Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars

Lemon Creme Honey May 31, 2014


Seymour, IN

A very smooth blend of honey and lemons. Tastes very good with just a hint of tartness.

4 Stars

Nice Flavor Enhancement April 16, 2014



I've tried quite a few types of honey over the years, but I'd never added a sweetener to my tea. But I decided to road-test this honey in a cup of jasmine green tea. From the viewpoint of an admitted honey-tea novice, I'd say this honey makes for a nice improvement to the overall tea-sipping experience. Plus, the honey included some printed prep/use tips.

5 Stars

LOVE IT June 17, 2013


St. Louis, MO

Absolutely love this! Great product to use for added lemon zing, delightful creaminess, & sweetness! No overpowering aftertastes either. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

5 Stars

YUM!! April 27, 2013


Tulsa, OK

this lemon honey goes especially well with a black tea, in my humble opinion

January 26, 2013

Shirley B Fraley

Katy, TX

Just getting started on this flavor. I believe I will enjoy it - have to heat it up some to thin it out a bit - good on toast, too!

5 Stars

A light, not overwhelming taste August 20, 2012

Siobhan Finke

Suffolk, VA

I didn't want an overwhelming taste of lemon, nor did I want a overpowering taste of honey and I found what I wanted with this tea. It sweetens the tea and lets the taste of the tea be the feature. I especially like it with the Ginger Peach tea that I bought from Republic of Teas.

4 Stars

Needs more lemon August 05, 2012


, MO

I've tried these flavored honeys in other brands, and this one is just a bit light on the lemon for my taste. I do appreciate how soft and creamy it is, and how quickly it dissolves in a hot cup of tea. Even the honey flavor is "soft" in this one, so it would be well suited to the milder teas. It doesn't stand up well to a brisk English Breakfast, so 4 teapots it is.

Nice lemon flavor August 01, 2012

Lucky Lady

Ridgefield, CT

A great addition to a cup of tea and you control the sweetness by the amount you add. The flavor of lemon is subtle but noticeable. We have used this several times and have always enjoyed the slight lift it gives to tea.

5 Stars

Divine June 23, 2012


East Lyme, CT

Wonderfully fresh and just the right touch of sweetness to brighten my tea!

5 Stars

Lemon Creme Honey Lights Up the Day February 22, 2012

Tea Enthusiast Absolute (TEA)

Sacramento, CA

The Republic of Tea's Lemon Creme Honey brightens the day with a morning happy hello to one of Republic of Tea's excellent teas.The mellow yet ever so tangy Lemon Creme Honey is a calming addition to the array of teas. The Lemon Creme Honey is a tasty addition to any tea. Savor every sip of tea and join the hundres of other citizens mellowing out with the the wonderful lingering lilt of Lemon Honey Creme.

5 Stars

Wonderful! February 08, 2012


Lafayette, IN

I love all the honey from The Republic of Tea... we offer tea to our clients at our massage therapy studio/office/clinic and they rave about it. Really wonderful!

5 Stars

YUM!! November 02, 2011


Rochester, NH

Very different than regular honey, but very nice and flavorful. Great in tea and on toast.

5 Stars

Delightfully refreshing October 29, 2011

Patricia Reidinger

Pasco, WA

The Lemon Creme Tea Honey is a delightful suprise. With just the right amount of lemon in the honey to give it an additional uplifting zing.