Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars


Baltimore, MD

I just got my honey in the mail and it is so delicious. I have used it so far to just flavor plain tea as some other recommended. Delicious. Will definitely order more.

5 Stars

Best way to enjoy a sweet cup of tea

St Augustine, FL

My favorite tea is Good Hope Vanilla and it just tastes perfect with a touch of vanilla honey. It's also great in just about every other tea, herb and black.

Oh my oh my just fabulous! !

Lathrop, MO

You haven't lived till you try this honey. My husband & two sons in their late 30's are now hooked on this honey. We all love it on bisque's,toast,scones, cornbread & in hot/cold tea. If you love honey this is a must for you and your family. Get everyone you know hooked on this honey why? it's just fabulous.

5 Stars

Liked best with unflavored tea.

South Jersey, NJ

I have used this with the orange ginger mint herbal tea. It is very good that way but I prefer it with the unflavored teas best. The flavors don't compete. I would pair very carefully with flavored teas.

3 Stars

A little too sweet for me

Tomah, WI

This honey is a little too sweet for me, but my son loved it!

5 Stars

Exceptional Vanilla Infused Honey

Howell, MI

This soft & creamy delightful vanilla honey is wonderful. Gentle so it is nice used in plain or low flavored teas. It would also compliment a light cookie or scone.

5 Stars

Makes a tasty addition!

El Cerrito, CA

I added this honey to my oatmeal this morning and it was so yummy. I normally don't even like honey that much but with the vanilla it really made for a good flavor combo.

3 Stars

A bit too much vanilla

Ridgefield, CT

I have had a similar honey with vanilla from another vendor so I wanted to try this since we only use tea from the Republic of Tea. I found this very vanilla tasting and felt it impacted the taste of the great green tea too much.

4 Stars

Bought this as a gift


I bought this as a gift for a family member who adores honey in her tea. It was a hit! She told me it was delicious and a perfect addition to the "Brave" orange caramel tea.

5 Stars

ooooh so good!!!

Westerly, RI

this is so wonderful. great vanilla flavor. good on toast for breakfast. need only a little to really enhance any tea. recommend to all to try this.

5 Stars

, OH

soooooooo good with matcha teabags

5 Stars



This honey is so smooth and creamy. It reminds me of creamed maple, texture wise. The taste is really good. The vanilla and honey together is just amazing. My family keep sneaking spoonfuls of it into their mouths. (Me too!) Even if it's for tea, it's good for snacking on, and putting on your toast and warm treats. Also, if you let it slowly melt in your mouth it has a slight cooling effect. It also has the same serving size and calories as regular honey.

5 Stars

VaVAVoom Vanilla Bean Honey

Sacramento, , CA

Republic of Tea's Vanilla Bean Honey gives "Oomph" to the morning tea. Simple yet elegant and so soothing before the work of the day. The relaxation of tea with Vanilla Bean Honey captures the the zen moment for peaceful meditation. Enjoy the Republic of Tea's Vanilla Bean Honey for relaxation and meditation.

5 Stars

Great honey!

, NJ

I bought this honey for my sister for her birthday and then put another jar in with her Christmas gifts. She was more excited about the honey than the other gifts!