Tea Leaf Readings

3 Stars

Be prepared for a shock

memphis, TN

Be careful what you choose because the loose teas DO settle in shipping and at first glance you will think that you have definitely be "taken." The bulkier the tea type the less it will look like you have. Understand that most all these teas are fantastic (depends on your taste, of course), but be prepared for some shock factor when you open the little tin, and it appears that someone has taken most of the product. At first it makes you ticked to think you paid $5 for 3 servings of tea! (We don't all have the luxury of dropping $5 for one cup of java. Anyway, this company is awesome in its PR and DID send me another sample (same exact amt., my bad)after I called to complain, but I will not be sending this item as a gift to anyone.

5 Stars

Great way to try new teas!

Newark, NJ

Full-leaf tea can be expensive so I was thrilled to discover this sampler option. I was able to try three different teas and then ordered a full tin of my favorite. I also found this to be a really cute gift. The little tins and packaging were a hit with my family.

5 Stars

Full-Leaf Tea is the Best

Seattle, WA

Growing up, I always watched my grandmother drink full-leaf tea. I've recently converted also. The flavor is so much richer! This gift is a great way to discover new full-leaf teas. I highly recommend the Milk Oolong.

5 Stars

Creative Solution for the gift of full leaf

Dallas, TX

This is a fun little gift to give of full-leaf loose teas. I love Cinnamon Plum Full Leaf tea so now I can give that as a taster to friends along with some other favorite teas include Ginger Peach and Pomegranate Green. Very creative solution!