Great flavor

5 Stars Great flavor

from OH on wrote:

Product very tasty, packaged very securely! We share a bottle at meals but in between drink whole body! Love that is sugar free!

Tea time

5 Stars Tea time

from MO on wrote:

I like to mix it with unsweetened tea

Wonderful flavor

5 Stars Wonderful flavor

from CA on wrote:

I needed a black tea in bottles that is decaf and that is hard to find. This tea is so refreshing and I hope you will try it.

Bottled ginger peach tea

5 Stars Bottled ginger peach tea

from WA on wrote:

Love this tea. It is refreshing and both my husband and I enjoy this tea. Have tried the bags and making my own but the bottled is so much easier to take with you that we just always use it .

Crazily addicting iced tea!

5 Stars Crazily addicting iced tea!

from CA on wrote:

Don't say I didn't warn you, this iced tea will RUIN all other iced teas for you! Seriously, everything else will taste like dirty water!! They should have a warning label on the bottles, or something to this effect. I never concerned myself an iced tea snob, but Republic of Tea's Iced teas, have made me one. I find myself craving a cool refreshing bottle of this Iced Tea, on a near daily basis. I allowed my kiddo to try some (since it's decaf no harm), and she loves it too! So my toddler chases me around for a drink, when she sees me opening a bottle. Luckily I don't smoke, or drink alcohol, because I couldn't afford any other vices with my new iced tea habit. You have been warned, proceed to drink with caution!

Simply The Best Tea

5 Stars Simply The Best Tea

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea and was introduced to it in Carmel at the Cypress Inn. The flavor is amazing and I love the bottles. I was so glad that I could order them from the company and the delivery was prompt. Try a bottle because it's simply the best.

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from CA on wrote:

I've been drinking this tea for years--had it in restaurants and am delighted that it is offered online. It's decaf unsweetened with enough flavor that you don't have to add Splenda. Very refreshing. It is also a great gift for friends.

Refreshing and tasty brew

5 Stars Refreshing and tasty brew

from NJ on wrote:

I discovered this tea at a seminar, when I bought a bottle at the hotel restaurant. From then on, it became my regular beverage of choice at meetings. It has a vibrant taste that combines a distinct peach flavor with a hint of ginger, and the best part is there is no caffeine or sugar!

Rave reviews from fam

5 Stars Rave reviews from fam

from MD on wrote:

Tea drinkers here. Family is giving the ginger peach decaf rave reviews.

No finer iced tea!!

5 Stars No finer iced tea!!

from CA on wrote:

This is wonderful tea. Worth every penny! It's hard to find delicious decaffeinated iced tea; this is a winner!

Fabulous Sip

5 Stars Fabulous Sip

from on wrote:

Love the taste of this bottled tea. I have tried the hot tea as well and it does not have the same taste. A nice taste of home in a foreign land. Thanks for shipping to FPO/APO.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

I love the taste of this decaf tea and when I could no longer get it at a local store, decided to get a case. I thought the shipping was very reasonable and it got here safely and quickly!! THANKS!!!

The best iced tea!

5 Stars The best iced tea!

from FL on wrote:

Simply the best decaf iced tea ever.

My favorite tea

5 Stars My favorite tea

from IL on wrote:

This one is my favorite of all. Totally refreshing, not overwhelming, but perfect flavor!

great tea and it's decaf!!

5 Stars great tea and it's decaf!!

from CA on wrote:

I love the taste of the ginger peach and it doesn't have that sweetened sugary taste of other flavored teas in restaurants. I treated my self with this case. Yea!