Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Not only for tea

Syracuse, NY

I put this in my Tea, on toast (yum), and on occasion on pancakes. I LOVE Chai and this is just the best way to enhance in tea and enjoy it other times. I'm addicted. Thank you The Republic of Tea.

5 Stars

Flavor on Flavor

Elk Grove, CA

Great flavor addition to my herb teas.

4 Stars

Wonderful Flavor

Centreville, MD

I put it in my chai tea because I can never get enough of those wonderful flavorings. Have to be careful with the calorie count because you can get carried away. But it makes a nice treat and we all should be "treated" every now and then!

5 Stars

chai spice

orange county, CA

This honey is a wonderful addition to anyplain or flavored tea.Would love to use it all the time but,it is very expensive.Would be nice to see it on sale once in a while.

5 Stars

tea drinker

indianapolis, IN

this is my second jar; we love it

5 Stars

Tastiest honey ever!


This honey is absolutely scrumptious! Wonderful addition to any cup to tea.

5 Stars

Chai Spice Honey for Tea

Burbank, CA


4 Stars

Perfect Companion to Chai Tea

S. Walpole, MA

A perfect complement to the green chai I bought to use it in. I have looked forward every morning to a cup, sometimes two! I tried the honey with a super herbal tea but it tastes much better with the chai tea.

4 Stars

Really nice flavor. Multipurpose uses.

, KS

This honey had exceptional flavor, though not too intense. A lovely way to add a little spice and sweetness to tea, toast, rice cakes, fruit, teacakes, yogurt... the possibilities are endless! However, I do not believe it is quite as good as locally bought honey; therefore only 4 teapots. But nothing gets closer to the hive than that!


Atlanta, GA

This honey is so versatile we use it on our waffles with peanut butter and bananas. It's great in tea too, but has a lot of other uses with food. We love it and always buy two at a time and give as a gift with to our house guests.

1 Star


St. Paul, MN

The honey is grainy and the spices sink to the bottom of the cup - where they are too much zing for me.

5 Stars

Great for making unflavored teas into Chai

South Jersey, NJ

I love how spicy it is. I like the richness of black teas best. It spices up my unflavored black teas very nicely. I haven't tried it with green teas as I am not a fan, but my husband liked it with green teas.

3 Stars

good but...

Albuquerque, NM

...a little too spicy. I love spicy tea and LOVE chai tea. However, this honey mixed in with the chai tea made it tooo spicy for me. I haven't yet tried it with plain tea, but I'm sure that it will be better with that. Maybe even with the apple spice tea (which didn't have enough spice).

4 Stars

Spicy Spicy Spicy.

Howell, MI

This bold, autumn spiced honey can jazz up a nice black tea and make it like you are sipping on a wonderful desert from India. I would even add this to a frosting or on a warm sweet bread.

5 Stars


Arlington, TX

As soon as the lid comes off, you feel as if you are cozy by the fire. The warmth from the spices permeates your senses and the allure of the comforting aroma of honey wrap you instantly. The flavors add a rich depth to your favorite tea (or brioche!) with just the right amount of sweet. I purchased two more for my daughter and sister to enjoy.

5 Stars

Exotic vacation in a jar

Fort Collins, CO

On a cool Fall evening, just open this honey and add a little to a hot cup of tea to become instantly transported to an exotic far away island Love, Love, this honey!

5 Stars


King of Prussia, PA

This honey blend hits the spot! It blends well with chai and blackberry and sage (those are the only two teas I have tried it with). It is heavenly.

5 Stars

Love love LOVE this honey!

Boston, MA

I'm a honey fiend. I use it in everything. Chai is my absolute favorite tea and this honey is PERFECT to add to chai. What's even better is adding it to toast. I found that it solidifies on the self, but sticking it in the microwave before using it helps. It also melts well in hot tea too, if it's solidified.

5 Stars


Fort Collins, CO

Delicious. This Chai tea honey absolutely transports of the soul to a far away delicious place. Each spoonful an exotic vacation in a cup.

5 Stars


, NJ

the right blend of sweet and spice

5 Stars


Pensacola, FL

Deliciously addictive~

5 Stars



Very yummy LOVE!!

5 Stars

Good enough to be dessert!

Indianapolis, IN

This honey is amazing. The spices in this product instantly transport you to some warm, comforting place. I can't say enough good things about this product.

5 Stars

Want a Find. This is DELICIOUS!!

Rochester, NH

Perfect for Chai Tea and Hot Apple Cider Tea. My favorite part is when it drips a bit over the edge of the mug and it is finger licking good. Consistency is like organic peanut butter - but mix well and use well. It's great.