Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

My favorite jam July 13, 2014


Bellevue, NE

A really wonderful flavor. I can't say enough good things about this jam.

5 Stars

Ginger Peach Tea Jam May 31, 2014


Murrells Inlet, SC

My favorite jam...what could be wrong with ginger and peaches...I have always been pleased with this jam.

5 Stars

Delicious!! May 16, 2014

Dawny Hill

Atlanta, GA

The jam is so delicious!!! We are still trying to find new ways to incorporate it in recipes because it's so good!!!

5 Stars

Peachy good March 08, 2014

Jammie Sweet

Atlanta, , GA

Excellent taste.

5 Stars

Awesome January 15, 2014


Murrells Inlet, SC

Full richness, bold & tangy. On toast, crackers or poured over cream cheese, it it's the spot.

5 Stars

Wonderful January 27, 2013



Not too sweet or too tart. Delicate! Nice on a scone or toast.

5 Stars

I'm guessing here December 14, 2012


Chicago, IL

I gave this as a gift so not sure myself how it tastes. I love the ginger peach tea, so the jam must be wonderful. Again, love the cardboard packing material - no plastic. Thanks.

4 Stars

Intresting December 11, 2012

PAulina K

Charlotte, NC

Crazy flavor. Quite intense but different in a nice way.

5 Stars

Lip Smackin' Good October 06, 2012


Pittsburgh, PA

The only jam lover in the family. Just as great as the tea. The ginger peach taste is heaven. Love on all types of breads and biscuits. Mix in yogert too. Would make great hostess gifts for the holidays.

5 Stars

You'll Need a Spoon September 08, 2012


Brooklyn, NY

The only bad thing about this most delightful, delectable jam is the square jar it comes in, which makes it almost impossible to get every last little morsel out of the container and into my mouth. Almost... Please pardon my sticky fingers.

5 Stars

Ginger Peach Delightful June 19, 2012


St. Louis, MO

As delicious as the heavenly tea that inspired it. Excellent on english muffins, and will make a perfect glaze for pork chops or chicken etc. Would make a nice gift item as well. Exceptional service as well, received my package the next day after ordering..so fast. Thank you!

5 Stars

Just get this jam! May 10, 2012

, MA

I love the ginger peach tea and so thought I might enjoy the preserves. I was right! If you even think you might like it, just get it because it is better than you can even imagine. I bought a second jar for my mom...looks like I will have to order her another one. Is it possible for something to be too good?

5 Stars

One of my favorites! March 26, 2012

Beverly Aase

Stamford, VT

This is a repeat purchase of this product. I really enjoy it on toast and as a glaze for chicken!!

5 Stars

VERY TASTEY March 08, 2012

Skate Chair

Honolulu, HI

Very tastey jam. Have ordered it before.

5 Stars

Ginger Peach Tea Jam - The Best! December 16, 2011

Barbara Ann Fisher

Dale City,, VA

This jam is truly flavorful -- you can taste the ginger and especially the peach! Has become a favorite of the family. Highly recommend it.

5 Stars

Delicious December 10, 2011

marilyn smith

longmont, CO

Tastes every bit as good as the Ginger Peach tea, which is a big favorite with my family, my daughter's family and her extended family. Yum!!

5 Stars

Absolutely Delicious October 25, 2011


Evansville, IN

This jam is absolutely delicious. It is flavorful( not too strong), nice texture, and wonderful on toast, english muffins & mixed in yogurt. It is truly delicious and so versatile.