.

5 Stars

Liquid Peppermint Patties!

Central Point, OR

Send me more! They're all gone! This is my new favorite tea: chocolatey and minty flavor to satisfy that craving for chocolate. I am diabetic, so this is a welcome substitute for candy. Love it!

5 Stars


I bought this tea for my Granddaughter and she loved it. I just bought the Carmel Apple for myself and it is wonderful hot or iced. Thanks, Gail

5 Stars

Love it!

Islamorada, FL

A great balance of mint and chocolate with both flavors contributing equally.

5 Stars


minty with a nice hint of chocolate. yummm

3 Stars


The chocolate flavor is strong enough but the peppermint is missing in action.

5 Stars

Dessert Tea -- WOW!!!

Tyler, TX

Republic of Tea keeps coming out of with new teas and this has become one of my favorite red teas. When I'm craving something in the afternoon or something sweet, I drink Peppermint Chocolate and it satisfies me. That hint of Peppermint and Chocolate is just right!!!!

5 Stars

Nice, strong flavor that is wonderful!

Rochester, NY

This tea (peppermint chocolate) is one tea that really tastes like it's supposed to. Some of the other chocolate teas I've sampled are too weak, and don't really taste like their name. This one does. It tastes like dessert even without any sweetener. Great stuff!