My choice brew

5 Stars My choice brew

from AR on wrote:

Love the fact I can pick my favorite tea flavors or sample a flavor. I enjoy giving these as gifts ,toi!


5 Stars Variety

from MA on wrote:

Love this selection because it enables you to try different teas without having to buy a whole tin of them. It also lets you be a bit daring in what you select. Never thought I would like hibiscus or pomegranate but I really like them. Discovered I don't like a couple of the others that I tried and I'll know not to order them.


5 Stars Sampler

from CT on wrote:

I love to pick different teas to try before buying large quantities.


5 Stars Obsessed

from MA on wrote:

It does not matter what I have ordered from the republic of tea I have truly enjoyed all. Gingerbread would be my least favorite. SIp and be merry is my favorite but I order a good hope vanilla every order I purchase. Really impressed with earl grey vanilla!

Great Sampler

5 Stars Great Sampler

from MB on wrote:

You get to pick up to 12 different teas to mix match and try, great for the curious taste buds.

Great Opportunity to try different types of tea

5 Stars Great Opportunity to try different types of tea

from KY on wrote:

I wanted to try a few different teas, but did not want to commit to an entire box of something I might not care for. This was a great way to try several types of tea. I'll be placing an order for two of them soon!

Sampler gift box

5 Stars Sampler gift box

from WA on wrote:

I really like that I can try the teas before I purchase a full product. I wish all the teas were available in this. I also like the packaging , it's clean and handy, even for traveling. Will order again.

Needs new flavors

3 Stars Needs new flavors

from CO on wrote:

A great way to try new flavors. BUT, they really, really need to update their options. I'd love to try many of their teas added in the last few years but am not willing to pay full price to find out whether I might enjoy them.

12 ct Custom Tea Bag

5 Stars 12 ct Custom Tea Bag

from SC on wrote:

I like almost all of these teas. I also wanted to say what a fabulous idea the customizable boxes are. You can get what you want and as many of them as you want. It is also a wonderful gift idea for someone who loves tea if you aren't a tea lover yourself. Just put one of everything in it and you're pretty much guaranteed to get at least a few of their favorites. This also makes a great gift card idea so the recipient can customize their own. I love it!

Love this Item!

5 Stars Love this Item!

from CA on wrote:

I love being able to choose my own variety of tea. I can try many kinds without having to purchase an entire can.

Very nice variety

5 Stars Very nice variety

from CA on wrote:

Even though I can only drink decaf, (would love a bigger selection of of decaf), it's very nice to have a well-rounded selection for company.

Great variety

5 Stars Great variety

from CT on wrote:

I really liked this selection. I was able to pick how many teas I wanted and pick which flavors. I keep these at work. Super deal and a great way to try a variety of teas.

Great way to sample new flavors!

5 Stars Great way to sample new flavors!

from IN on wrote:

I bought this for myself to tryout new flavors without having to commit to a canister of tea and then not like it. I will continue to purchase teas this way for my own sampling. This makes a great gift as well as you can put together a collection of teas as a gift for someone and the box is nice enough to be given as a gift. I highly recommend this for those interested in trying out new flavors or for those that want to give a gift of teas.

Sample Box

5 Stars Sample Box

from IL on wrote:

Love the sample box so I can try different teas to know what I like and don't like! Going to get the sample box for a few stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts!

Love getting to choose

5 Stars Love getting to choose

from MO on wrote:

There are lots of choices to fill this box. It's like getting to choose your own samples and paying very little for it.

Great Selection

5 Stars Great Selection

from FL on wrote:

There are so many flavors of tea to choose from. I was able to make a selection just for me. I was able to try some teas that I'm glad I tried and others made me happy that I didn't have to commit to a full tin.

Loved my tea

5 Stars Loved my tea

from CO on wrote:

loved the flavors I got from the sample pack.

fantastic sampler

5 Stars fantastic sampler

from AR on wrote:

I ordered one for a gift, liked it so much I kept it and had to order another! So nice to customize each one!

Gift Pleaser all Year Round

5 Stars Gift Pleaser all Year Round

from MI on wrote:

Wonderful Blends. Holiday Surprises of the Season.Fruity Spicey notes to take the Chill Off on a Cold Dreary Day. You are the Creator and that makes this Sampler thePerfect Tea.Add some Traditional flavors like Ginger Peach and you are all set....Enjoy.

Great Teacher's Gifts

5 Stars Great Teacher's Gifts

from MS on wrote:

These make great teacher's gift. I bought these for my grandkids teachers and decorated them with ribbons and honey straws!! Perfect!!

I love this Tea

5 Stars I love this Tea

from LA on wrote:

My husband and I love your tea. We bought the 12 sampler pack. He had By the Fire Christmas tea that had cinnamon in it and I tried the Hibiscus coconut one. I love how you can pick 12 different teas to try. These teas have such a wonderful scent and flavor. Thanks


5 Stars Yummy!

from IL on wrote:

I love tea! This is a great product because you get a lot of tea for a low price and you can mix and match flavors and even send it as a gift. Plus it arrived at my house really quickly. I'm currently drinking the orange blossom white tea that I got in my box. Delicious!

Great Sampler Idea

5 Stars Great Sampler Idea

from SD on wrote:

I think this gift is a genious idea. I used it to try 5 teas I hadn't had before with very little commitment. I only wish you could buy individual tea bags off the website so it would be easier to try the tea... I usually don't want more than 2 cups of each new flavor because I don't like to waste the ones I don't like.

Love tucking them in a card

5 Stars Love tucking them in a card

from MI on wrote:

Love to tuck these in a card as a small gift. A good cup of tea is just comforting. Thank you for making this possible.

Love, love the samplers!!

5 Stars Love, love the samplers!!

from IN on wrote:

Thank-you Rebublic of Tea!! I have been waiting for more samplers. I love trying new teas that I would never think of purchasing and discovering a new favorite. My favorite right now is the blueberry superfruit. I hope you add more teas to the list, because I want to try them all.

Great way to try new teas!

5 Stars Great way to try new teas!

from NY on wrote:

This is a great idea as it allowed me to choose an assortment of teas to try before purchasing a full tin. I love sipping teas from The Republic of Tea.

Great way to sample teas

5 Stars Great way to sample teas

from CA on wrote:

This is a great way to sample a bunch of different teas. The little box comes with 12 individual tea bags. You can choose what teas you want from a list of their bestsellers. Makes a nice gift too.