Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars

Refreshing, but needs sweetener.

Enfield, CT

Ginger Peach tea is one of my absolute favorites, so I had to try the pre-bottled iced tea! The bottle is HUGE! The tea was refreshing, but I felt it needed sweetener. I think next time I might throw in a little simple syrup for myself. That's really the only reason this doesn't get 5 teapots from me. Someone else who prefers their iced teas unsweetened would probably love it. I'll try it again though.

5 Stars

Absolutely Spectacular!

Orlando, FL

I had this one night at dinner at the Texas de Brazil restaurant. I've since brewed the tea bags, since I can't seem to find the bottled version locally. This tea is so fantastic, I dream about it! The flavor is wonderful!

5 Stars

The Very Best in Iced Tea

Hoquiam, WA

Real glass bottled tea...Tastes fresh brewed every time !

5 Stars

Best Tea in a bottle I'm in Love

San Antonio, TX

So smooth

5 Stars


Bel Air, MD

This tea tastes truly amazing and refreshing. I love that it has no added sweetness and is very satisfying. it has a crisp clean taste.

5 Stars

My mouth is in love!

Oakton, VA

So happy I can purchase this from your website, as I have been having a hard time finding it in retail stores. Whenever I give a guest a glass of this delicious tea, they all ask where to buy it and they fall in love as well! Glad to share the joy!!!

5 Stars

Ginger Peach

Millington, TN

This is a very good bottled tea. It is refreshing, and a move away from the regular and mundane every day teas.

5 Stars

Ginger Peach

Tomball, TX

The best tea...EVER.

4 Stars

Millington, TN

Very smooth.

5 Stars

Peach-y Tea

Houston, TN

I recently ordered more of the Ginger Peach Black Iced Tea. This tea is so lusciously good, I drink it cold with a bit of lemon and sweetener. Thank you Republic of Tea for a great product and an indulgence that any tea-lover should find deeply satisfying.

4 Stars

My new favorite tea!

Wilmington, DE

Very refreshing with subtle notes of raspberry but not overpowering. Delicious!

5 Stars

The Best of the Bunch

Lombard, IL

Taste all of the bottled teas - they are all wonderful - however, this is the best! With a flavor that doesn't overpower, it goes great with any meal. Completely refreshing on a summer day too. You'll want a whole case!

5 Stars

Ginger peach is great

Burleson, TX

We have enjoyed this for a few yeaars and are pleased with the bottled as well as the loose leaves when I make sun tea allllll summer long.

5 Stars

Best ice tea

Alexandria, VA

Love this tea

5 Stars

Best Flavored Tea Ever

Columbus, OH

The first time I had this iced tea, it was in a restaurant and I was hooked. I searched for more and finally found The Republic of Tea website where I ordered a case of the Ginger Peach in bottles. The tea I received was just as flavorful as that in the restaurant and better still I can have it anytime I want. Wonderful tea and wonderful service and shipping.

2 Stars

Weak tasting tea

Pleasant Prairie, WI

I first drank this tea at Texas de Brazil and really liked the flavor. I ordered it on line so I would be able to have it at home. The tea that came I found was a lot weaker tasting than the tea that I had at Texas de Brazil.